Divine Guidance!

I see a pathway paved to glory,

With rocks along the side;

A trail of blood the centerline,

Left by a very precious friend of mine.

I looked for him in the garden,

As I passed along that way;

I saw where he had prayed there,

For souls and their salvation,

To be kept in a future age.

Mine eyes look up to behold him,

On the resurrection morn;

Imagine on us he’s looking,

Tenderhearted, worlds filled with tears;

With his concern and compassion,

That he would love us so dear.

Golden streets there await us,

Faithful souls there we’ll see;

His Fullness, Grace and Glory,

A final end to our fears.

He leads the just soul out of trouble,

With a good word maketh hearts glad

The fruit of righteousness is a tree of life,

When God of heaven says “step inside!”


( In remembrance of Elder D.J. Carnley; June 5, 1999)

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teacherjoe52 profile image

teacherjoe52 4 years ago

That's beautiful.

Thank you for sharing

Oscarlites profile image

Oscarlites 4 years ago from Alabama Author

thanks.. I just have a little bit of time to spend on hub, but it is rewarding to share what others do and see my own articles shared..

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