Gods Will to heal you

I could write a book on healing.

I have experienced hundreds in my life family and friends and in the lives of people I've prayed for.

I have gone to at least 80 church meetings in last 27 years and seen thousands of people get healed and receive miracles.

I recently wrote a message on prayer and how important it is and plays major role in healing and thats what lead me to write this

In order to be healed you have to have FAITHknow its Gods will

and ALL Faith is...is knowing what God says about something...that he will do what he said he will do...

There are OVER 101 Scriptures in bible that says its Gods will to heal you...

And just like in Old testament God told Moses one of his names is Jehovah Rapha which means I am the lord that healeth thee ...the people in the desert with got healed looking at the serpent on the stick anyone that looks to JESUS on the cross can get healed ......that's why it is symbol for doctors today serpent on stick

Here are just few scriptures that say its Gods will to heal you

All you have to do is have Faith in what he said ...

pray ask according to his will and believe you will receive

How do we know its Gods will to heal or not?

It makes no difference what others say about it .What did he say about it

God is no respector of people and he NEVER changes.

He is same yesterday today and forever

Some things God said about healing

I am the Lord that healeth thee......Ex 15:26

You shall be buried at a good old age...Gen 15:15

When I see the blood I will pass over you and the plague shall not be upon you and destroy you Ex 12:13

I will take sickness away from the midst of you ...Ex 15:25-

I will take all sickness away from you Deut 7:15

It will be well with you and your days shall be multiplied Deut 11:9,21

I turned curse into a blessing casue I loved you Deut 23:5

I have redeemed you from every sickness Deut 28:61 ..Gal 3:13

I will give you strength and bless you with peace...Ps 29:11

I will preserve you...Ps 41:2

No plague shall come near your dwelling...Ps 91:10

I will satisy you with long life Ps91:16

I heal all your diseases Ps:103:3

I sent my word and healed you and delivered you Ps 107:20

I heal your broken heart and bind up your wounds Ps 147:3

Trusting me brings health Pr 3:8

My words are life to you and health and medicine to all your flesh Pr 4:22

My joy is your strength. A merry heart does you good like medicine. Neh 8:10 Pr 17:22

The eyes of the blind shall be opened Ears of deaf shall be unstopped Isa 32:3 Is 35:5

I will renew your strength Isa 40:31

I bore your sickness...carried your pain...Isa 53:4

By my Stripes you are healed Isa 53:5

I will heal you Isa 57:19

I will restore health to you Jer 30:17

I have risen with healing in my wings Mal 4:2

I took your infirmities ...bore your sicknesses...Mat 8:17

I am the Lord your physician Mat 9:12

I am moved with compassion and heal the sick Mat 14:14

I heal all manner of sickness and disease Mat 4:23

Be it done to you according to your faith Mat 9:29

as many that touched me were made whole Mat 14:36

Healing is the childresn bread Mat 15:26

ALL thins are possible to him that believe Mark 9:23 Mark 11:23

When hands are laid on you you shall recover Mark 16:18

My annointing heals and delivers Luke 4:18

Sickness is satanic bondage and I came to set you freeLuke 13:16

I am the bread of life John 6:33

If you ask anything in my name I will do it John 14:14

I stretch forth my hand to heal Acts 4:30

I came to heal all that are oppressed of the devil Acts 10:38

Pray for one another and I will heal you James 5:16

By my stripes you were healed 1 Peter 2:24

I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health 3 John 2

The above listed scripture is ONLY small sample of what bible says and tells you beyond a shadow of a doubt over 101 reasons why its Gods will to heal you

There is no secret formula just seek him and believe and if there is anything blocking you from receiving or any religious belief that disagrees with any of this

take it up with God he is the one that said it and that settles it if you believe it or NOT...you can either be religious about it and not receive or enjoy your relationship with Him and be all he has made you to be

If any doubts look to Jesus He is example of how much God loves you

He suffered bleed and died just so you could have relationship with God and that's main thing he told everyone the one who created the universe wants to have relationship with you and he made you and is more than willing to mend you and that's exactly what Jesus did he went around teaching and preaching and people learned faith and got healed and had relationship with God through Jesus....

