God or the Big- Bang? The answer is in the Sultana Cake!!!

The answer's in here ;)

Lets talk creation folks. Lets talk about the world. How did it happen? Now we're split into two schools of thought; God or the Big Bang right?

...But what if it's not right?

...What if it's both?

Lets look at it in a different way- and I will use Donald Macleod's book 'Behold your God' to do so. Scientists use the evidence of ripples in radiowaves in the outer edges of the Universe to evidence the Big Bang theory. But as Macleod cleverly points out, though he has never seen these ripples himself, nor completed the equations, he does not know how this theory has managed to give God the boot. This is in line with saying that because we can figure out how God did something then he can't have done it.

Think of this: We know how babies are made- but we didn't always. Once upon a time babies were believed to be a gift from God- then alas reproductive capabilities were discovered. Why wasn't God given the elbow then? Why did he survive this scientific discovery so well, but then come to face such fierce opposition from the Big Bang. And another thing, what about the weather system? Sun and rain were long believed to be a gift from God to make our crops grow. Then we discovered the physical forces of weather change. Again God survived this one well. Again we knew the scientific causes of nature and we did not push to abdicate God.

But then the Big Bang was discovered...and the world decided that God could not possibly exist because we possibly knew how the world came into being, the physical forces behind creation. Is it impossible that when God said "let there be light" , that there was a big bang? If there was, does this mean that God doesn't exist. How does the Big Bang prove He doesn't even if the bang itself can be proven?

So then, what might have banged? Scientists tell us matter was created through the expansion of space. So then it was space that banged. Thus space was already existent- How?? Where did space come from??How was it made?? Science has yet again failed to answer the question of creation. It doesn't know how the Universe was made!!

So back to square one. It all happened out of nothing. As a Christian I already believe that! What question has been answered? Why has God been dethroned by the masses?? The lofty assumptions of God outdated are meaningless!

Lets take a moment to reduce this ridiculous circumstance to what it actually is. Let's get inside the Sultana Cake

This is the well- known story of a debate that once took place inside a Sultana Cake.For weeks, the Sultanas believed that the shape of their Universe ( and especially their own particular positions in it) was the result of Mixing. But one day, the biggest and wisest Sultana in the galaxy won a scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He returned a few days later having been awarded a PHD with Honors. Once the celebrations had subsided he made a dramatic announcement- The theory of Mixing had been disproved! Instead it had been irrefutably proven that the distribution of the Sultanas had been achieved through Shaking. This caused a huge Crisis of faith forcing the Sultanas to dramatically revise their belief system. They held a historic conference at which they heard many learned arguments and then decided unanimously that there was no Baker.

Sound familiar? So the questions then are these: If the Sultanas were right that there universe and their positions in it were the result of shaking, does that prove there was no Baker?

...And if there was no Baker, then who made the Cake?

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The Sultanas arranged a conferance
The Sultanas arranged a conferance

How was the world created?

How do you believe the world was made?

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Heidelberg 6 years ago

I appreciate the posting, but I think that some more reading on the subject - from all three sides of the conversation would be of value to you

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Hi Heidelberg. I would happily do some more reading and update the article. It's such a vast subject/ What do you feel could be of greater help to myself and the reader?

Appreciate your constructive feedback. Thanks for taking the time to post.

Grace and peace,

Fiona :)

Heidelberg 6 years ago

That's where the problem lies to be honest - there is so much material out there, most of it sincere and well written, but not much that agrees with each other - however, I will have a scout for some reading material for you :)

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thanks for getting back to me Heidelberg. I really appreciate your interest in the topic.

Grace and peace to you,

Fiona :)

gav 6 years ago

Hey - Look up the webpage answers in Genesis - resources by people like Ken Hamm- he argues from a intelligent design perspective

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Sounds good. Thanks Gav :)

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