Garnishing our speech with good

We as people have been given many blessings, our ability to reason, communicate intelligently. We have emotions, needs, and ambitions. In fact, Allah{swt} says in Qur'aan,

" ..such is the Knower of the unseen and the visible, the Powerful, the Merciful, who gave everything its perfect form. He originated the creation of man from clay, then He{swt} made his progeny from an extract of humble fluid" { 32:6-8}

From a drop of fluid (semen), Allah forms the human being. something even the Almighty Himself tells us man holds to be despicable. guiding the sperm to the egg, by His will, and well you all know the rest. We seldom stop to think of what a miracle the conception of human life is. Something to reflect upon. One of the many blessings that naturally come from this miracle is that of our speech. About human speech Allah {swt} says,

" Tell My servants that they should always say what is best, Shaytain stirs up discord among them. Surely Shaytain is an outright enemy to man." {17:53}

One the most powerful things we possess is our speech, if used correctly it brings Allah {swt} closer to us than we can possibly imagine. Of course as Muslims we know Allah {swt} never fails to answer the Dua'a of his Ibaadi (slaves). Second to that, a good word can soothe a hurting soul, or to ask for Allah's blessings to descend upon a person. Our beloved Prophet {sws} said, " It is also charity to say a good word." {Bukhari & Muslim}. Not only should our speech be free of vile, and foul language, but it should also possess clarity, and be decisive. It also goes without saying that topping our words with sprinklings of smiles can be good not only for the listener, but the speaker as well. After all smiling, and laughing catch on quickly. To express this point Rasulullah {sws} said to Abu Dhar,

"Do not disdain to do a good deed ( no matter how small it may seem) even if it is meeting your (muslim brother) with a cheerful face." {Muslim}

There are many examples in the Qur'an, and the Sunnah we can adopt to 'Garnish' our speech with good, and by doing this, not only are we pleasing Allahu ta'ala, but we are also fulfilling His command of Dawah, where He says,

"Who can be better in speech than one who calls to Allah, and does good righteous deeds, and says: ' I am of the Muslims (wholly submitted to Him)" {41:33}


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