From Satanist to Salvation Part Three

Finaley God lead me back to him!

We can still have a relationship  with Jesus as His disciples had!
We can still have a relationship with Jesus as His disciples had!

My Personal Road to Demascus

The Beatles did a song called “The long and Winding Road.” That song rings true for me when I think of the path I followed back to Christ. For in many ways, I see my self a lot like the Apostle Paul. I was about as far away from Christianity as you can get. I persecuted Christians similar to how Saul did before God changed his name to Paul. In fact that is were I would like to start this episode of my conversion. If you read Acts 9: 1-30 you will find that Saul was off to cause havoc on the new Christians when Jesus showed up. Wham! Saul becomes Paul and starts to preach the Gospel and now he is becoming persecuted himself! Talk about instant Karma, he now finds out what it is like to be persecuted.

My story is not that straight forward as Saul becoming Paul, for I had many false starts, were I would start on the path to Christianity, and then Satan would point out the hypocrisy in that person or that Church and I would once again turn my back on the Church. I could never seem to get past the blazing truth that Christianity is filled to the brim with people who fall short constantly! Thank God, it is not about them, thank God that just like with Paul, Jesus showed up in my life!

Like I said in other hubs, my mother use to say to me not to look at Christians but to Jesus and I would tell her that I could not see Jesus! That old saying is so true that says…”after Religion try Jesus!” For with me, once I got out of my own way and let Jesus come into my life things started to change.

This process of my conversion started taking shape during 911. It was then that I started seeing that Revelation and other Bible prophecies were starting to be fulfilled. Everything going on with the Middle East and Israel is developing in ways that are leading to the conclusion that the Bible predicted. Up until then, I was not convinced of this reality mainly because my arrogance refused to believe it. I do believe strongly, that God allows people to be blinded to certain truths until that time they are willing open up to him. During this time, the Devil was hard at work to try to detour me coming closer to God. Even though those times when I doubted God existence, God did not give up on me!

It was not until I lost every thing and became homeless did I humble myself to let God into my life completely. It was then that God lead me to just the right Church body. This Church helped me in a cleansing process though prayer, that started to restore me to sanity.This process is still going on, however I have come a long way from the hateful drug addicted person I was before. If you want to read more about my bout with homelessness you can read about in Fear of Homelessness.

I have a lot of friends that are amazed when they find out that I use to be a Satanist because they think a Satanist runs around bald-headed in cemeteries and performing Human Sacrifices and practicing Cannibalism. Well I have never shaved my head, committed any physical sacrifice that took any life and only known one Satanist that confessed to tasting human flesh.

However, some people just have to believe all the hype. I even knew a guy that when he found out that I was once involved in Satanism, wanted me to help him search the woods in Northern California to find evidence of human sacrifice. He was convinced that this was a common occurrence happening in the woods at night! This is exactly what Satan wants! He wants people to wonder around the woods beating the bushes when the real Satanist are having there way in Broad Daylight right in front of our noises!

What a lot of people do not want to hear is that anyone who puts anything before God is in fact worshiping Satan! Once again, I like to turn to the words of a song. A song written by Bob Dylan “You got To Serve Somebody!” For the song hits home when it states…”You got to serve some body, it may be the Devil and it may be the Lord but you got to serve somebody!”

When I was Satanist, I was aware of this, and in my mind, it was better to confess to being a Satanist than to be a hypocrite. Also, people in general, do not want hear that a lot of religious and political systems has satanic influence to one degree or another. If you do the research, you will find a lot of links with “respectable” origination's that have at least some connection to Satanism. Now I am not one of those people that get caught up conspiracy theories for I found out a long time a go that if you want to find evil, it’s defiantly out there to be found! We are living in a fallen world that is controlled by Satan. In my Hub, the Devil wears Camouflage I go into more detail on the ways that Satan attempts to “deceive the very elect.”

