Flourite And Its Magical Properties

Yellow Flourite
Yellow Flourite
Purple Flourite
Purple Flourite


Flourite offers us a pure beauty that when we set our eyes upon it we cannot help but sigh and smile. However this is not the only thing this stone offers us. There are several colors of flourite which makes it all the better. Not to mention like many gemstones Flourite can be used in crystal healing and in rituals to enhance them. They can be useful in certain areas of our life being able to help us in ways that some of you may or may not believe.

In this hub you will discover what areas in health Flourite can help as well as magical properties such as zodiac signs that are associated with the stone and rituals that this stone can help with.


Flourite, when used with other stones, can help increase the effectiveness of them during crystal healing. Keep in mind that it is important to keep them cleansed and charged because they absorb energies and by doing so it'll keep those energies at bay.

You may place this stone in an area that may be in pain and it will gradually remove the pain. Visualize the pain leaving your body and entering the stone.

Direct contact with flourite can also be helpful with respiratory ailments, skin diseases, arthritis, and with wounds. It is also said to aid with ulcers and cell regeneration.

Crystal healing can provide a great amount of help but this doesn't mean you can avoid going to see a professional doctor or alternative healer. It is just as important that you do so. I am not a doctor, I always like to note this.

Magical Properties

Flourite is a stone of the zodiac signs Scorpio, Aquarious, and Pisces. This stone symbolizes responsibility and obedience. This stone is a newer stone in Pagan uses so the magical uses are still being discovered. So far Flourite seems to be a great stone for the conscious mind and for straightening out thoughts. It seems to be a useful stone when it comes to emotions and depression.

Rainbow stones have been able to help people to become more aware of their problems to be able to work through them in order to heal. It's great for mental, spiritual and emotional healing.

Purple stones are great to use during meditation. They are said to increase psychic development and brings spiritual peace. For some people Purple has been able to help them to channel helpful information. It's a mental stone.

The green stones have a calming affect on the wearer but it can also provide courage. It can help us grow as needed and heal as well as help our heart.

Blue stones are soothing, karmic impasses will be resolved, atonement relieved.

Yellow can help us focus, help with cooperation and with group alignment.

Yttrium Flourite is a lavender colored flourite. This stone is very rare. It's a great grounding stone.

Double Pyramid Flourite can align the spirit with the physical plane.

Clear Flourite can aid with the Third Eye Chakra. Blue can be used for the heart chakra. Purple on the third eye, green also on the third eye. And also all the rainbow colors are very helpful with balancing all of the chakras.


Flourite stones are new to pagan uses and the uses are still being discovered. However healing is well known. The colors are a wide span of colors and because of this Flourite is beautiful and easy on the eye. Look at the pictures on the right. You can't help but fall in love with it. Even though the stone is too fragile to be used for anything else like jewelry.

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