God's Gifts

God's Gifts

I was sitting at the park as usual listening to my mp3 player and the song "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You" played and I was thinking about God and the gifts he gives us. God has blessed me with alot of gifts. I can preach,teach,cook,sing, and I'm also considered a spiritual healer. Some people argue with the singing part but I have alot more people who say I sing well compared to those who say I don't. I can also do impressions which take talent to learn and time to learn. God has given everyone gifts: doctors,teachers,preachers,parents. You've got to search your heart and soul to find your gifts.Once you find them you've got to learn how to use them. My best friend in Florida has the gift of giving. She is always there to help others and puts their needs before hers. That's what I love about her. She is always there to help mentally,physically, as well as spiritually. i ran into some here at the park few weeks ago and he could tell I was down in the dumps. I had just asked God what do I do because I had alot on my mind and then after talking this gentleman I not only felt better but I realized that God had answered my prayers by sending him to me. He was a spiritual healer. We run into each other all the time and have become good friends. My church is always making sure I'm doing good also. They treat me like I'm one of the family. I know sometimes we feel like we don't have any talents or gifts from God but all we have to do is search our hearts to find them. We have an awesome God who wants the best for us. Mark Schultz said in his song "Don't Laugh At Me" "In God's eyes we are all the same,someday we'll all have perfect wings". I believe that is true.

Every occupation out there takes special gifts to do. It also takes alot of schooling but that's a gift too.People ask me what is their gift and I ask them what are you good at? What is your passion? sometimes your passion is your gift. Everyone has one gift some have more. I thank God everyday for the gifts he has given me. My friend in Florida I taught Sunday school with use to tell me of how when he was a kid they were doing rehearsals for piano lesson scholarships and he could play but not read music so he listened to the others then when it was his turn he played but he put the music score upside down and the instructor was so impressed he gave my friend the scholarship. Not only does he teach he also is in charge of the choir and plays the piano and organ. I often wonder what if he never tried to use that gift God gave him. Since my move I've stopped using my gifts and I realized that's not what God wanted me to do so I'm going to start using them again in all I can. When I use them I'm happy because that's my life.Out of the six gifts I have if I start reusing three of them the others Will come into play. People don't let your gifts go to waste like I have especially if they make you happy. Use your God given gifts for good not bad and God will help you prosper. Remember you reap what you sow.

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coffeesnob 7 years ago

Great Hub for my first read of all your hubs. Looking forward to more.

Blessings, brother.

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