It would not accomplish anything for me to point out some organizations that I know for a fact has Satanic influences. I will make one statement though about Scientology, and that is that L. Ron Hubbard himself admitted to knowing Alistair Crowley and supporting his belief system. There are also people who were close to Mr. Hubbard that say that he had an early involvement in Satanism.

Just as Timothy Leary claimed to be following Crowley precepts, in his “turn on tune in and drop out" philosophy. It is also interesting that in groups like The Golden Dawn, they call on four Arch Angles in one of there rituals that is almost identical to the way I would call on “The Four Princes of Hell” in Satanic rituals

There are many people who want to denounce the irrelevance of Christianity. If Christianity is so irrelevant why does so many Occult Practices mimic aspects of Judaism and Christianity in there rites? At least L. Ron Hubbard showed some ingenuity when the creation of Scientology. The fact that he was a Science Fiction writer meant that he had a vivid imagination.

So here is a bit of advice to any skeptics, instead of trying to find fault with Christianity why not go right to the source and seek out Jesus through prayer? I must warn you however, that you cannot do it on your terms. To expect Jesus to answer prayer, you must first ask forgiveness and come to him with a humble heart. If you sincerely reach out to God I think you will be amazed how he responds to you, I was!

When I practiced Santanism we use to joke about L Ron Hubbard coming out of the closet and amiting he was a Satanist! Of Course that would been bad for Business

Here is a ritual that I have actully praticed and I was blown away that it was on YouTube!

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magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Another great hub! I hope it will wake up the right people. Satan has so many lost souls under his influence, but there is always hope that they will see the light.

Many people who practised Satanism got out of it because so many of their fellow Satanists would come to a violent end. Which proves, Satan hates you and wants you dead.

God loves you. Jesus died so that you can be sin free, accept the gift God gave you and be grateful!

Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

I rated this up...blessings

Marliza Gunter profile image

Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa

For some reason I was drawn to your hubs can not believe how much we have in common...the things you true and real it feels...I have read a whole lot of your hubs..wish I could hear more of the "secret stuff" and how you overcame when you mentioned the "christian witch"...yes..I've seen some of those...they sit in church and curse the church and people..I've been attacked spiritually by one of them..their primary purpose is to create rival and division in the yes..we have so much in common, if only you knew... :)

Annie Bows profile image

Annie Bows 6 years ago from Everywhere USA

Well I'm real glad you have been able to accept Jesus. I hope to see you in Paradise.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 6 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

I hope I will see you also Annie Bows and may God bless you!

Kai 6 years ago

Wow, I find your story really interesting. I was wondering your opinion. I have ever since a child tried to feel something with Christianity, but never have. When I finally got the internet I was fascinated with the topic of demons. I always seem to go back to the topic and when I read the names I actually get little tingles up and down my body that gives me chills. I've become more and more interested in it because it actually feels like they care. I have found a demon name that I absolutely love. In my worst times, I asked for help from God and never felt anything. I don't want to get in Satanism for power, but I guess the feeling of being wanted is nice. This might seem like a silly question, but do you think all demons are malevolent? Do you think they can guard us or care? Thanks and you are a fantastic writer!

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 6 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

The demons only care as long as they have control!

I have spent almost twenty years of my life chasing after demons, only to find out the hard way, that they hate man kind. For now that I have become thire enemy they come at me with a Vengeance from every angle.

You should also read my two other segments that lead up to this one, which is the conclusion of my story. You should know that the time is very short and that the powers of darkness are going to increase there efforts to decive people.

So be very carful, for the fact that you have a connection with these forces indicates to me, that they may since

that if you became a Christian you would be a real threat to them! So Kai, I will be praying for you, and I hope you return here again so we can talk more!

