Five Steps to Higher Vibrations!

Sherri's Talk/2011 Awakening to Higher Consciousness Conference

For over 30 years, I’ve been on a personal search for the truth about who we are and why we’rehere. I’ve read a lot of books, I’ve channeled a lot of material, I’ve attended a lot of workshops, and I’ve learned two important things: We are all very much connected and we are all on this journey together. There is no doubt in my mind that it’s synchronicity in action when we “accidentally” come together in groups like this to learn and to share our discoveries.

Fellow Lightworkers, I’m so honored to be here with all of you this afternoon. Thank you for coming to my talk about raising our vibrations.

I channel Spirit through automatic writing. After years of reading everything and anything Metaphysical that I could get my hands on, I wanted more than just a great read ---I wanted to be like Ruth Montgomery, Shirley MacClaine, Edgar Cayce, Dolores Cannon, and so many others who were able to obtain knowledge and wisdom firsthand from the other side of the veil. And so I started taking psychic development classes that I hoped would help me learn to connect directly with Spirit, without a go-between. Looking back now, I think that I was so driven to connect this way because I had books waiting to be written, but I didn’t know that back then.

During my first psychic development course, I learned about the different ways that Spirit communicates with us, and one night the teacher announced that we were going to do automatic writing. I had been trying to do automatic writing at home for several months with nothing to show for it but a cramped hand from holding onto the pencil too tight, and, with my big mouth, I loudly announced to the class that I would NEVER be able to do it.

As those words were coming out of my mouth, I could feel the energy coming into my hand, and the next thing I knew, my hand and my pen were racing around on the paper drawing lots and lots of beautiful circles With a little time and practice, I went from scribbles to words, and eventually two books were channeled through me using Automatic writing, and I’m working on a third book now.

I started doing automatic writing back in the 80’s, and still today, it’s my preferred way to connect with Spirit, and here’s why: I love the back and forth conversation it allows us to have with our Guides and Angels, and I especially love that it provides us with a written record that we can read and re-read whenever we want to. What’s communicated via automatic writing becomes a permanent record; there’s no “straining the brain” to remember what was said, which was great when I was in my 30’s and is even better now that I’m in my 50’s!

I was so excited when I first started writing with my Guides, that I would ask them to write with me every chance I got--at home, in the car, at the office, even waiting online at the bank or the grocery store. It didn’t matter where I was, I was just so happy that I was making contact and I couldn’t wait to see what they would write next.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, I used plain old pen and paper, which worked great, except for when I used up all the space on whatever was handy to write on at the time. I have used the backs of business cards, utility bills, envelopes, napkins…once I even wrote on the inside of my hand when I couldn’t find any paper! That’s the point when I smartened up and started carrying a notebook!

And then, in 2004, and I don’t know why I waited so long---I switched to the computer. The computer makes it so much easier to do automatic writing, especially when it comes to sorting material by subject for future reference.

I switched to the computer right around the time that Spirit started dictating material for my first book, “Windows of Opportunity.” I will never forget the day that Jeremy, my main guide for this incarnation, told me that it was time to write a book. I know I laughed out loud, and I remember thinking that Jeremy must be completely off his rocker if he thinks I can write a book. I didn’t want to do it—mostly because I did not want to come out of my little new age closet, but Jeremy didn’t give up until I gave in—and that’s when I first learned that there’s no winning an argument with Spirit!

To write “Windows of Opportunity,” I worked with a Guide Group that I call the “GG,” and this group included Jeremy, several other guides and entities, and three of my family members who are currently on the other side of the veil. I was definitely dragging my feet about working on the book—because, again, I was happy and content to stay safely tucked away in my little New Age Closet. And so, to keep me properly “motivated” and on time for our sessions, the “GG” made my Grandmother the “Spokes Guide” for the project. This was a brilliant move on Jeremy’s part, because when my Grandmother speaks, I obey—no matter what side of the veil she happens to be on!

And so, via automatic writing, I worked with the GG on what seemed to me to be an impossible task, and in mid 2008, Dolores Cannon called me to say that she would like to publish “Windows of Opportunity.” Which surprised the heck out of me because I thought I was just humoring the GG by sending that manuscript to Ozark Mountain Publishing!