Greatest Example of Gods Will to heal you

By His stripes you were healed
See all 2 photos
By His stripes you were healed
God made us He is more than willing to mend us
See all 2 photos
God made us He is more than willing to mend us

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D.covington 6 years ago

Thanks so much! This really bless me. Continue to let GOD use you,

lmpowelljr profile image

lmpowelljr 6 years ago

And yet, some people, even Christians, do not always believe this. I wish more Christians understood this.

When my daughters were at the brink of death, people still continued to pray: "Lord, heal them, if it is Your will." I welcomed all prayers that came our way, but those prayers really bothered me. It was like they were praying but lacking faith that God would do anything. As you mentioned, when you pray, you must have faith that God will answer your prayer. I had to tell some that it is God's Will for my children to be healed. In addition, we weren't going to play the "what if" game.

One month later their fluid returned to normal and they were born healthy babies and without a single blemish. Just as I knew they would. God revealed His plan to me the night we got the disturbing news. It was hard to keep the faith at times, even as things got worse, but I knew His Will was for them to live.

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 6 years ago Level 1 Commenter

This was an inspiring hub. There is power in the name of JESUS!

ClareBaros 6 years ago

Excellent advice! Thanks so much! :)

thecatholicexpert profile image

thecatholicexpert 6 years ago

Thanks so much for posting this. I hope more Christians and people in general start to believe in this because it is the truth. God bless!

Royal Diadem 6 years ago

Thank you for the scriptures, everything you wrote was wonderful.

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thank you for your healing hub, I feel blessed to come across it. May God cotniue to bless and protect you. creativeone59

steffsings profile image

steffsings 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

Great posted, very anointed. Thank you.

aussie1biz profile image

aussie1biz 6 years ago from Australia

Great research and a very well put together message... bless you

topgunjager profile image

topgunjager 6 years ago from Sunnyvale, CA

Just curoious as to why those people with aids never got cured no matter how strong their faith is. And how come no matter how good of a servant of the lord I was. I couldn't pray my father's cancer away? Am I not that special? Why does god pick and choose who he heals?

ezfaith 6 years ago

Absolutely wonderful to know we could live a life where help from God's supernatural dimension of the Spirit is available for all of us. I saw God's power released into our lifes the first time 20 years ago when I stopped praying "If it be Thy will" and started commanding sickness to leave. My wife was instantly healed after 13 years of chronic suffering. I saw three people declared brain dead healed after the prayer of faith. Two of them didn't had 3 hours to live and the family was standing by to see them off. These are true miracles, once you've experienced them, no-one will ever convince you otherwise. Praise God!

Topgunjager - I have seen people with aids helaed in South Africa. I don't get everyone healed either, but I know why. There was a time when God stopped healing major sicknesses through my ministry. I later discovered that we are not entering in to God's presence - the Secret Place (psalm 91) to have a relationship on this level with Him. Humanity is still in spiritual infancy, me included.

I recently saw a person with brain tumours healed after experiencing strokes and heart failures, instantly. It was done after we actually practised entering into heaven and went to God's room of healing to receive a new brain and nervous system for him. God instructed me if we want to see this miracle we have to come up to Him by faith in the Heavenly realm. It works by faith and visualization at first, later we can actually consciously enter in to experience and see God. The testimony of this young man's helaing is on my website, and more information on Spiritual Power.

topgunjager profile image

topgunjager 6 years ago from Sunnyvale, CA

how can you assume that it's God that healed them? it's just so easy to "assume" that good things happens because we pray to God, if that's true then how come with all the millions and millions of believers out there with deadly diseases only a handful of them gets saved? did you also stop to think that maybe those tumors was cured because of the medical practices that us human beings developed? it's just that i've been assuming all my life that anything good that happens is an act of god when there is nothing to back it up but coincidences and lucky chances.

Cari Jean profile image

Cari Jean 6 years ago from Bismarck, ND Level 1 Commenter

There is an interesting study that has been done on the word Salvation, it derives from the greek word sozo or sodzo which means to save but also, to rescue, deliver, protect, preserve and heal. It is easy for us to believe by faith we are saved and if sozo also means healed why can't we believe that so easily as well?

Personally, I know God has done amazing healing in my life, physically, emotionally and spiritually and we have seen healing taking place in our daughter who has cerebral palsy and I know He will continue to heal her!

UPStar profile image

UPStar 6 years ago

Quite a collection of verses. It is an interesting topic I plan to explore more. I would like to hear some actual stories. Have you written any other hubs about this?

