God is real - the Experiment

God is Real the experiment.

God is real! I know its hard for some to believe in Him, He believes in you.

Why not try this experiment to see if He is real.

Every night before you go to bed, thank Him for something. Just one thing. Always be honest with Him because He already knows everything.

Tell Him that your not sure you believe He is real but if He is you want to thank Him for . . . your bed, your food, your computer, say something, something different each night. Just one thing every night, then watch and see Him working. You will see Him if you watch. It may take up to 21 days. It took the angel in Daniel 21 days to reach him because Satan the devil had placed so many things in the way, but he got there! Thank God He always gets there!

Don’t give up, never give up. Many people give up one second before they receive and lose the prize.

This is just one of many ways to worship God, to give him the glory!

He loves you more!

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yolanda yvette profile image

yolanda yvette 6 years ago

Very good.

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 6 years ago from NJ, USA

My answer to your question, while flippant, was also a serious comment. I'd like to think that God gave us free will and that included the ability not to beleive - he/she therefore would not punish us if we chose not to beleive.

As for me, I beleive in something - perhaps not quite what we define as God in traditional religion, but something greater than you and me....

BL Tween profile image

BL Tween 6 years ago Author

You are correct about free will, however, I believe it is that we are all going to the bad place.

God isn't sending us there! That is where we all go.

But God - is asking us not to go there.

But God - is asking us to come to heaven.

But God - is asking us to choose to be with Him.

But God - doesn't want any one to go there.

But God - will let us go there if that is what we want.

So you are right about free will.

But - each person must ask God himself the questions, for He alone can answer them.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

BL Tween, you have some great hubs! I just joined your fan club! God Bless you!

Judah's Daughter profile image

Judah's Daughter 6 years ago from Roseville, CA

I really appreciate the simplicity and encouragement to everyone to just acknowledge God, or even that "higher power" as some know Him ~ to pray and be thankful. It is quite revealing to think the angel Gabriel couldn't get to Daniel to answer his prayer about the king's dream for 21 days, prevented by the "Prince of Persia" at the time.

Regarding "free will", Jesus said He would draw all men unto Himself when He is lifted up from the earth. He draws us by the hearing of His Word, for by grace are we saved through faith ~ and faith comes by hearing the Word.

If we receive His Word, we receive Him. If we reject His Word, we reject Him. He promises to draw all men this way, but He never promised to save those who reject His Word, thus rejecting Him. For this reason, the Word must be preached both in Jerusalem and Judea, Sumaria and unto the remotest parts of the earth. Amen :-)

trwme profile image

trwme 6 years ago from Missouri U.S.A.

Good hub BL!

fred allen profile image

fred allen 6 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

God does in fact prove Himself to be real to the genuine seeking heart. It is true that we have free will. It is also true that we all like sheep have gone astray. I love the word "but" when followed with God. Glad you're part of the family.

BL Tween profile image

BL Tween 6 years ago Author

fred allen Thank you! We are a family, I am honored to be a part of this family! We love one another, we love a lot of others that are not family yet. We want them to be family, we welcome them into our family if they choose to be a part of it. We love them and pray for them even if they choose not to.

God did not give up on me when I know in my heart that I would have given up on myself! I thank Him for that! I thank Him that He IS my heavenly Father!

slcockerham profile image

slcockerham 4 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

Hey BL, Quite often true faith comes with someone who prays or simply asks God to make himself real to them. Or like the father who asked Jesus to help his unbelief. Thanks again for the inspiring hubs.

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    Being a Christian

    Being a Christian does not mean you are good, it means you are forgiven.

    Yes Christians try to be Christ like. That is what Christian means, to be like Christ.

    I would like to tell you from experience that it is not easy being a Christian. There are many times I would like to tell someone off, or just out right slap them. But . . . God reminds me that is not the way a Christian is to act. Let me tell you my Bacon Egg and Cheese story.