Once the book came out, I suddenly found myself very much out of the closet as I started doing radio interviews, and then began teaching some Spiritual Acceleration Workshops based on the tools in “Windows of Opportunity.”

Because of that first book, I’ve had the honor of meeting and learning from so many kindred souls, folks just like you and me, who share our quest for knowledge, and our yearning to find out the truth about our existence and especially the meaning of what happens to us in our everyday lives. And I’m very happy to report that many of the people I’ve met during the past 18 months are not only activelyseeking to learn and understand why we experience the things that happen to us, but they are also very much ready to accept responsibilityfor their own learning and spiritual growth. To me, this just screams evolution.

And that brings me to my new book, “Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age,” which is about the evolution of the human race. According to the Guide Groupswho dictated the material for the “Vibrations” project, we are on the final leg of an unprecedented evolutionary journey. And the good news is that we are close to completing our overall mission, which is the transition of the human race, simultaneously with the planet Earth, from a third dimensional level of existence to the higher vibrational level of the fifth dimension.

It’s great news that we’re getting close, but my Guide Groups are clear that it’s not quite time for us to relax into our Lazy Boy Recliners just yet. We still have work to do, and a little later I’ll be sharing some channeled suggestions to help us progress faster, but first I’d like to share with you where the information in “Vibrations” originated, and where the “5 steps to higher vibrations” we’re going to talk about came from.

When Jeremy told me that it was time to write asecondbook, I just assumed that I would continue working with the original “GG,” and answer to my Grandmother again, but this was not the case. For “Vibrations,” I got a brand new Guide Group, with a new Spokes Guide named Gilbert; and it is Gilbert and his Group who are responsible for most of the channeled material in the new book. And then, just as I was about to start sorting the information from Gilbert into chapters, another entity joined the project: Akhnanda introduced himself to me one day in July 2010 as I was meditating under a big oak tree in my front yard. Let me be clear here that this introduction took place in my head; Akhnanda did not walk up and plop down in the chair next to me! Although, you know what, he probably did!

As Akhnanda started talking, I reached for my notebook, as I listened in amazement to the clarification of who was speaking to me. Akhnanda explained that he is from Arcturus, and that “Akhnanda and the Arcturians” would also work with me on the “Vibrations” book. They added information about our galactic heritage, and they also provided two Arcturian meditation exercises designed to help us attract and hold the light, raise our vibrations, and expedite our spiritual growth—the book includes a CD with these meditations.

They also explained just what light it is that we’re drawing and holding. You know, in all my years of metaphysical studies, I have never once questioned the importance of holding the light, but I have often wondered, “What light are we holding and where does it come from?”

Akhnanda explained that our Sun is a source of 3rd dimensional light—and we have plenty of that here already. The light that we want to attract and hold is fifth dimensional light, and that light comes from a source called the Great Central Sun.

According to Akhnanda,the Great Central Sun is located at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, and the Great Central Sun is the spiritualcenterof our galaxy. As such, the Great Central Sun is the source of fifth dimensional energy and high-vibration, fifth dimensional light for our galaxy.

And that makes the Great Central Sun the source of the light that Lightworkers are, and have been, attracting and holding for generations. And we hold this light for the express purpose of assisting the transition of human beings and the Earth to a fifth dimensional state of being.

Gilbert and Akhnanda channeled a lot about human evolution, and most particularly, they wrote about how we can take control of our progress and raise our own vibrational levels. And of course, that’s what I’m here to talk about today. I’m so happy to be here with you to sharefive of the many simple, yet very powerful ways that we can take the bull by the horns and make a difference for ourselves and for our planet.

I know that’s what you’re in this room to hear, and I promise you that I’m getting very close to giving you the list! I just have a little bit more to share about WHY it’s important that we raise our vibrations, and then we’ll get to the Tofu and Potatoes of this talk! Sorry—that’s a little bit of vegetarian humor!

Raising our vibrations is SO important because as we raise those vibrations, we are playing an active role in the shifting of our individual and collective energies to a 5th dimension consciousness. And as we actively shift our consciousness, we EVOLVE: we evolve personally, we evolve as a species, and our planet evolves, too.

The shift that we hear so much talk about, the shift that advertisers, movie makers, and the media have christened “2012,” is actually a Shift in Consciousness—for the human race, and for Planet Earth.

