God could have given me....

God could have given me....

God could have made me blind, so I couldn't view all the beautiful things.

He could have made me deaf, a prisoner of my own mind,

never to hear my child laugh or enjoy her sing.

He could have put me in a wheelchair with everything just out of reach,

never to feel the sand beneath my feet as I walk along the beach.

He could have made me born with brain injuries, where love and sadness and

laughter I'd never feel.

I prayed and prayed for all the things I thought would make trivial problems

right, I prayed over and over for all the wrong things.

But, not once did I thank God for not giving me all the things he

could have! Until now!

Thank you God!

In God's hands and in God time and wisdom.
In God's hands and in God time and wisdom. | Source

God Could Have Given Me...

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Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 4 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

Yes, it's easy to think what we could be living with! And, I am battling some health issues, but I thank God he spared my life and He could have given me a lot worse!!! Thank Bearnmom for reading and comenting!

bearnmom profile image

bearnmom 4 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wonderful reflections on what could have been and what we take for granted.

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