Higher Spirit Calling

The Beauty of Creation

As you look at the clouds think about his creation.
As you look at the clouds think about his creation.
The spring flowers bring forth a new joy of life after the long winter. Just as for all those things we must endure. There is a new beginning after the roughest times.
The spring flowers bring forth a new joy of life after the long winter. Just as for all those things we must endure. There is a new beginning after the roughest times.
Purple reminds me of Easter and a new life.
Purple reminds me of Easter and a new life.

The Days of Testing Our Faith

I stand before the world today, and knowing for once that my faith has proven to be stronger and calling me to listen to holy words within my heart. Everyday, I see how everyone in our country is struggling to survive. We have to work hard and be conservative with our resources, and yet we are suppose to hold in our hearts those special words of hope. We hear the civilizations calling out that 2012 will end the world as we know it. By my faith in God and his word, then I remember his words that only he will know the hour or the time. Those are scriptures that I hold by in my faith. The struggle that we feel inside is tremendous, and everyday with gas prices going higher, and food prices soaring up like an Eagle in flight. I say come down to earth Eagle for your people are hungry and poorer than before. Our country represents the Eagle in flight. America must be stronger everyday for every challenge we face together. Yes, I did say together as a people. It is not about being a Democrat, Republican, or some other party. It is about the people within our country. Our country was made of a group of people who left the shores of foreign lands and came in to find hope. Hope is a big word but only four letters of the alphabet. Do we forget hope, when we lose our jobs, or homes, or struggle to survive. This is a look into the everyday living we must do in order to survive.

Now, let me tell you about the opposite of hope. It is called despair. It is what you feel like, when things are out of control. Your life feels empty, challenged, and pointless sometimes. Some I have even heard tell me that they would be better off joining their ancestors, because all their friends have gone to be with the father above. Now, I ask you this,,,,,what would you say back to that person? Give up and die cause you are to old. I would not ever say that to someone like that? My words are this: "You are here for a purpose, and when it is your time,then he will call you. If you were not here for me, then I would not have anyone one to pray for me and others of your family". This person is a diligent and prayerful person. She is one that I speak to on a daily basis. She is 85 yeas old, and never says no to the need of I have and others of prayer to make miracles take place and mountains to be moved. I say look at your elderly, and let them know how much that you think they are still special in your life..

I was on a mission for almost six months to save my own daughters life. She had been in medical crisis that long. I was appalled by the lack of caring that i had received from the hospitals and doctors, and device company that was in control of whether a person lives or dies based upon insurance and money. Sometimes we are left in circumstances of losing our job, our medical insurance, our property, and cannot work due to health issues. Then, we see people in offices saying you do not qualify, because you are not on disability, and you apply for it to be turned down and forced to appeal, because someone could not do their job correctly, and yet you have someone in the same office saying that I do not know how you ever got turned down with your medical conditions. I am speaking of my own adult child here. This is the battle that I have undertaken to fight for her life. Medicine made it about money, and money she has not. In this world one that lives with no money, and no support can wither away and society cares not. I am speaking of bureaucratic society. Six months she waits for help to be told she is stuck in a back log of people.

I struggled to get up the money for my own daughters surgery, and having none myself and on social security is extremely almost impossible. For six months fought everyone and in every way I knew how. I stopped writing my hubs because of frustration on this matter.
Those of you that followed my writings, then you know now why I say this. My thoughts were consumed in every waking moment of time.

After six months of fighting the life threatening issues of trying to save a life, then finally getting them the surgery needed to remove faulty devices that are shocking her internally in the body,and the body fighting back by trying to reject and push them out. Finally, there is hope on my horizon once more. Many of my family and friends have prayed for my daughter to get help. She has endured screaming pain with no letting up. Pain medications not phasing it. The more she hurt the more we prayed, but as always answers do not always come the way you think. Surgeons cost a great deal of money to operate, when you have no money or insurance at all. One day I got up enough nerve to say to the lady in the office, then how much does this surgery cost. You want every penny of it put down before you operate. The first time she said $300 dollars. I thought to myself something is wrong here. Then she called back weeks later and said the hospital wants $45,000 dollars and your doctor is $412. I am thinking still something does not sound right. Hopeless I felt at that moment, and. I was bent on not giving up. I told my daughter I would fight this until I could fight no more. I had a brilliant idea that I must call an administrator of a hospital. The administrator put us off to the head of bookkeeping of the hospital, and she said we can work with you since your daughter has no income. This hospital will only require you to work with the person helping individuals that have no income or insurance. We said, hey we can do that. Filling out paper work was no problem. Then, I got a church, and some family to commit to the cost of $412, and the doctor office said that is not enough. You must also pay your assessment bill of about $247 more dollars. I am thinking to myself that I have exhausted all my means of help. I remember I am a person of faith. I will go to the churches for help. That is a big tall order, when some of them you have walked into , and some you do not know them at all. I have to think of faith of a child, and say that a church is for all people. Now almost all the churches that I contacted have come through and I am down to my last one for the last $53 to go for my daughters surgery. People you have no idea how much not only my daughter is going to get her surgery after six months of agony and torture, but that the power of God's word is strong. Prayers never let me down, but my faith and commitments to help another person in this world has not changed. I am thinking this is a community my family was raised in, and it is a community that is standing firm to help. That is the faith of which I made my commitment to stand by Jesus and follow him. For those of you who wonder what a church does, then think if that church is walking in the way of Jesus of Nazareth. I also remember the words of Jesus, when he said that he may be the face of the poor, needy and standing in the crowd. It is how you help others in this world that makes your faith powerful ! Never forget the church is within it's people. It is not a building or about making money. It is not about selling all you have an following some ranting church leader that leads you on the wrong path. This is why some struggle with no faith and no religion. It is about getting out and sewing seeds of the faith that Jesus gave us.

My thanks goes out to the people who went forth to help my daughter. May your blessings be great, and your doors always open, for Jesus may walk your way someday and look you right in the face.. Let the holiest of angels fill your temples, churches and cathedrals. Everyone you help goes forth to witness for the Lord. Let your holy family grow and blossom in your ministries for one taken care of and many more need your help as well.

This whole experience has left me with thoughts of what can I do, when the time is needed for anyone out there. I must remember God will call us home, when our time is done, but never forget you have a job to do of representing his grace and hope for all of mankind to see. . May God bless you all! Never stop praying with family and friends and your church for our country, our people and anyone in need.

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

An excellent hub!

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 3 years ago from United States Author

Thanks whonunuwho for liking my hub. I also would like to say that my daughter is doing well now, and thanks be to God for all those that helped me make this happen by the grace of God.

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 3 years ago from United States Author

I want to thank all those people out there that are passing on good will toward others. We are snowed in and my own neighbors sent me a gallon of milk and a carton of eggs. My son's best friend's parents sent me some special home made soup to nourish my body and my family. They are the real hope of our world. People who care, and ask nothing in return. I truly am blessed.

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