From the lips of children

A different perspective can make a difference!

Scripture Psalm 25:4 Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths

My husband and I tend to do the Church holiday club every year. My husband loves to take the week off work and give time to teach kids about God. He is an up front guy and gets fully into the role.

I am more of a back scenes woman. My passion for doing the holiday club differs from my husband. I love taking pictures, writing and thinking of ways to teach the kids the truth of God. So I produce a daily news sheet with the passage, words searches and pictures of the kids activities to show their parents when they get home. It is full on and tiring.

I would like you to picture a scene. It is halfway through the week and my husband and I are beginning to flag a little. Trying to be positive as we all jump into the car, I said to our daughter, (who was 5 at the time)

“We are nearly half way through Jen.”

Immediately my daughter responded

“Yes mum...and today I get to learn another new thing.” Her response made me smile and boosted my spirit.

Later as I reflected on the days events, I thought about my daughter's attitude. It reminded me of the zeal of a new Christian. It can be so easy to lose that excitement and expectancy from God. I thought to myself “What if we all woke up in the morning and asked God to show us something new about Him each day.” I wonder where it would lead? Would God take us beyond our expectations? Personally, I think He would.

Why not try it? Try to take some time today to reflect on God's character and ask Him to teach you something new today.

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