So who’s behind this Shift? Well, it’s certainly not the advertisers who are trying to scare the pants off us to sell product. I’ll SHOW you right now exactly who’s behind this Shift. Take a good look around this room—look in front of you, behind you, next to you, and if you have a mirror, especially take a good look in the mirror. Who’s behind the shift? That’s right! It’s US! We areall behind this shift; the human race is responsible for its own evolution, and Lightworkers are at the forefront of this movement.

Lightworkers are leaders in the current evolutionary journey of human beings, and each of us plays a dual role: As human beings, we deal with the day-to-day activities, challenges, drama, pain, and tragedies that make up our lives. As Lightworkers, we have three additional responsibilities: (#1) We must attract and hold the light; (#2) We must create positive energy to facilitate our on-going shift in consciousness; and (#3) We must stem the flow of negative energy.

And the better we do our jobs, the easier we will allget through this Shift. But for a lightworker, being stationed on Planet Earth is a lot like being in a galactic witness protection program. Nobody knows who you really are. We don’t even know who we really are.

We’ve been very much “undercover” and many of us, including myself, have in the past or are currently living in fear of talking about what we believe, who we are, and what we’re here to do. Heck, a lot of us didn’t know what we were here to do until very recently, and some of us are so deep undercover that we’re just starting to wake up now.

The Human Race has been sleepwalking for a long time, but…we’ve been waking up a little faster and remembering a little more with each subsequent incarnation that we experience. And with each succeeding incarnation, we’ve learned more and more to trust that our little voice within—that herald of our higher selves---would indeed lead us toward our ultimate collective goal, which is to bring about the evolution of the human race to our next level of existence.

Big project, right?! Well, we have long been part of a monumental project of galactic proportions, yet the term “teamwork”—well, it just isn’t big enough for what we’re part of. Nor does it aptly describe the fact that we’ve been working blind and undercover for generations of incarnations without a clear picture of our end game.

But you know what? We’ve done well! Jeremy, Gilbert and Akhnanda have all communicated that weare making progress, even though it sometimes seems like we’re going backward instead of forward.

All three of my guide groups agree and maintain that while the timing of the completionof the shift is impossible to determine, our goal is now firmly within reach. And when enough of us achieve whatever the pre-determined frequency is, the human race, along with planet Earth, will take a history-making step UP the evolutionary ladder at the same time.

And this is why it’s SO important for us to take charge and make a concerted effort to increase our vibrations. So what can we do to help ourselves along? It comes back to the same three things I mentioned earlier. We need to…

(1) continue to attract 5th dimensional light to our planet;

(2) create as much positive energy as we possibly can; and

(3) decrease our daily output of negative energy.

Sounds simple enough, right? It may be simple in theory, but it’s hard WORK! Which is why we are called LightWORKERS and not LightLOAFERS! The work we have left to do isn’t physical labor, although, frankly, I wish it was. I think it would be easier if we all we had to do would be to go out and dig “X” number of ditches each.

Our task is much harder. Our task is far more difficult because the work we have to do is on ourselves. We need to make some behavior and attitude adjustments and as we make them, we’ll find ourselves holding more light, creating tons of positive energy, and significantly decreasing the amount of negative energy that we are currently flinging out into the atmosphere.

And this brings me, FINALLY, to the “5 Steps to Higher Vibrations” channeled by Gilbert, so let’s get to them!

Step #1: Watch what you think, what you say, and what you do at this very important time in history.

Let’s start with some words from Gilbert about this crucial first step: “The more positive energy that is put out there, the better off all will be. It is very important for all to start to monitor their thoughts because thoughts are extremely powerful things. There is nothing that exists that wasn’t first a thought—nothing that has happened, that wasn’t first a thought. Things manifest more slowly on the planet Earth than in other places, but they still manifest. As many will see, thoughts are becoming things at a much faster rate and all must watch their thoughts and words-- we cannot emphasize this to you enough. Continue to pay great attention to your thoughts and to your words. They will manifest quickly and can do great good, just as they can do damage or harm. Getting your thoughts and words under control will help you raise your vibrational level.”

