Funny How Christians Claim to Have the Best Moral

Oh the Irony

It's ironic how christians claim the only source of good moral comes from the bible, yet this guy who has a PHD in Religion from Duke University sounds like a desperate and ignorant lunatic eager to argue over trivial matters. Not once does he provide a SINGLE argument to prove he's correct. All he does is throw insults. When I block him - he comes back on a different account.

He's probably making another account as I am typing this.

How the heck can a 30 year old graduate from Duke be this idiotic? This goes to show, a good school means nothing. Getting a PHD is Religion is no different than getting a PHD in Dragonology.

Like I said before and I will say again, moral does not come from the Bible. The bible merely confirms what is already there. That is why you see both peaceful and crazy Christians. It isn't the Christian religion that makes a "good" Christian - that is attained through experience. Their religion only affirms what is already there.

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Doctor Kristy profile image

Doctor Kristy 5 years ago from Australia

Nice comeback with the Harry Potter thing there. Made me smile. This might just be because I don't have a twitter account (it is twitter right?) and am not familiar with the layout, but it took me a while to figure out who was saying what. Maybe mention before the conversation that you're saying the highlighted bits?

And about university. Many morons go, and even manage to graduate. Doesn't make them any less of a moron. Just means they're a moron with a degree.

NathanielZhu profile image

NathanielZhu 5 years ago from Virginia Beach Author

Thanks. This was on youtube. I don't usually play insult games, but this guy had it coming.

mathsciguy profile image

mathsciguy 5 years ago from Here, there, and everywhere

Ehhh.. that guy definitely doesn't have a doctorate from Duke. You have to at least be semi-literate because of the whole thesis-writing thing. I wouldn't take this person as an example of a person with a PhD in Religion, because I very highly doubt that with such poor verbal skills he could even have made it through a Master's degree. Funny conversation anyway.

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