    I used to go to McDonald's every day and get a Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit. I knew exactly how much it cost, $2.09. One morning when I ordered the Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit I was told, “sorry we are out of cheese this morning” So I said, “A Bacon and Egg Biscuit would be fine..“ When I got to the window the cashier told me “that will be $2.09” I said to her, “$2.09? Didn’t you just tell me you were out of cheese?” “ Yes that’s right” she said. Just to confirm what was going on I said to her, “You are out of cheese, so I don’t get cheese, but you are charging me for the cheese?” “Yes that’s right.” she said again. I was being charged for something that I was not getting. I was using my hard earned money to pay for cheese and not getting cheese! I like cheese! I wanted that cheese and if I couldn’t get it, I sure didn’t want to pay for it! The horns on my head starting growing, smoke began to bellow from my nostrils. I was about to explode! I was going to grab that cashier by the throat and pull her out that window and . . . Then I heard, “Are you going to beat her up over a piece of cheese?” God had gotten my attention! I took a deep breath and said under my breath, “I WANT TO!” Then I shut my mouth and I handed the cashier my money, she handed me the bag with the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, with out the cheese and I drove away. God saved a lot of people that day, The cashier for one! Me too because I probably would have gone to jail. May be even prison, I probably would have killed her trying to tear her out of that little drive thru window. Then there was all the people behind me in the drive thru that needed food! And they didn’t get fired for being late that day, well not on my account anyways.

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    vaves1228_mp profile image

    vaves1228_mp 6 years ago from Manila

    I do not need to do this, I am already convinced that GOD is real. But I was blessed by your experiment. I will do this too in order to please God.

    BL Tween profile image

    BL Tween 6 years ago Author

    Thank you vaves1228_mp

    I was blessed by your comment.

    I believe God is pleased with you.

    In His service,


    kimi 6 years ago

    Yes, God gives us free will. He wants none to perish. But he wants us to "WANT" his love. Christians are not perfect. We all sin. . . Daily. Were any of us perfect Jesus would not have to have been crucified. This exercise is actually as good for a "saved" person as a "lost". Sometimes christians are neglectful in just "being still" and thanking Him. We are so busy asking and begging. Sure we thank Him, but just for no reason we should thank Him for little things all day. And NEVER let us forget our first love (Calvary). God Bless You All!

    BL Tween profile image

    BL Tween 6 years ago Author

    Thank you Kimi, you are correct! That is why God will not force Himself on anyone. He loves us enough that He will let us do what ever we choose to do!

    We all have to choose, a line from one of my favorite movies, "Choose, but choose wisely" is very appropriate here. WE have to choose to Thank Him as well. May God continue to Bless you.

    Peter 5 years ago

    I have always belived in God.......and he proves hes existence to me every day.

    As a boy and up to my mid teen's i was aware of hes existence but never realy interacted with him alough i always new i was one of hes, mid teen's and until my late twenty's i was tested by the Devil and it took me 15 years to find him out, i became seperated from god almost like i had been stolen and peraded in Gods face as an insult.

    Late twenty's i came full circle and started to seek the lord and being in somewhat of a mess [due to playing with the Devil] i became aware that in behaving myself Physicaly, mentaly, spiritualy, he was blessing me and slowely giving me back my tallents which had all but gone, you could say that i had been saved, i would say that i had returned from a long battel.

    To please the lord i had to sacrifice alot of what i had come to love but what i got in return was ten fold and still riseing.

    I know God exists because now if i stray even slightly from the path im put on pause and dont move foward with what God has in store for me, then when im well behaved every day i can feel him working, transforming me, its very hard to explain, the devil is not happy and is the reason i get put on pause, he catches me out now and then with some very clever deceptions, but the lord has turned my battle with him from a tied up man faceing a machine gun to a powerfull man faceing a child with a pea shooter.

    As a 15 year old i was a master of martial arts and taught adults [under a main instructor] and tallented else where with sports, God given tallent, the Devil distroyed almost all of it, now at 32 i've been following the lord God strong for 4 years and my sport has come back, im 32 and look 25 with the body i had at 17 give or take, it's like i've been in a time bubble for 10 years.....I could tell you alot more but there is no need, Praise the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit !!!

    BL Tween profile image

    BL Tween 5 years ago Author

    Welcome Home Peter

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      Taylor 6 years ago

      I was just looking around websites for proof that the Bible is true because I have a friend that I am trying to lead to Christ. Things like this are very helpful! Thanks! God Bless!

      Dorsi profile image

      Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

      Great hub!! Such a simple BUT profound way of getting in touch with God and ourselves.I think we get so caught up in the negative things that we forget how to be thankful!

      Thumbs up!

