God's Creation Just Might Be Your Own

Creating A Dream Of Life

Writing the script of the play called life.

I have the belief that we work out all the details of our lives. We determine when we will be born and to who. We pick the parents that we want to be born to in order to live out certain experiences that we are here to experience. It is like a game and we pick all of the players. Each day we live out the play that we worked on for days, or weeks, or even months in advance.

We work on every situation with unlimited possibilities depending on what decisions we make during our waking hours. Everyone that we meet, or interact with is in on the play. The details have all been worked out. We even decide when and how we will die. We do not know this in our conscious state or it would ruin the surprise and adventure of being in the physical world. Even though some things seem to be tragic, or sad, unfair, or whatever you think, it is going the way you planned it out, just for that experience. We are reborn over and over again to live out a play in different scenery, different players, and all new experiences.

A World Of Beauty
A World Of Beauty

Blinded To Our True Reality

For the living left behind after a tragic death, it is very hard to handle. We question why it happened, what did that person do to deserve that? We question our own lives and why we can be so lucky to have our life. Many questions come to mind after a tragedy but our conscious mind does not remember that our subconscious mind or during our sleep and dream state that we planned every bit of the details of such a tragic death. The person that was killed wanted to experience what it was like to be killed. That person during a subconscious state found players to help play out the experience. While the person being killed wanted to experience a tragic death, the person or persons that would do the killing also wanted to experience what it would be like to kill someone. None of them know that they are going to play out these scenes while they are in the conscious state of mind, (awake). They are living out their lives as they planned them to be. They want to experience certain things and one of their experiences match up with the person that wants to be killed in a tragic way. They get together and work out those details. So although it is sad for the living, everyone got what they came here to learn or experience in their physical life.

To fully understand this, you need to think outside of the box of everything that you have been taught to believe. Our lives are based on belief systems and nothing more. The God concept is a belief system shared by many to try and make sense of events that take place in their lives. People question how God could do such a thing, or why God did this or let this happen. God as a concept is a higher power that controls the things that happen in your life. Think of you being connected to the higher power or to your "real" self. You are here in this world to experience the physical world of life but you are only here in a thought or a dream to experience certain things. It is almost like stepping into a alternate reality machine. The experience inside the machine is not real but is made to seem real to you. Your true reality is outside of the machine but you are living out the experiences inside the machine. When the experience is over you step outside of the machine, and then back in to play again. This is the equivalent of dying and being reborn again. Imagine that as life as you know it now. Every experience that you have, good or bad is taking place inside of the physical world, (the virtual reality machine) and after you are done with the experiences that you were here to experience, you step out (die) and go back to your true and real reality. You then decide to play out a different scene with new experiences so you come back again, (reborn) into a new body with new people to fill your experiences.

One of our beautiful creations
One of our beautiful creations

We See Our Own Creations

Just as you choose your parents, your friends, and anyone else that is going to be in your play of life's experiences, you also choose the scenery. You create what you want to see in your physical world. It is your reality created by you so what you see is only seen by you. Someone else that is in your perceived reality that is there to play out the scenes for your experiences only sees what they created. There will be general consensus of what is there in front of us but no two sets of eyes will ever see the exact same thing. They can't since you create your own world. In other words, you might describe the flowers, or the lake, or mountains that you see in front of you to someone and they also tell you that they see those things too, but you are both perceiving each scene differently. What looks blue to you might look to the other person what you know as green. You both know it as blue because that is what you were taught but you both see it differently. That is why we match things differently according to what we like. A tree is a tree is a tree. Not really! My tree might have beautiful red and gold leaves on it but if I could see the tree through your eyes, I might see a tree of purple and yellow leaves. Our eyes perceive our realities completely different but we both agree that there is a beautiful tree.

We can never truly know what someone else is seeing in their reality because our realities are only based on thought. We (as our real self) are outside of our perceived reality. Basically our lives are complete opposite of what we were taught to believe. We think we are real and each day we go to work, or school, or what ever we do and then at night we sleep and go to our dream worlds. Actually that is 100% backwards. That is our perceived reality. Our real world is where we actually go to when we think we are dreaming. Our world that we see during the day that we are living out is actually our dream world. It is the thoughts that we put together to experience a physical reality. We need to sleep so we connect to our actual real world to work out new scenes that we will play out in our perceived reality. See, what many people think of as God, the ultimate supreme being, is you; it is me, and it is everyone else that you encounter in life. We all are our own creations and we are the creators of what we see. In effect we are God. We create our own reality, good, bad, or indifferent. The experiences that we have and share with others are not real at all. They are a thought in our minds, the dream in reverse.