Does anyone read Parade Magazine on Sundays? About six months ago, an article in Parade caught my eye—maybe some of you saw it too. It was about a woman named Cynthia Stafford who insists that she won $112 million in the lottery by visualizing winning that exact amount every day for 4 months. She says she focused on this like crazy—sleeping with the $112 million number under her pillow, and even thinking about how she would act when she checked her numbers on Sunday morning and found out that she won!

After four months, she figured it was “out there” in the flow of energy and she relaxed into it,knowingandtrustingthat it would happen. And it did. She won the exact amount she focused on. $112 million dollars!!!! How cool is that?

I read a separate article where Stafford said that the first two weeks of focusing on her goal took a tremendous amount of discipline—in fact, she said it was absolutely exhausting. My point here is that if focusing on something fun and cool like winning the lottery is that exhausting, how much effort and discipline will it take for us to gain control of our thoughts and words on a daily basis?

That’s where the WORK comes in, but the good news is that it gets easier with practice. But it’s still work, and it still needs to be done, and this is why watching what we think, what we say, and what we do are the #1 item on this list. And you know what? This instruction from Gilbert isn’t really new information at all; and before we go on to the next step, I want to share with you some lines from “The Sayings of Buddha.” Buddha said…

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with an impure mind and trouble will follow you as the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with a pure mind and happiness with follow you, as your shadow, unshakable.

Fellow Lightworkers, we are already excellent manifestors subconsciously; so just imagine what we can do on a conscious level as we start putting our attention firmly and with focus on watching our thoughts, words, and actions. We are all connected--think of the progress we will make together!

Step #2: Stop judging other people

Gilbert says that when we spend time judging each other, we become mini power plants spewing negative energy out into the atmosphere.

He wants me to remind everyone that when we’re on the other side of the veil, planning for our upcoming incarnation, we understand the WHY behind the experiences we’re going to have when we get back over here. That’s because we’re the one’s planning those experiences to learn specific lessons or to repay Karmic debt.

But when we’re on thisside of the veil, we don’t remember the “what’s” and “why’s” of our own life plan, let alone anyone else’s life plan, and so….we are in no position to stand in judgment.

We also don’t know what’s going in someone’s life at any given moment.For example, let’s say we’re confronted with someone at the grocery store who comes across as unfriendly. It’s possible that person is not herself that day because she just lost a loved one, or has a sick child at home and got no sleep the night before, or maybe she ran out of gas or had an accident on the way to work that day—who knows? We don’t know.

But what we do know is this: When we’re part of a situation like this, we have a choice: We can immediately judge that person, call her unkind names in our head or out loud, and in so doing, create and spew negative energy. Or, we can do our best to stay upbeat and positive, even though the service we received was less than friendly.

This Step #2, this admonition from Gilbert to “stop judging others,” is really all about decreasing the output of negative energy; and as we spend less time judging others, we will naturally diminish the amount of negative energy we produce.

The objective of Step #2 is for positive energy to eventually outweigh negative energy on our planet, and by taking steps to reduce our output of negative energy, will help achieve just that. In the long run, putting the brakes on being judgmental will help us reach our end goal faster. In the short run, we won’t get ourselves all worked up and ruin our day over small slights, real or imagined, AND, we’ll all be happier.

Step #3: Be positive in the face of adversity.

Let me start with a quote from Gilbert: “When adverse circumstances present themselves, or something occurs that causes grief, examine them for windows of opportunity and relationship villains. Try to understand that overcoming adversity is part of the overall life plan of many individuals.”

In the book, “Windows of Opportunity,” my original “GG” introduced the concepts of “Windows of Opportunity” and “Relationship Villains.” They are tools that we’ve incorporated into our lives for the express purpose of expediting our spiritual growth. Let me digress with a brief explanation of what they are because an understanding of these concepts will go a long way towards understanding what Gilbert means about “overcoming adversity being part of the overall life plan” for so many of us. Let’s start with Relationship Villains….

Relationship Villains are entities who are our closest universal friends when we are on the other side of the veil, but for this incarnation, they have volunteered to play the part of “the bad guy” to help us cross something important off of our spiritual “must learn” list. In our current lives, they might be people who simply annoy us, all the way up to even those we might even consider to be our so-called enemies.

