Garnet Stone- An Extensive Range of Stones

Garnet stone (or Tamara) has derived its name out of the Greek terminology, where it was referred so because of resemblance of its color with pomegranate seed. Apart from prominently found in various shades of red and green, it also comes in a wide range of other colors such as green, orange, pink, purple, violet, yellow, and very rarely in black, brown, and colorless form. Fire is the element of this stone.

Different Forms

Garnet stone, which is prominently districted on the grounds of its varied colors, comes in different forms which are distinguished on aspects of its content and properties. The list of most prominent includes Almandine, Carbuncle, Demantoid, Grossular, Hessonite, Pyrope, Rhodolite, Spessartine, Tsavorite, Topazolite, and Uvarovite. Among these, the green colored Demantoid form belonging to the Andradite family of gemstones is considered to be the most prominent and valuable; and the Almandine form is considered to be the most commonly found. The latter along with the Pyrope form is also the most accepted of all forms.


Africa, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Kenya, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Soviet Union, Thailand, and United States are the sources of this stone, with Africa being the largest contributor.


Wearing of this stone liberates one from the custody of negative and impure thoughts. It derives a state of balance, and helps one constantly remain serene irrespective of the nature of situations. It augments one’s sexual life by improving sexual desire and sexual drive. Also, it enhances one’s strength, valor, and thought process to enable them get further improved. It confers one with grace, generosity, faithfulness, truthfulness, and stability. It is considered to be in specifically beneficial to travelers, as it ensures safe travelling. It is also effective for strengthening friendships.

Healing Properties

Garnet stone is comprised of few healing abilities with which it can effectively cure ailments of arthritis, depression, fever, lethargy, and rheumatism. It also stimulates blood functioning, spleen system, and pituitary glands to perform better, and eradicates blood deficiency problems, if any. Fir curing depression, one should sleep by placing this stone under the pillow. Overall, wearing of this stone promotes an overall healthiness.

Recommended To

Capricorn people, i.e. those born in December 22 and January 19, are highly recommended to have it, as it is their birthstone. It is quite popular as a business stone, as it is prominent belief that establishing it at the place of business or trade derives growth and enormous profits. Therefore, one with a diminishing business can get back to the profit days if they place three or more garnet stones on their working desk.

Wearing and Sustaining It

One should make sure to wear this stone as close to body as possible, as that is when it is most powerful. This stone is required to be conducted with care and control. Apart from ensuring that it does not get dejected by developing any sorts of cracks or scratches, one should also ensure to keep it sparkling by frequent and gentle cleaning of it with a dry, soft, and clean cloth.

Have Your Garnet

Garnet stone is available at a comparatively lesser price in respect to other stones. Its great magnificence, astrological significance, and its availability in wide range of forms combined with its cheaper price tout it as one essential stone to have. Also, other than astrological purposes, it is equally popular as an element of ornaments available in the form of bracelets, rings, pendants, and necklaces.

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Dale Hyde profile image

Dale Hyde 4 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

Most informative hub! Garnets are useful not only for their cosmetic appearance, but for the energy they possess. They do have good healing qualities and as you referenced, are great to wear close to one's body.

theastrology profile image

theastrology 4 years ago from New Delhi Author

Thanks for appreciation Dale!

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa

interesting hub. the garnet is my birthstone. i knew it came in different shades of red but didnt know about the other colors. here in the black hills of south dakota my mom and i loved to search for pretty rocks and such.

This mineral is one of the six that are part of the garnet group. This mineral is predominant throughout the Black Hills since it occurs in igneous rocks along with a wide variety of metamorphosed rocks.

This mineral is predominant in the rocks around Keystone, South Dakota. Most of the samples are small dodecahedral crystals which are a component of the biotite-garnet-staurolite schist at the Ingersoll mine near Keystone.

this is the types of garnets we found. incedently we were told that "where ever you find gold, you will find garnets, but you wont necessarily find gold where you find garnets.".

that can be confusing, but what it means is that where ever gold is, so to are garnets. but garnets are common and can be found in many places where there is no gold.

many of the garnets we found were brownish in color, some pink, and some wine colored.

theastrology profile image

theastrology 4 years ago from New Delhi Author

Hi tlmcgaa70, Thank you for participating this hub.

alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

Did not know that garnet came in a range of colors and had these other properties besides. Voting this Up and Interesting.

RedElf profile image

RedElf 4 years ago from Canada

Tsavarite (green and variegated) garnets can be very costly, but I still prefer a good deep, rich red stone. Thanks for the info.

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