Denise 6 years ago

May God continually bless you with blessings and blessings, you have blessed so many people just by creating this site. You have given the keys to the healing to everyone who comes across this sight. By his stripes they are healed in the name of Jehovah-Rapha(the Lord who heals)

Walk by faith and claim your victory, through the power of the Trinity. Amen

Debradoo profile image

Debradoo 5 years ago from Cocoa, Florida

Wonderful truths here! God has provided salvation (soteria) and this salvation includes a wholeness in a person's life. We are not the sick trying to get healed. We are the healed and we should strive to maintain our healing .. Body, mind and soul.

ezfaith 5 years ago

Hi localbizcoach,

Your last paragraph says it all. Many people will not see a miracle even if it happens instantly before their eyes because of their unbelief (or anger at God because He didn't jump when they prayed). Not all are healed and not all have the faith. Your last paragraph holds the key to miracle-working power - RELATIONSHIP.

I believe we have to wake up to the fact that we cannot move in miracle-working faith without pursuing an intimate relationship with God while it is still well with us. Thank God for His grace and that still demonstrates His will to heal in spite of our lack of love towards Him. Of course if we seek His face and not just His power when we need it, He will meet us on any level and we can see miracles. You said you can write a book. Maybe you should. I did write a book about the 20 years of living from miracle from miracle and seeing the most amazing miracles. The miracle I wrote about earlier, God actually demonstrated His will for us to enter into closer relationship, and why we don't see everyone healed yet. God doesn't want spoiled brats, but soul-companions.

Debradoo, I agree, and I believe humanity will grow up spiritually to the level where we will live in divine health, walk on water, heal all the sick and even enter into immortality. This is God's will. Adam was immortal before the fall. Revelations says we will gain entrance to the tree of life again. Jesus demonstrated it all and said we will do the same works. God is waiting for us to enter in and live from the dimension of the Spirit. Thank you for listening.

God bless!

Cedar Cove Farm profile image

Cedar Cove Farm 5 years ago from Southern Missouri

Amen, brother! Nice hub, I enjoyed it. Thanks.


Roger 5 years ago

This is amazing! only the power of God and his will can do above our expectations. God bless

Just Passing Thru 5 years ago

First off let me say I agree that God heals, but we must remember it's ALWAYS in His timing, the Lord has healed me numerous times and then there are things I have and still am praying for that have not been healed and there are things that God said He would not heal, my eyesight for example.

The problem I have with telling everyone that God WILL heal them and then back it up with Scripture is I'm putting myself in the place of God. Claiming and appropriating the promises of the Word is different than commanding God in the name of Jesus like a genie in a bottle.

I have seen many of God's kids stumble, fall and return to wandering in the wilderness because they believed some one when they said God WILL heal them or their loved one and it didn't happen.

I have also seen many of these same dear children have their faith shipwrecked because they were told the healing didn't come because of their lack of faith.

Well, how much faith did the man that was lowered through the roof by his friends have? Jesus said he was healed because of his friends faith not his. How about Jairus's daughter, she didn't have any faith or Lazarus either, they were both dead.

The Lord spoke to my heart one time and told me to lay hands on a friend and she would be healed and she was, verifiably, then a few years later she walked away from the Lord, she didn't have faith that she was would be healed or even faith in the Lord, but God in His sovereign grace decided to heal her.

My standard question to anyone that says they have the gift of healing is, "Well then, why don't you glorify God and go to a hospital and heal all of those that are sick?"

The danger I see is when someone believes God MUST heal them because it is written in the Bible then they become experience oriented, always looking for a healing or miracle service to get another fix, rather than seeking to hear that still small quiet voice that comes from a personal relationship with the Lord and learn to worship the Father in Spirit and truth, it's like they are there for what they can get from God and not because of who He is, the Supreme Potentate, King of Kings and Lord of Lord, GOD, Creator of Heaven and Earth, ...and they also forget they were created for His pleasure and not theirs.

It also must be understood that sin has consequences, God will not be mocked, whatever we sow we shall reap. Each and every one of God's children is suffering from some degree of the sin we practiced before we were born again, God in His Grace doesn't leave all of the consequences of our sinful life but some, and through them we learn to draw close to Him and rest in His grace, which is sufficient for us.

Yes God heals, WHEN is His decision, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a year or maybe in ten, maybe it won't be until we move out of this earthly tent, but we can rest assured, put our faith in the fact, we will ALL be healed when we arrive in His presence. Until then, His grace is sufficient for us.

