God’s Flesh: God Does Have Flesh

God is spirit. But he loves to dwell in warm bodies, in warm flesh and blood. Flesh that has given up all rights, privileges, titles, self-importance, and material possessions and radically submit to his will each moment. It is God’s greatest move in history—God’s Flesh.

Revealed as Early as Job’s Time

God’s flesh is nothing new. It’s not even a New Testament thing. It’s been revealed as early as Job’s time, this thing about God’s secret eagerness to dwell in man’s flesh and be revealed in human form. It went something like this:

“And after my outer cover is broken, I will see God in my flesh. I will surely see him..” [Job 1.26-27]

Let me render it more radically:

“After my outer self or ego has been eliminated, then God will appear in my body. I will surely see this..”

To make it clearer:

I have died with Christ; so, it’s no longer I who live but Christ who lives in my life for me. The life I now live, I live by faith in the Son of God..”

But it won’t happen without destruction. God first does his demolition business before he starts reconstructing anything. Just like how the world was void and without form [chaotic, says some version] before God’s Spirit hovered over the waters and the beautiful drama of creation happened [or, should I say re-creation?]. I believe in the pre-Adamic period when there were other creatures God placed on earth prior to Adam. Jeremiah saw it,

“I looked at the earth, it was formless and empty. I looked at the heavens, their light was gone. I saw the mountains quaking, all the hills swaying. I looked and there were no people. Every bird had flown away.” [Jer.4.23-25].

And this period brought about the destruction of the first earth. Thus, in the beginning, the earth was formless and empty, says Genesis. Can you imagine a “formless” earth? How did that look like? It was probably scary. I tried to ponder this one time, see it in my spiritual mind, and it wasn’t a good spectacle. But after everything was destroyed, God started re-creating. His Spirit moved and soon, “there was light.” Time was reset to zero. The rest of the grandeur is history. God’s Flesh is like that.


New Life is Always Preceded by Destruction

A genuine new life in Christ is always preceded by destruction. We see this in the lives of Abram, Job, Moses, David, and especially in Christ and Paul. The past is gone, says 2 Corinthians 5.17, and never without a big bang! After destroying the past life [so that the new may shoot up and bloom] God’s flesh comes out of the soil as a sprouted seed. The Master said the seed needs to die to make it proliferate. You have to deny yourself and pick up your cross daily.


The New Life Remains New

Anyone in Christ is a new creation. The old is past, the new has come. Nowhere is it said that the new will eventually get old. As God doesn’t grow old, so does a new creation in Christ. We are God’s offspring—always alive, young, lively and excited. Never a dull moment in God! What God has and is, we have and are. No, we don’t become God; but we become as he is in Christ. Hence, Godly. God’s flesh, like his faithfulness, is new every morning. Not because we have become great, but because great is his faithfulness.


Why God Wants to Indwell

There is something so powerful about the WORD made flesh, something more powerful than 100 nuclear warheads exploding at the same time. Warheads like that can change the earth in seconds, right? But what they can do with earth is nothing compared to how the WORD made flesh can alter the world in a split second, in the twinkling of an eye. John saw it and put it this way:

“The kingdom of the world has become the Lord’s Kingdom and of his Christ..” [Rev.11.15]

Just as Jesus, the Word made flesh, affected history forever and radically changed the world, so would God’s flesh transform and drastically revolutionize the modern world for the millennial reign of Christ. And this cannot be accomplished without God’s flesh, or the WORD made flesh.

God could have remained spirit when he came down to earth to save us. But why become man? I can imagine the Trinity in a closed door meeting planning the creation of what they called “man” before the world began. Since then, the Trinity had nothing else in mind but man. And Lucifer, thinking he was the master piece, overheard it and jealously asked God, “What is man that you are mindful of him?” He heard how all creation would be given to man as his inheritance. Mere spirit cannot inherit “the ends of the earth” and rule and reign like a genuine god in the same. Only God’s flesh can. God knew the exponential potency when all-might and all-flesh are combined. Power is made perfect in weakness! Satan will be defeated by no less!

God as spirit creating the universe is powerful, but God made flesh is awesome, to say the least. There is something about the spirit and the flesh combining, or God assuming human form, in the Spirit realm. And this concept never ended or remained exclusive in Jesus. Anyone who has Jesus has him 100 percent in the flesh. Thus, Jesus declared, “Nothing will be impossible for you,” [Matt.17.20]. No wonder that in heaven, beginning with the rapture, we assume a “spiritual body,” not just a spirit, because God wants us to keep the power.

Don’t just settle for born-again or being active in church or ministry. Leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity. Go for ever-increasing glory. Enoch walked with God 300 years and then was no more. God absorbed him. In his delight, Deity swallowed up flesh as Immortality swallows up mortality in victory. Be God’s flesh on earth.

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