Kai 6 years ago

Thanks for writing back so quickly! I'm not really interested in getting that deep, or really at all in Satanism. I had an incident when I was a child where a family member would tickle my sides until I couldn't breathe. I was only 5 years old, but I seriously thought he was going to kill me. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of wishing him dead because I thought he was going to kill me. A couple months later, he was out with a friend on a boat (he was an experienced fisherman) when a freak storm popped up and the two men disappeared. My family went out searching and both men had drowned. The weird thing was that the boat was missing its motor and it could not be found, even though they are heavy and should have sunk. The two men also were not wearing life jackets, which is not like them at all. This might have been coincidence, but I always felt like it was my fault and I don't want to mess with any other people. The only other thing was that I got a gut reaction when I heard news that would result in my dad losing his job, even though my parents tried to tell me his job was fine. I ended up being right.

I had read that some people have close "bonds", friendships, relationships, etc. with demons. That was the only thing that really interested me. I often go back to the sites to read the demon's name and attributes. I wanted to try to contact "him", but I worried about how dangerous he has been said to be. You can delete his name if you do not want it in the comment, but the demon's name is Andras.

The older I get- I'm in my early twenties- the more I have been interested in the rock culture- guys to be exact. I have been starting to like more extreme guys, although I have never dated anyone extreme. I know you probably know of bands, but I've started to like the looks in the Scandinavian black/death metal bands.

On Christianity, I think part of what has kept me from it is the fact that so many people seem to be judgmental and hateful of others. I was actually confirmed methodist when I was younger, but I never felt anything and left. Also, my biological mother was apparently a Catholic, but thanks to drugs, fractured my skull when I was a month old. There just seems to be so much hypocritical action that has kept me away.

Sorry to rant so much and thank you for talk to me =D It is nice to explain this to someone who will actually listen.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 6 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

yes kai, I will always listen to you and if you read part one and two of this article you will find some of the answers you seak, for I cover those subjects in those hubs.

To acess some of those hubs all you haft to do is click on the blue eye and it will take you to my profile page. There you will see all my articles that I have writen at this site. At one time in my life I dispised Christianity and when I was around your age I was a Satanic Priest.

It actully took me a long time to become a Christian and I strongly feel that the reason God allowed me to be alive is to reach out to people like yourself. My mission is to help others from making the mistakes that I have made! The Occult looks cool at first, and yet it is pure darknest!

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 6 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

woops! There I go again...double posting! Sometimes I get impatient and forget that my computer is a little slow! Anyway you should drop me a email though hubpages!

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

I came back here to vote this hub up once again!

I wish I could give it more than that, it is a great hub that could help so many people!

I am especially interested in Kai's comments! I wish she were on hubpages so I could reach her. I want her to know there are people out there who care about her, I care about her! I wish I could tell her that everyone feels the same way one time or another about Christians, they are a very assified group at times, and I am sure Satan has a way of leading the most vulnerable to the worst examples of Christians, and then people like Kai get turned off of Christianity and go the other way, its a big trap.

I myself do not go to church, because I got sick of it, and you are right there are people who worship Satan in all the major Christian religions. These people are even supposed to do magical rituals in the churches.

Man has an evil side what can I tell you? But Jesus is not evil, God is not evil, and they will always tell you the truth! Satan is all about lies, he hates you and wants you dead, because he is JEALOUS of humankind.

You do not have to go to church to be a good Christian, all you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your life and he will guide you. You are so right about that HighVolage.

Hoprfully Kai will not get caught up in the occult and will learn that demons hate mankind and are only out to cause suffering and the greatest of all pain.

I have to go and read some more of your hubs now.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 6 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Hay magnoliazz! Thanks for stopping by, for it is always a encouragement to read your post! By the way, I have been getting emails from Kai and we have had some great conversations. However she is vey stubborn young woman and she keeps pressing me for information about demons.

After praying about it, I felt that God was telling me that she is the sort that will only learn the hard way. (Just like myself)even though I refuse to tell her the methods used to contacting spirts, I have told her some books she could read to find out these methods. I thought it was best that I tell her than some of the Satanic sites she been going to.

If you would allow me to, I would like to send this letters comment of your's to kai so she will know that care about her. Or better yet, write a personal messege to her and I will make sure she will get. In fact, if there other Christianes who want to write letters to this young woman please let me know!

