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The Brown Lady is one of the most famous ghost photos ever.
The Brown Lady is one of the most famous ghost photos ever.

What Is A Ghost

Ghosts are defined as the disembodied spirits of once living breathing human beings. It is said that ghosts haunt certain places particularly where there may have been great tragedy or a persons life has been cut short. Though there have been reports of ghost cars , trains and ships.

And there appears to be two distinct types of ghosts. Residual ghosts simply replay events from the past over and over. Usually in a residual haunting the ghost or spirit is not able to react to a live human or talk to them. Residual hauntings appear to simply be events from the past playing over and over in the same place and usually at the same time or under the same conditions.

And then there is the type of ghost or spirit that can interact and communicate with the people around it. This is usually the most frighting type of ghost.

The Amityville Ghost Story was one of the scariest ever.
The Amityville Ghost Story was one of the scariest ever.

The address of the Amityville House and its physical appearance have been changed to keep people from finding the house at its current location. Hint those distinctive windows are now different.

A haunted house is supposed to be a center for supernatural occurrences or paranormal phenomenon. People who have died and gone on to the other side are also said to haunt the locations of where they lived when they were alive. Spirits are often said to be present where accidental death, murder, or suicide have occurred. And the more tragedy that has occurred in any one location then the paranormal activity there may be extremely high.

And there are many locations where tragedy has occurred where ghosts are said to appear. This often happens at the scene of car wrecks, train wrecks, hit and run accidents and etc. Almost anywhere that a tragic death has occurred you can have a ghost.

In the USA approximately 37 percent of all people believe in ghosts and haunted houses. 32 percent of all the people in the USA believe that they have seen a ghost or had a real paranormal experience. How about you? Have you ever saw a ghost or had a paranormal experience. Why not tell us about it below. 

The Winchester Mystery House is alleged to be haunted
The Winchester Mystery House is alleged to be haunted
Aquia Church in Stafford, Virginia, is said to be one of the most haunted churches in Virginia.
Aquia Church in Stafford, Virginia, is said to be one of the most haunted churches in Virginia.

The church and graves in the graveyard date back to 1738 and the church and the graveyard are said to be hotbeds of paranormal activity. The graveyard is said to have orbs all over it at night that can not be explained. A woman crying is also heard and the laughter of children is often heard when there are no children around.

Athens Ohio is said to be one of the most haunted cities in America.

Athens Ohio
Athens Ohio
Athens Lunatic Asylum
Athens Lunatic Asylum

Athens Lunatic Asylum was a mental hospital in Athens Ohio from 1874 to 1993 and the location is said to be one of if not the most haunted location in the United States.Many strange and unusual things have occurred in the Asylum. One woman patient was missing and she was later discovered dead in an unused ward six weeks after she had died.

Multiple personality, and rapist Billy Milligan was a prisoner and patient at the Asylum in the 1970s and 1980s. Milligan is now free and lives in California and he still claims to suffer from multiple personalities.

Over the years many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have investigated the Asylum and they claim the Asylum is filled with spirits and demons. Some paranormal investigators have refused to ever go back into the Asylum again.

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Bobby 3 years ago

I really love the paranormal.

damian 3 years ago

thanks Jake

person 4 years ago

I.saw a ghost she was in a white raincoat. No joke.

manofmystery24 profile image

manofmystery24 4 years ago

Nice hub crazyhorse ghost. A lot of great information in here that I could use. Voted up and shared!

anjalee 4 years ago

thanks a lot for these information !!! to tell you the truth I think that my school is hunted as well me and some of my friends are searching for more info... about ghost hope you guys have more info... about them? but thanks alot........................

Jailene 4 years ago

Scary !

kate 4 years ago

this is really going to help with my speech to!! and here's some info the room gets cold when a ghost enters!

jake 4 years ago

YAY! i just got an A on my research thank you so freaking much

ghosts are cool 4 years ago

thank you so much who ever did this website you are a life saver without this website i wouldn't have an A+ on my research.

jake the man 4 years ago

damn thank you sooo much it helped a lot on my essay add more info plz :D

Anhar 4 years ago

thnx it really helped on my research. ive seen a real ghost in my bathroom and i was scared really scared

marrissa 4 years ago

i thought this was some good info on my history report. thank you.

Hannah 4 years ago

Wow this info is great! When i grow up i always say that i want to be a ghost hunter. thnx for the info now i know more about ghosts and where to find them :)

demon 5 years ago

i love ghost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lily 5 years ago

im seven and i love reading ghost facts and i have tons of ghost books... :D i have seen a ghost in my bathroom T_T

kloe 5 years ago

my friend joy died from melanoma. she was trying to communicate with me by throwing things around my bedroom i talk to her all the time

Jazzmine 5 years ago

Thaks a lot. this helps but I know what is missing.We people need proof that what you say is real.Anyone can take a pic of a house.If you wanted to you could take a pic of someone and edit it so it looked like there was a ghost there.

elayna 5 years ago

this website was very useful im sure ill get an a+ on my report

ned 5 years ago

this was the most useful information ive found on the internet!!!

Kate 5 years ago

my best friend died 5 months ago and ever since my apartment has been as paranormal as can be. i am kinda of scared but i am sure it is my Riley trying to get me to listen to him one last time.

expiriencer 5 years ago

I think i have a female child ghost in my room it site on me it grabs my hand and i see flashes coming out of the frame.

sammy 5 years ago

tanks helped me a load 5 years ago

Thanks for the good info on gohsts this will really help me out like I seas before thanks

M. T. Dremer profile image

M. T. Dremer 6 years ago from United States

Good information for people just starting to learn about ghosts. I didn't start to believe until I watched Ghost Hunters and they presented ghosts as more of a science than a religious connection. I have only had one noteworthy experience in my own life involving the crystal clear sound of a door opening, footsteps and then a knocking on a nearby door. Scared the crap out of me.

lovely 6 years ago

Thanks to all who made this!

Has helped me a lot!

Hannah 6 years ago

so glad there is a website out there that has real information, everywhere else only have videos of ghost encounters.


Dope 6 years ago

Some crazy pictures here.

I have an essay for English.

hopefully this'll help a bunch.

thanks xx cheers

The Ghost  6 years ago

I have actually started a club and i have my friend and i but we have actually had some experiences we have seen ghosts and even talked to them but nobody believes us.

Scarymel 6 years ago

I love ghosts!!!!!!!!!!

Anonomyous 6 years ago

Our school is haunted cuz it used to be a battlefield and a man died herre den. Then it became a victorian school and a girl died here. Now me and my two best friends are hearing voices and one of friends said they heard a voice crying help!!! Please somebody tell me what to do! Im desperate for help of ghost experts!

Justin 6 years ago

Thanks this helps back up my essay since i can't use wiki :D awesome !

geto 6 years ago

cool pics

shikaru123 6 years ago

this help my essay too xD

XxKewlGirlxX 6 years ago

This is pretty good information, but it need more info.

Its missing something, somrthing, but i cant figure out what! So just giving a little advice to the person who wrote this. i know some info, i think that ghosts come out after the sun goes down. Your welcome for the advice if it helps, just remember to keep adding information!!

tAMARA  6 years ago

This has helped me a lot... this will really help me on my SA

Susan 6 years ago

Thanks a bunch. This helped me with my essayy.


Matt 6 years ago

This good info . I could use it for the ghost investigation

group im in in westlake ohio

gillian 6 years ago

VERY good info i am in a group and i do ghosts.

meana 7 years ago

this is really good information this could help me with my speec!..

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