God Truly Exists

Does God Exist?

I just read an article in Yahoo that reports that well known physicist Dr. Hawking has told that god did not create the universe. I disagree. It’s not that I am too much into religion or philosophy as well as physics, but it’s obvious that whoever created the universe must be the God. Well, some people may argue that the big bang was a natural phenomenon and god had had no hand in it but it is still unclear whether the big bang was the only reason for the creation of such a huge universe.

The type of explosion that the big bang theory offers is only an argument and is by no way a proven fact. There may be some other reasons for creation of the universe. I think the whole universe has been created from “light”. It is obvious that since light particles can have enormous speed, which can only be possible because they are not very stable and are always in motion. This unsteady nature of light can have immense impact if they collide with each other in extreme pressure, temperature and speed. This can result in creation of particles that are more stable and thus having different qualities than the light particles. Such changes in the core of a particle can create newer particles which together can provide new objects. The particles that are the most stable may have attached themselves together to offer us solids, while those that had lesser stability transformed into liquids. Gases, similarly were created due to attachment (least) if particles that could achieve the least amount of stability. What I want to say here is that the light particles are the most unstable particles in the universe.

Coming back to the main topic, even if we believe that God hasn’t created the universe, we actually push ourselves into a black hole in determining how the big bang was initiated. I believe that there must be a supreme hand that supervised these entire phenomena. I do not know what shape and size he has but I think we must consider the fact that creation of all these objects in the universe cannot be only due to the big bang. I do not say that god must have had a human shape but whatever his shape and size, he must be responsible for all things that we have now. He must be termed god and it is only universal truth.

N.B. - I am too much a layman to challenge such a great scientist as Stephen Hawking but I thought I should write it for me as my belief was quite different.

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Stephanie 6 years ago

"I do not know what shape and size he has but I think we must consider the fact that creation of all these objects in the universe cannot be only due to the big bang"

We as humans have the unique propensity to classify, organize, group, and rationalize cause and effect to satisfy our psyches. This is why, when causes are not immediately available to us, we theorize that something must. I believe I am reading you right when you say in the above passage that all of the glorious complexity we observe in the universe could not have been started by only one thing. However, this, I think, is the reflection of your human bias, for if we consider how much time has passed, how many cosmic and atomic interactions great and small could have happened since the big bag to get us to where we are today, I'm actually surprised we haven't gotten further!

It's a shame that in human history the belief in a supernatural power has predated confidence in the influence of nature without design, thus creating the illusion that the supernatural exhibits evidence through conjecture.

lamorpa 6 years ago

When asked, "Do you believe in 'God'?" theists are actually asking, "Do you not believe in the all powerful being I require to exist because my education and socialization do not allow me to concieve of any other theisms or atheism?"

C. Speck 6 years ago

First of all, I am no expert in physics therefore I cannot disprove your theory on 'light creation' but from what few theories I have read, your hypothesis seems to be off. I don't think "light" is the most essential part of the universe and assuming it is just because it's fast and unstable seems naive. As a very elementary example, if light was some all-powerful element why can it be dominated by gravity, the weakest of the four fundamental forces (e.g. black holes).

Anyway, that is not my main concern with your article. I would like to inquire about your own perception of God. Theologists usually claim there is no way to know what or who God is but the one essential property of God is that he is 'intelligent'. So what analogy could you use to explain how this God works? Did he create the universe in a test tube within unique world that he lives in? If so, does he not live in a universe that must have also been created by a 'God'? Then there must be a never-ending hierarchy of Scientist Gods and Experiment Universes in which they decide what the properties that their experimentally universe will have.

If you do not believe this then must believe God to be some supreme being, not created out of anything or by anything. He must be some type of Omnipotent singularity. But then who gave him his fundamental force--the ability to create and control universes? Does this not seem more unreasonable then the hypothesis that the universe spawned spontaneously out of nothingness?

I look forward to your response.

lamorpa 6 years ago

By the way, light is a wave function, not a particle. The entire basis for your 'light creation' idea is, unfortunately, completely invalid.

C. Speck 6 years ago

^well technically it's both but, yeah you get the idea

P.Banerjee profile image

P.Banerjee 6 years ago from Naharkatia Town Author

@lamorpa - You should know the dual nature of light..it shows both wave and particle properties.

Jay 6 years ago

The dangerous thing is people coming up with their own theories based on incomplete knowledge and without any scientific inquiry. I would suggest you to study physics first before coming up with theories like your "Light creation". Science has not said "There is no GOD". What the scientists are saying is "There is no evidence of a creator in the physical existence of the observable universe".

P.Banerjee profile image

P.Banerjee 6 years ago from Naharkatia Town Author

@ Jay: I am always open to learn but whatever you have written is not justifying your own points.

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