They create and co-create unpleasant situations that open windows of opportunity for us to learn and grow, and they do this because their purpose is to help us meet our goals for learning and growth. Relationship Villains can be anyone and you will find them everywhere. To start with, think romantic relationships—no surprise there!, people you work with,and the even the person being rude to you on line at the post office could be a relationship villain opening up a window for you. Oh, here’s something else we all need to be aware of—we don’t just HAVE relationship villains in our lives, we are also relationship villains for other people, too!

Let’s talk about Windows of Opportunity. “Windows” are opportunities for growth and learning that we personally designed and created for ourselves; again, while we were on the other side of the veil planning our present incarnation.

Think of your life as a book with chapters, and in each chapter we insert scenarios or situations constructed and engineered to help us learn particular lessons or to have growth experiences that our souls very much want to have.

Why bother to look for Windows of Opportunity? Well, each time we learn a lesson or complete an experience we go through a metaphorical “window” and the faster we spot and go through a window, the more time we have to work on the other items on our Spiritual “To Do” list.

In fact, to make sure that we learn a particular lesson that we’re intent on learning, we incorporate many windows of opportunity to learn the same lesson. That way, if we miss one, it’s okay, because we’ll have more opportunities to acquire that specific learning or have that specific experience. In fact, a series of windows for the same lesson that we’ve missed is very much like what we refer to as a life script. Now, Jeremy likes to say that it’s “better to spot our windows on the ground floor rather than in the penthouse” and he’s right about that because as we miss one window and go on to another, the opportunities for learning become increasingly more dramatic and difficult. That’s because we’re trying to slap ourselves awake so that we finally wake up and learn the lesson. And so, by learning to spot windows of opportunity early we’ll save ourselves a lot of drama and pain and we’ll be proactive instead of reactive as we start taking action to expedite our spiritual growth.

Gilbert’s point with step #3 is that if we can wake up a bit, and open our eyes wide enough to recognize the windows and villains in our lives, then we can identify and acknowledge our life scripts. Once we do that, we’ll stop repeating the same old patterns of behavior and we’ll start taking control of our spiritual growth. And a lovely side effect to understanding windows is a decrease in the amount of negative energy we expel into the atmosphere.

How does that happen? As we recognize a growth opportunity, we’ll stop lamenting our circumstances and we’ll stop cursing the people we deem responsible for the crappy things that we endure. Instead of placing blame and living on “Poor Me” Avenue, we’ll be free to take control and look for ways to take action; and taking action is what propels us forward.

And becoming accomplished at being positive in the face of adversity has dual benefits when it comes to increasing vibrations: By being positive, we increase our positive energy output; and by examining our circumstances and taking positive action instead of complaining, we will churn out less negative energy. Being positive in the face of adversity is all about taking charge of our spiritual growth, and that is something that each one of us has the power to make happen.

Step #4:Look for ways to bring more light to the planet.

This is something that can be done in baby steps with Sasquatch footprint-size results. I have a sub list here from Gilbert with a few examples of the kinds of things we can do that will allow us to attract and hold more light, and at the same time, will also have an immediate, powerful, and positive vibrational impact on ourselves, those around us, and our planet:

o Stop gossiping—it is not good for anyone.

o Stop being rude-- it spews negativity into the atmosphere.

o Stop looking for underlying insults in what other people say to you and stop insulting other people. All are on their individual path and you don’t know what it is. Just because others may not meet your current standards does not make them wrong.

o Start looking for ways to be nice to people—including, but not limited to:

§ Greeting people in a friendly way. For example, saying good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, when you see people.

§ Saying nice things when appropriate. If you can say something nice to someone in a sincere way, then do it. Look for things that you admire about others and give them a compliment. Both the person saying it and the person receiving the kind words will benefit with a burst of positive energy.

§ Holding the door open for someone when they need it. This is a simple and easy act that takes no time yet carries a positive energy bang.

§ Giving someone else the parking spot when two of you are trying to get it at the same time.

There are many more suggestions from Gilbert about how to attract the light in the “Vibrations” book. Interestingly, they all come back to one thing, which is basically the Golden Rule. Treat people and the planet the way you want to be treated and you’ll not only increase your own vibrational level, you’ll have a huge POSITIVE impact on those around you, which will help us ALL evolve that much faster.

On to step #5, and I have saved the easiest one for last!

