Gods Guidance USA! (poem)

Written 06/19/09 - Poem



Oh dear Lord please help me to see ~ who what and where You want me to be.
In all that I say, in all that I do, ~ Please let me bring, righteous glory to You.
To begin each day, partaking of Your Word ~ May each be filled, with Your will being heard.
Saints & sinners, neighbors, family & friends ~ May all work things out, may all make amends.

Through sorrow & sickness, hurt, pain & strife, ~
May we each somehow make better, one anothers life.

To answer the call, of what you ask us to be ~ Needs for & of one another, allow us to see.
From Wichitaw Kansas, & Iowa plains ~ From dry Tuscon heat, to Seattles soggy rains.
NY to Cali, From Washington back ~ Help one another,in keeping life on track.
Bask in the glow, of each others joy ~ All aide one another, be it girl or boy.
Answer the calling, of each others need ~ Kneeling before God, one anothers case we plead.

Red, White & Blue, These colors don't run ~ Defended by the lives, Of many a son.

Through sorrow, misery, turmoil & pain ~ We have always managed to sustain.

One mighty nation under our God ~ Through all the muck, we always plod.
Mightily through ~ where others won't trod.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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