      BL Tween profile image

      BL Tween 6 years ago Author

      Taylor, I will be praying for you and your friend. Sometimes we can only plant the seed and then we must give it time to grow. Blessings!

      BL Tween profile image

      BL Tween 6 years ago Author


      Thanks for the Thumbs up! Please join me in praying for anyone taking the experiment right now. I know that as long as we are praying, God is working.

      In His service, BL

      Rose Ella Morton profile image

      Rose Ella Morton 5 years ago from Beverly Hills, Michigan

      I am so glad to find this hub. I am guilty for always asking God for more and better improvements in my life. And the more I recieve the more I ask. After reading this hub, tonight I will thank him for what is has given me. Don't get me wrong I have given him thanks and praise for ever blessing he has given me, but only to ask for another

      BL Tween profile image

      BL Tween 5 years ago Author

      Rose Ella,


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        A little child ---

        The Bible says that you must come to God as a little child. I am trying to write about God in the most childlike form I can. I am deliberately trying not to use a lot of Chrisitanees, the language Christians use. I do not want to confuse anyone. Christians are not perfect people, they are forgiven! We try to hear from God, we try to do what is good and acceptable in His eyes. If we could be perfect than we would not have needed Jesus to die for us. To give his life on that cross. I believe Jesus knew we couldn't keep all the commandments, especially the one about lying. If we were to tell just one lie in our life, that would be it, we would be a sinner and banned from heaven. Jesus knew we couldn't do it! So he made the choice, he chose to be our substitute, our stand in. He took it on himself and paid the price so that we now could have access to God the creator of everything and spend eternity in heaven with him.

        Comments 2 comments

        kimi 6 years ago

        I agree so much. Jesus knew all of our temptations when He took on our form as humans. It is incredible to me that He saw a (and I hate to say it this way) useless being that is full of nothing but shortcomings and temptations and said, "I have to save her." I have friends and family that wouldn't blow me air if I was stuck in a jug. But. . . God sent His son. "IT pleased Him." I get so sick of hearing the Jews killed Jesus. No, sin (We) killed Jesus. And we should be grateful and humbled by this. Salvation is FREE! Just believe. We are still going to sin. We should try to be Christ-like. But, we will fall short. So many people complicate it. They think it's like one of those commercials, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." Salvation isn't like that. I think people sometimes don't get the proper exposure to our Lord. It's our job to go and ease their fears and bring them home.

        BL Tween profile image

        BL Tween 6 years ago Author

        Amen Sister! I think it is so hard to believe that we don't have to do some works! Remember the thief on the cross? He was a dead man, he was about to die, there was no time for good works, there was no time to pay with money for his salvation, BUT because he BELIEVED! Jesus said in Luke 23:43

        Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."

        That is pretty amazing! He didn't have to work every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 years! He didn't have to pay 50 million dollars! Jesus told him that in a few minutes, you will be with me in heaven. God is so good!!! The thief only had to BELIEVE!!!!

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          Science Proves that the Bible is True! Christopher Columbus

          On August 3 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed from Palos Spain looking for the West Indies, and arrived on Oct 12, 1492 in the Bahamas. That means it took him 70 days to sail there. At least he didn’t fall off the Earth!

          Back then it was believed that the Earth was flat, everyone knew you couldn’t sail around the world, you would fall off.

          Christopher Columbus believed the world was round. He had a reason to believe it too. He had read in the Bible where God said, He sat on the sphere, (circle) of the earth. Columbus knew the Earth was round because God had said it was a sphere, and of course a sphere is round like a circle. You can read about it yourself in the book of Isaiah chapter 40 verse 21

          T-Rex not completely fossilized?

          There are only theories about what happened to all the dinosaurs.

          A theory is an idea.

          We study fossils and land formations to help us get clues to the past.

          Many interesting clues have been found, bones of dinosaurs tell a lot about what they looked like.

          Have you heard of Sue the T-Rex that was bought for over 8 million dollars.

          Its interesting that the bones had not completely fossilized after being buried for over 65 million years.

          That is why she sold for 8 million dollars, dino DNA.

          Human fossil bones have been found in the Red Sea, you know, where Moses lead the Israelites across on dry land, then God let the sea cover over pharaoh and his men. That has only been about 3000 years ago and those bones that were found have been fossilized.

          Prehistoric FRILL Shark ALIVE!!!!


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            God made a way for you and me!

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