Then again..., Scripture teaches revelation comes in the hard times, difficult times, times of suffering. Take Abraham, the anguish he must have felt, having to sacrifice his son, but in his anguish revelation came, a new name for God, Jehovah-Jireh. Or the disciples on the storm tossed lake, veteran fisherman on their home waters, scared to death, terrified, anguish..., and then revelation comes, their friend, their human friend, stands up and rebukes the wind, calm..., and they question, "Who is this MAN that can control the wind and the sea?" Revelation comes, Emmanuel, God with us, that is who was with them and who is with us. The three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace, in their tribulation they met the Son of God, ...so maybe, just maybe, we might want to rethink about our times of sickness and suffering and during them look for revelation, Emmanuel and spend a little time hangin'out with the Lord, He promised He would never leave us or forsake us, ...I prefer to appropriate that promise.

In His Love

tpattonjr 5 years ago

Visit my website at: http://www.reachingoutministrys.org for a testimony on how Jesus Christ healed me from dying! I was batteling stage 3 colon cancer. So I know beyond doubt that Jesus can heal anything and everyone!

moore012 5 years ago

The only thing We dont know is the WHEN, We know God is going to and we know He can but we just dont know When Dont lose the Faith just because it didn't happen this time you prayed God will Do what he said He will Do. Just have Faith

Sky321 profile image

Sky321 5 years ago from Canada

Thank you for the wonderful and uplifting hub. Great verses.

sj 5 years ago

to Just Passing Thru: I am sorry but God always heals. He is - the healer. So why wouldn't He heal your eyes. Why everything else besides that. I am sorry but i refuse to believe that. The answer is always yes. Because i know that God wants us to be heal whole and wel. Amen, God bless you.

PrayerWarrior101 profile image

PrayerWarrior101 5 years ago

Very good hub and interesting comments. Please pray for Ian's dad Tony. The doctors have given him less than 2 months. I know as long as we are praying, God IS working.

Thanking you in advance, Prayer Warrior 101

Sarah 5 years ago

Thanks so much, this is awesome. I'm gonna meditate on some of these scriptures, God Bless all of you. We are his children, he WILL heal us, in his grace and perfect timing.

Boniface 5 years ago

Praise God,our God is a living God and caring Father, he fills the emptiness in our hearts, heals us from our sicknesses and renews our lives. He is a God of love, He responds to us when we call upon Him. I praise Him His Mercies upon my family. Amen.

localbizcoach profile image

localbizcoach 5 years ago from Boston MA Hub Author

Faith and healing are very controversial topic in many religions but that in itself is key because way too many people believe in there religion more than they do Jesus...what he did for us on cross supercedes all religions....way too many people have reacted religious to truth and like religious pharisees turned Gods truth into a list of things we have to do and perform correctly to get anything from God and that has nothing to do with relationship...bible very clearly explains Gods will and it has NOTHING to do with how we see him as being sovereign or not...in KJ version which is closest to original text the word sovereign is used 4 times in all other watered down religious versions its used over 400 times...FAITH IS KNOWING GOD WIL DO WHAT HE SAID HE WILL DO...But its also be it done to you according to your faith ...so if you believe twisted version of Gods sovereignty then you'll believe twisted truth like it was Gods sovereign will so and so die at early age or its Gods will I suffer with such and such cause he wants to teach me something etc etc etc ....

JESUS NEVER told anyone he was NOT willing to heal anyone and many times it says in gospels he healed them ALL and the times it doesn't say that it says he couldn't do anything because of the peoples unbelief...BE IT DONE TO YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH....there are 101 scriptures that say its Gods will to heal regardless of what your church says ...where is your faith ?

Kharisma1980 profile image

Kharisma1980 5 years ago from Toronto

Hey brother,

I am studying to be a pastor and I love the healing ministry. It seems to me that you haven't given a good answer to the question on many hearts: Why am I not healed? The basic answer that many Spirit-filled Christians give, though we couch it in nice language, is: You don't have enough faith.

Yes, we know that God's will is to heal. But we live in a very messed-up world. How do we care for people who are in the middle of Romans 8, groaning with creation until the sons and daughters are revealed and we receive the redemption of our bodies?

In the love of Jesus,


PS. I have cerebral palsy. I am still waiting for my healing.