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

I just got back to this hub now 6 weeks later, and sure I can send Kai a letter or you can show her my comments, whatever you think best.

Please tell Kai that anyone who gets involved with the demonic are required to pay a price, and the price is huge. You don't see many old satanists, that is because they die long before they have a chance to get old....and usually in a bad way too. But that is nothing compared to what they will have to endure in the afterlife.

Even people who are doing somewhat innocent "love and prosperity spells" often find that they are sharing their homes and lives with a demonic entity because they got involved with something they have very little knowledge of. Just who are we inviting into our lives when we do these kinds of spells? Would you leave your doors and windows wide open and tell whoever passed by to just come in? That's what you are doing when you conjour spirits or cast spells. You have no idea who is going to grant your wishes and what you will have to do in return. This is why God tells us not to get involved in any occult practices. There is always a price to pay and the price may be your soul.

Today we are seeing an explosion in paranormal activity. That's because more people than at any other time in the history of the world are practicing the black arts. There is a whole lotta conjuring going on, its no wonder people find themselves in homes that are so haunted that no one can live there.

Don't get involved with the occult unless you want to be scared so badly that you may never be the same again. And, these evil spirits can and do kill people all the time, even in this day and age, these things happen! God loves us, and thats why he warns us to stay away from these kinds of things. Like any good parent he warns us for our own good to stay away from the demonic.

Good Luck to you Kai, my prayers are with you!

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin


I am just wondering if you were ever baptized? Don't just take it for granted that you were. It might be a very good idea to get baptized again. Make sure that everyone you live with is also baptized. Satan will often pick on those who were not baptized simply because it is easier. When you become baptized you then become part of God's family, and God will work supernaturally in your life. You will feel God's love more strongly, it won't just be words in a book anymore.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 6 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

I think I ticked Kai off with one of my statments I made. for I asked her why she kept writing me when she knew that I would not help her contact demons.Some of the things she told me was really frighting and I still pray for her and yet there is only so much help I or any one else can give her!

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Well, sooner or later she would probably find the information online, but I think its a good thing that you tried to talk her out of it. You did the right thing.

Even today, after all this time, few people realize how dangerous the demonic can be.

The best thing we can so is pray for her because this is a spiritual thing. Once she gets scared sh--less she will see the light and will probably go on to tell others how bad these things are.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 6 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

The poor girl is a sitting target for she told me some things that would make her very vonerable to satanic influance.

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

I came back to vote up this hub once again. Your message needs to be heard by so many young people who are playing with fire. I hope I can get you up to 100.

God Bless You Highvoltagewriter, you are an awesome force for the Lord.

ithabise profile image

ithabise 5 years ago from Winston-Salem, NC

What an amazing and powerful testimony to the saving power of Jesus! I'd love to hear what naysayers have to say about it. Thank you so much and many blessings to you in this marvelous journey. I'm bookmarking these! (Tip: Group this 3-part reading so your readers can move from one hub to the next with a simple click.)

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Thanks for that tip ithabise, I actually did that in other continued hubs but failed too do that here. I will now do that!

Lybrah 4 years ago

Excellent hub. I am so glad you worship the devil no longer. To be a Satanist is like being in love with someone who hates you.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 4 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

This is so true! I now look at it as form of insanity! I do appreciate you your comments Lybrah!

shofarcall profile image

shofarcall 3 years ago

Hello Highvoltagewriter,

I am visiting some of my followers hubs and so glad I chose yours to meander around.

You are a Godsend brother....and sense that as we are told in Esther and elsewhere: "You were born for such a time as this."

Some of us have walked strange paths before, thankfully, entering into our Lord Jesus Christ's embrace. God turns it all to good and there are many, in these times, that need very specific assistance regarding the deceptive spirits that now abound and it is going to intensify. God Bless you and keep you as you place yourself at the forefront of the spiritual battle. Remember your armour!

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 3 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Thank you shofarcall for reading this, and preseving me as a Godsend. It is only though the grace of God that I am still alive.

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