Muslim diaries -6- : Friday wedding

Another article joins the series. It was published before as an article apart. I'll let you discover what it talks about...

I waited for my wedding day wishing happiness like every girl. I hoped for the best. I knew the eyes of those around me would be crying to see me leaving them like if we will never meet again. What I was not sure about is whether I will be happy or not. It was an eternal happiness the one I was looking for.

Engaged for years, I never saw my fiancée though he knows me well. I passed moments thinking about how my life will be after marriage. Then I came to the conclusion that my Lord will never let me down. All what I had to do was to enjoy the resting days of what will be named my PAST LIFE.

I had to choose well the way to spend my days for they were countable. And I thought, if I want to be pleased with my NEW LIFE, I have to please my Creator first. So I tried to be a good servant. I was not good enough, but I tried at least.

I dreamed of a big wedding on the blessed day of Friday. And I got it! Didn't I tell you that my Lord will never let me down?!

I didn't know about the wedding date. Everything happened in a hurry. But may Allah bless my family and my close ones. I didn't even have to dress myself in the wedding gown . In minutes, I was cleaned, changed, perfumed and ready to go to my new place.

I was all in white, the smell of Musk surrounding me. And as I told you, all those around were crying.

It was Friday prayer, the time I left home. The house of Allah, my first destination, was crowded. I waited till people finished their prayer for that they ...

Let's be clear now. I think you could guess which type of wedding I am describing.

... For that they pray on my dead body before taking me to my destiny, my home, my tomb, where the deeds I did on Earth were waiting for me. I was married to DEATH.

I was lucky because Allah warned me with illness. Maybe during all the years I suffered, I had time to repent. I knew, I will be leaving. We all know that we will be leaving one day. Only, you may leave suddenly without being warned. That's why I wrote these lines, trying to tell you that no one knows when death will come. Right now, you are alive. In the next moment, you may be a part of another world. Don't miss the chance to repent.

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Taalib Pugh1 4 years ago

Maa sha'Allaah this was a great reminder barakullaahu fekum for this one.

forall profile image

forall 4 years ago Author

Thanks Taalib. Baraka Allahu Fikum too :)

Your Name 24 months ago

And I thought, if I want to be pleased with my NEW LIFE, I have to please my Creator first. - Right on. Jazak Allah and death just touch my jealousy!

forall profile image

forall 20 months ago Author

Wa iyyak bro/sis thanks for stopping by :)

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