We have psychics that can see the future. The future is different for everyone so how is it possible to see into the future? These people that are psychic have the ability to connect to their real selves and are able to tap into the plans that are being created. They do this during their waking hours rather than when they sleep. That is a whole different topic that may be discussed another time.

In connection to this article, here is another hub that explains this a little differently.

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RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 5 years ago from Tucson, Az

I totally understand and agree with you! And to take it further, once we, all the players, are back in the big circle, if someone has unfinished lessons and asks another to come back with them what would we say???? much as I hope this is the last trip I would say of coure, lets go for it! cool article!

Allen Williams profile image

Allen Williams 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Thank you RNMSN. I appreciate that you stopped by to read it and to give me your feedback.

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 5 years ago from Asheville NC

Hey Allen,

Thank you for illustrating some of the lessons of living here. Thank you for explaining how connected we are. Stay on the path, your doing the work you were designed to do!

Allen Williams profile image

Allen Williams 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

@Born2care2001 Thank you for stopping by to read my hub. I am glad that you liked it. Thanks for the feedback!

SanLaro profile image

SanLaro 5 years ago from Dominica/Guyana

We do make the discisions and that is why we should always aspire to the positivity of life. In order that we acheive peace and happiness.

Allen Williams profile image

Allen Williams 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

@SanLaro Thanks for the positive comments and for reading my hub. I hope you enjoyed it.

LoveJewel profile image

LoveJewel 5 years ago from Texas

I do have to say this was well written and organized. I did indeed read your writings with an open minded. it's only fair for me to see this from your perspective in order for me to have understanding. there may be some sort of truth to this theory. for we the people have free will, God allow free will, so that we make our decsions from the heart. lets say I want to go left, knowing god wishses for me to go right. If I in fact choose to go left it was by free will. so we can be responsible for our own doings and the turn out of our life plans.so I can agree to an extent with your statements. However, I was raised with the old traditional beliefs of God being in control of all things, the begining and the end. It just fullfills me in every way to learn the views of the world on this issue because I am certain my child will have plenty questions, I want to supply him with every possible answer. Thank your for this hub.

Allen Williams profile image

Allen Williams 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author


Thanks for taking the time to read it. I was also raised on the belief of God but something over the years made me question the whole God belief. I don't know what is right or wrong, but I think everyone has the drive to find answers and we all believe different things to fit within the construct of questions that we have. I enjoy reading and hearing what other people believe in because I just might find something that fits my questions or belief system better than I have now. I really appreciated your feedback. Thanks again.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Allen you are a deep dude. WOW I like your pictures. Yes we do choose because God gave us a free will to follow Jesus or walk in the ways of the world. The truth is in the word of God. There really is no getting around it. God chooses us. We choose our path. Mine is with Jesus Christ savior of the world God Bless you. If you keep searching try Jesus. He works He is truth. One day every knne will bow and know HE is LORD. Best to you.

Allen Williams profile image

Allen Williams 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author


Thank you for reading this hub. I am always interested in what others believe in and your comments are welcome. I appreciate them; thanks.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

This is not only awesome but a very beautiful piece of writing. I think it is one of those unique articles that can bring people of many different beliefs together and that is always such a positive thing for us all.

I think the creative forces in our worlds/universes are far greater than one belief system. For me the creators express themselves through many different beliefs and cultures. So for me to be offensive to any person's belief/culture or outlook is to offend the creators. It's a case of live and let live and help where we can, other people to live their chosen life plan.

I also agree that we do choose our own personal plan for life and within this we try and learn as many lessons as possible.

I really loved this hub. Voted up + awesome!

Allen Williams profile image

Allen Williams 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author


Thank you for such kind words and appreciation for this article. I am glad that you enjoyed it and I sure do appreciate the time you took to read and respond to it. Thanks for the vote up!

profile image

vvaleed 5 years ago

no words to express my thanks to you allen, every single word that comes out of allen's mouth bears paramount significance...a classic piece of article

Allen Williams profile image

Allen Williams 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author


Thank you for such a great compliment. I appreciate that you read it and felt something from it.

peeples profile image

peeples 4 years ago from South Carolina

This is a very well written and thought out hub. Very good read! As someone who lacks faith this seems very logical to me. Voted up!

Allen Williams profile image

Allen Williams 4 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Thank you Peeples for the good comments and the vote up. I try to be logical. I'm glad that you read it that way.

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