NAGARAJAN 5 years ago


Debradoo profile image

Debradoo 5 years ago from Cocoa, Florida

How does 'not being healed' change the Word of God?? If God's Word SAYS we are healed (and localbizcoach gave ample scripture), then 'not getting healed' DOES NOT change what God says. A lack of healing does NOT alter the Word of God. Salvation is for everyone ..right? If salvation is available to everyone then why doesn't everyone get saved?? We don't go around claiming that just because 'so and so' is not saved then salvation must not be available to everyone .. Do we? (And believing that God saves everyone is not thinking He is some genie in a bottle that we can command .. We believe that God saves everyone because HE SAYS HE SAVES EVERYONE.) A lack of all being saved does not cancel out the fact that salvation is available to everyone. So, neither, does a lack of healing cancel out the fact that healing is available to everyone.

So why isn't everyone healed? The same reason(s) (and there are a myriad of them) everyone is not saved. (Those that do not believe that God heals ALL THE TIME and EVERY TIME are trusting more in the sickness or disease and the times that they have seen a lack of healing in others, than they are in God's Word .. And wouldn't this be a lack of faith??)

Saying that God heals only if He deems necessary, is 'oh ye of little faith' and an excuse to not believe that He heals every time .. Because to become determined and remain believing when the suffering seems more powerful than God's Word, is TOUGH! But doable.

DavePrice profile image

DavePrice 5 years ago from Sugar Grove, Ill

Good subject - I too would like to see you write about the experience of praying and not being healed. Paul prayed 3x and God did not heal him; that doesn't mean God didn't have a good reason, but when that reason is not revealed it is hard for someone who is suffering to understand.

wba108@yahoo.com profile image

wba108@yahoo.com 4 years ago from upstate, NY Level 1 Commenter

These words need to go deep in our spirits. Yes it is always God's will to heal and when He doesn't we cannot allow discouragement or doubt to set in or change our theology to fit our experience.

Only believe!This is the key, faith works by love!

Rachael 4 years ago

I'm so grateful for this post. I'm to the point where I will NOT accept any more "if it's your will" prayers. All falls under God's soverignty. But I haven't been able to find examples in the Bible where people were not healed. Sometimes healing isn't instant--but I believe He ALWAYS heals. We give up and don't trust the faith he has given us. And he promises to provide faith where we lack it. Thanks for your hub!!!

John Mutereko 3 years ago

I greet you all in the matchless name of Our Lord and Jesus Christ. The truth about healing is that it is divine / supernatural and it has to happen in your spirit first by faith. You see God has given us healing as his children its actaully part of the package in the salvation we received what christians ought to do is to receive it by faith. Pple can talk abt this subject but you have to know that this is spiritual and for you to receive spiritual acts of God you have to be spiritual also, that's why the bible tells us that the things of the spirit are foolish to a carnal mind coz they do not make any natural sense.

Psalm 107 v 20 God told us in past tense that he has already healed and delivered us so the problem is not with God he has done his part and what you only need to do is to receive his works by Faith. Say Jesus i know that you have healed me.

The other important thing i would also like to illustrate that confuses a lot of people is that your recreated human spirit is aware and has received the healing of your physical body but it might not have manifested in your body. The absence of manifestation does not mean you are not healed, you still remain healed because that's what God has said i have healed you, so believe God and not the presence of the symptoms.

I want you to know this when it comes to the word of God you do not have to apply your human reasoning becoz it is spiritual. The word of God won't make any natural sense to a mortal man but it makes spiritual sense. Have faith in God and believe what he has said about his word and that is the road to your healing. So do not join the masses in trying to reason out the word of God coz it won't work. If you believe God sent Jesus and he died for you why do you doubt when he says by his stripes you are healed.

The other part you need to play as a christian is that you know God has healed you but for the manifestation to of that healing to take place you have to do something, you cannot sit home and relax. You have to confess the word of God and make proclamations of Faith about divine health.

May God Bless you all.

Roger Christian 3 years ago

*** (Matthew 16:4) A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign. And there shall ‘No’ sign be given to it; except the sign of the prophet Jonah. And He [Jesus] left them and went away.

*** (John 20:29) Jesus said to him; Thomas, because you have ‘seen’ Me; you have believed. Blessed are they who have ‘Not’ seen; and have ‘believed’.