Step #5 is….Smile!

And this one is very easy to do! Yet as simple and easy as it is, a smile has a huge impact when it comes to increasing our output of positive energy. How so? Because smiles are catching.

You smile at someone, they can’t help but smile back, and then they pass it on. Smiles are contagious and so, with very little effort, we can all become “Metaphysical Johnny Appleseed’s,”and spread positive energy via smiles to everyone we meet.

Here’s a little something from Gilbert about smiling:

“Smile at everyone you see-- not a crazy person smile, Sherri, but a nice smile or even a half smile will help, as long as it is genuine. Smiling perks people up, and both the one who is doing the smiling and the one who is smiled at will feel positive energy from this simple yet powerful act. We know that we’ve talked about this before, but if you think about it, you will realize that the smallest smile yields big results. When you smile at someone, they cannot help but smile back, and when they do, they release endorphins in their body. They become happier, even if it’s just a little bit, it is enough to decrease negativity--within that person and for the planet. Not only are the original smiler and smilee affected, but everyone they come into contact with that day will feel better and benefit from their positive vibrations. With no effort they will share in it, adding their own positive energies to the atmosphere and sharing them with others around them. A smile is a small thing but it has a very big charge to it and if everyone will start smiling more, they will help raise their vibrational level while helping others and the planet at the same time.”

The bottom line on smiling? It makes us feel good, it pumps up the positive vibrations, and it has a ripple effect. Metaphysically speaking, smiling packs a huge vibrational punch.

And there we have it—five steps to higher vibrations that will help us co-create a smoother evolution. And now that we’ve got this list from Gilbert, what do we do with it? How do we get started? There’s a lot of stuff packed into these five steps!

I like what the lottery winner did—she put all her focus on one thing for four months. As she said, it was hard to focus at first, and then it became habit for her to picture herself winning that money. Starting with one thing and mastering it is a great way to create new habits and make progress, and so that’s the route I took when I got started on these steps about a year ago.

Pretty quickly, I realized that I had a lot of work to do on myself, and so I sat down and drew up a little “action plan” for myself. I organized it in such a way that I thought would give me the best chance to make progress quickly: I started with the change that I felt would be the easiest for me to incorporate into my daily life, and I did my best to master that change before moving on to the next easiest item on my list.

In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that creating new habits and changing old habits is definitely WORK-- it takes time and effort, but I’m making progress, and you will, too.

Any guesses which step I started with first? You are so right! Smiling! Here’s what happened when I stepped up my smiling:

I found that it is very easy for me to smile at people I don’t know, and, oh my gosh, wait until you start doing this and see the looks on people’s faces! They really DO smile back! Sometimes it looks like they don’t really want to, and/or they have a look of confusion as they’re smiling back—which makes me smile even bigger! I’ve been smiling at strangers for a good year now, and I have yet to smile at someone who didn’t return that smile.

I’ve now expanded my smiling to include (1) anyone walking past me as I’m going into a store or a building; (2) everyone in the hallways at work; (3) everyone who walks into my office; (4) anyone who approaches me anywhere; and (5) I even smile while talking on the phone—I think it makes my tone of voice sound friendlier!

Another thing I’ve started doing when I walk into a room is to make eye contact with everyone present, smile, and say hello. And itiscontagious, people do smile back--and you know what else? I feel happier when I’m smiling. Gilbert is right—being nice does make you feel happier!

The second thing I tackled was the Parking Lot advice. Giving up a parking spot is not problem for me, because I don’t care about getting the closest spot, I just want to park and get in and out of the store. But my friend, Heidi, and my husband, Ted, well! THEY JUST LOVE to circle the parking lot looking for the closest spot they can find. I’ve circled the parking lot with them five times or more to find a spot they’re happy with.

They finally pull in, and then they want to move the car because they see a car pull out of spot that’s closer to the front door! Believe me when I say that this drives me bananas! In fact, I used to make smart-alecky remarks to both of them when they did this, but thanks to Gilbert’s advice, now I just chill and enjoy the ride. Why? Because I realized that by keeping my mouth shut, I can simultaneously work on “Watch what you say” and “Don’t be rude.” Kind of like a buy one get one free sale! A new age BOGO, if you will.