Linda T. profile image

Linda T. 3 years ago

This hub has been such a blessing to me! It is like one of those things that I found right on time. Thank You so much for posting and Thank God for laying it on your Heart. Blessings!

dudu mpanza 3 years ago

with your motivation i jst feel

new in my spiritual life,have regained strenght and faith in Him.

Greg 3 years ago

Look up a book on Smith Wigglesworth.

seamist profile image

seamist 3 years ago from Northern Minnesota

The problem with healing is when you pray for healing, and you don't get healed. When you try to stand on God's promises for healing, and you don't feel healed, the pain is still there everyday, it is hard to maintain your faith. Yet, when healing took place in the bible, it was always accompanied by the statement that it was their faith that healed them. I wish there were more helpful articles on what to do when your healing doesn't manifest. Can you give us some examples of how God physically healed you from a major illness or injury.

Gods Love 3 years ago

Then y isn't he healing me .I am so desperate for God to heal me

slywas007 profile image

slywas007 3 years ago from Miami Florida

Through prayer God healed me from kidney cancer, and I knew he would because I love him so much. He is my father and I know that he loves me too. All i had was my faith in him that he would heal me and he did. Amen!!! The power of prayer is so very powerful if you truly believe that God will heal you. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you too will be healed!!!

patricia 3 years ago

Joy be to jesus well you are a miracle .you don't see the air and without air you wouldn't live jesus put thing in our life becouse jesus wants you next him sometimes he just needs angles.so he takes the good.jesus loved you much he deid for our sins not my sins everyones sins.my son use to use drugs but me prayin god help me I can see god workin on my life.not on my time.but on jesus time....god only son deid and did not put he's hand on no one.that how much god loves you so said thank you jesus...for your love...patricia kelly god bless you...

sadeesh 3 years ago

I think what "Just Passing through" has written is Spot on. Thank you brother for sharing your experiences and what God has put in your heart. God is no respecter of persons and yes he can heal but he is not some sort of a magic bottle where we just blow on and it happens all the time. I too have seen many people totally and emotionally wrecked because some Pastor told them that their loved one would live and it did not happen. What about Paul in the new testament? He prayed to God three times that the thorn in his flesh would be removed but what did God say? But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. (2 Cor 12: 9). God can and will heal but the test of faith is will we remain faithful even if he does not heal or answer. Like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego said in Daniel 3 :16 let us say, If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us[c] from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

cj 3 years ago

Listen all! I am a living proof that God's Words and promises are nothing but the truth. When my boyfriend told me that he wa HIV+, I was devastated. I have 2 children that need me so I know that there wasn't going to allow this disease in me. So that same day, I put on the armor of God and started declaring healing over me and rebuking this disease. The devil was still acting in the background putting anxiety and stress on me. Let me tell you all, it was quite a battle but one day Friday March 30, 2012 as I was praying in the conference room at my job, God gave me this revelation and told me "My child fear not, for you are healed. You faith saved you. From that point on, every test you take will be negative". I fell this heat coming out of my body and this huge burden lifted up My anxiety was gone, my faith increased by 150% and then God said everytime that you feel that doubt or fear is trying to come cast them out by saying "God I thank for the Blood. I believe that I am healed by the Blood of Jesus." I believe beyond all hope that I am healed. My first test came back negative and I know that all the rest are also Negative because God already said so. PRAISE GOD.

Kung-Fu Platypus 3 years ago

I just have one question localbizcoach. Besides disease and sickness, what about this: lets say you were malnourished ever sense you were in your mother's womb, then after being born you've still been malnourished up until let's say age 17, and your body is by now all messed up and not the way it was MEANT to be (like bad eyesight, stunted growth, or whatever, you name it, the body is ruined) all because of because of the poor nutrition your parents were providing you with for years. The question is, although your body is no the way it could have been, do you still think its not too late and it is God's will to heal you in this particular situation and bring you back to the way your body was supposed to be, even before you were malnourished as a child?