I have to admit to you that when I first tried keeping my shut about their parking habits, I was literally biting my tongue, but it got easier as time went on, and it was quite an epiphany for me to realize how much negative energy I had been spewing into the atmosphere with my snarky little parking comments. So what’s next for me on this one? I’m hoping that someday I can project some positive energy into these situations by saying the words “Nice parking spot” without sarcasm. I can’t even say it to you all of you from this stage without a hint of sarcasm, so obviously I still have some work to do on this one!

“Greeting people” is something that kind of happened naturally-- it coincided with my adventures in smiling! They pretty much go hand in hand, so that one was easy to add into the mix. Another BOGO.

Holding the door open for people was also easy for me, and I love, love, love the look on men’s faces as they realize a woman is holding the door for them and insisting they go first. At first they don’t want to go through, and I say, “It’s 2011! It’s okay!” and then they look at me and smile or laugh! So these little things really do make an impact.

One of things I’m most proud of accomplishing over the last year is finding something nice to say to people. As Gilbert says, it has to be genuine or it’s counterproductive to creating positive energy and sharing the light. I’ve found though, that it is surprisingly easy to find something nice to say, even to people I don’t know. Think about it--unless you’re living in, or visiting a nudist colony, everyone you see has clothes on, am I right? That means there are lots of options to say, “Nice shirt/slacks/ skirt/dress/shoes/ socks/necklace/hat/etc.

Let me share with you how I absolutely, positivelyknowthis stuff works: Someone stopped me in the hall at work one day and told me that my eyes were beautiful—and I gotta tell you, I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day! Between you and me, I am SURE that my Guides staged that little interaction to prove their point; and their point was well made—I felt great after getting that unsolicited compliment, and I wanted to make other people feel great, too.

An now, I have a homework assignment for you from Gilbert and the Group, are you ready? Your homework assignment is to meditate on the list I just gave you and form yourownaction plan. If you didn’t write them down, no worries--I have the steps written out for you, come up and get them after this session. My suggestion is to concentrate on the stuff that’s easiest to do first, and then spend time on the more challenging steps.

And you’re not alone for your project…you have a coach for this assignment. Coach Gilbert has these words to cheer you on: “Here is what will happen when YOU put these things into practice and they become habit. YOU will change. YOU will become a nicer person. YOUR vibrational level will rise. YOU will find more opportunities for growth. People will want to be around YOU more because they will sense the light within YOU, YOU will be helping the planet complete the shift in an easier manner, and YOU will be taking steps toward becoming a fifth dimensional being.”

I know my time is running out, and I have to wrap up this talk, but I must share one more tidbit on the subject of our evolution from Gilbert and the Group:

“There are those who will scoff at the information now coming through from many channels to your side of the veil but the fact of the matter is that evolution is taking place. We’ve spoken about evolution in the past and when we did, we did not realize how close at hand the next stage in human evolution would be, that is how quickly things are changing. great experiment to see if souls could incarnate in a world of duality and hardship and still find their way back to the source is a success; and the reward, the culmination of this great experiment, is the evolution of human beings to a higher energy, a higher level of existence, one that has never been achieved before by humankind on the Planet Earth. And because the planet will evolve at the same time, this is a sensation for the universe, and something that that all entities involved in this mission should be proud of. This evolution will see the Earth’s inhabitants taking their place among the rest of the universe as a galactically awake and contributing race of entities, instead of a race of people with amnesia who are struggling to break free of third dimensional energy and karmic ties.”

Fellow Lighworkers, this unparalleled and celebrated time in human history wouldn’t be happening without the hard work of everyone involved in this mission—past, present, and future! It wouldn’t be happening without the contributions of every person in this room. Our individual and collective contributions towards raising the frequency of the human race and the Planet Earth arepaying off. And even through the challenges of the Shift, many of us are awake enough now to know that progress is being made daily.

Jeremy, Gilbert, and Akhnanda very much want us to REMEMBER just how very POWERFUL WE ARE, and to use that power in the most positive way possible to help ourselves, the human race, and our planet to evolve, one vibration at a time.

Thank you so much for being here with me today!


Sherri Cortland is the author of Windows of Opportunity and Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age. For more about Sherri and her books, please visit Sherri’s books are also available at, Barnes&, and Barnes & Noble stores.

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