BRAULIO 3 years ago

Please pray for me and my wife to be healed from a terrible desease that's trying to ruin our lives...

britS 3 years ago



AGNES 3 years ago

please pray for my daughter, she is very suicidal and she refused to go to the hospital for treatment. she narcisic

bulimic and anorexic. please everyone pray for her healings. thank you

wendy 3 years ago

God is a healer! Thank u so much for this hub! It is amazing!

rick 3 years ago

hello guys,im from india and i have one request for you all...well,a fren of mine is seriously ill and in a critical conditon,she cannot even move...doctors could not find out the cause....please guys please pray for the healing of my fren please,,,god bless you all

Liz 3 years ago

I do believe that God heals, and I know that it is in his time, not mine. I know these things, but am having a hard time keeping the faith and I know that is so important -believing in his time I will be healed. Please pray that I can continue to have faith and that I will have my life back.

Steve 3 years ago

Faith is like knowing the sun will rise, the flowers will bloom, the birds will sing, the grass will grow, the trees will bear fruit, there will be air to breathe, all happening without intervention from man himself.

Having faith is knowing that GOD is there every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every year. We are all here to serve a purpose, we may not truly understand that purpose, though, if we look at nature hard enough, we start to realize that we are here to serve a purpose. Knowing our exact purpose is not important. Just knowing that we are here to serve a purpose should be enough for anyone who has faith.

I like to think of GOD like a parent, the parents bring life into being, they nurture, protect, cloth, feed, and house the child until the child becomes an adult and the cycle continues. We all know that our children, no matter how hard we try, will not always listen to what we as parents tell them that is best for them. I think in many ways GOD allows as we as parents allow our children to live their own lives as we stand silently willing to jump in and help them as they ask for our help. I think like a parent, GOD wants a loving parent relationship with us, for GOD knows we have to make mistakes in order to learn lessons in life. GOD is there to help every second of every minute of every day of every year.

We simply have to ask for GOD's help instead of thinking that we can make it without GOD's help. Like a parent, there are times when a person has waited to long to ask for help. There are laws in nature, and like a parent, GOD cannot just change those laws when your about to go over a cliff and at the last second you ask for GOD to help you. I am sure in most circumstances, GOD would say, if you had only asked for my help sooner, then I could have found a way to help.

Everything on this planet serves a purpose. The dirt, the plants, trees, flowers, bugs, birds, animals, fish, and mankind. Live your life knowing that you are serving a purpose, and your life will be filled with the love of knowing that you are special, you are here to serve a purpose, and the meaning of that purpose is not as important as knowing that you are serving a purpose.

blessing 3 years ago

my faith has increased greatly through this article.God bless u all and keep rejoicing in the victory that christ hath made us free.bless u

GriffinMisty 3 years ago

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christine brockbanks 3 years ago

I would pray every night my 2 children would be kept safe ,I was still praying the same prayer when my daughter reached 28 and was murded in a hotel room. how do you exspext me to belive in god ,where was he when i needed him

Realist 3 years ago

Munali 3 years ago

God is working our lives ,He is there for you and me just have faith Him and all things will go well with you. GOd use me to the fullest. GOD bless you all.

velma 3 years ago

heal me send i fix have baby we like 2 baby heal me let me have baby god i know you can do it prayer god it can be done

harry 3 years ago

i am MR harry from Portugal i had a sickness of more than 10years i was sick from HIV and the doctor said that there is nothing to do about that i have 1 more year to live then i was hopeless so i taught it wisely to go NIGERIA to meet the MAN OF GOD to pray for me when i got there i was given an accommodation after i meet with the MAN OF GOD he prayed for me and give me the holy water to drink and i was heal perfectly what the doctor to me there is nothing that can cure but GOD did it through the powerful man called prophet TB Joshua and once you want that sickness to go simply contact them through this email:prohpettpjoshua@yahoo.com or you can call them through this +2348077306992 and your sickness will be healed in JESUS NAME AMEN.

ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU MAN OF GOD....my email address is harryportal43@yahoo.com

karen 3 years ago

I have been struggling with insomnia for years in spite of praying for deliverance. Please pray for me.

faye moore 3 years ago

Thank God for his son Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. Thank him for you man of God , May God continue using you and blessing you. I ask you to be in prayer with me for the renewing of the mind. And help me to walk in forgiveness of those whom have betrayed me. For I chose to forgive, for I know this is of my heavenly Father. I must love my enemy. Amen!!! In order to make it in !!!1

Natalie 2 years ago

Im seeing my Rectospecialist in March this year as I have a Lazy Bowel 4 over a year & cant poop properly and having very bad abdominal cramps. I would like u to pray for God 2 soften the sugeon's heart in me having my Bowel Operation in removing my Large Bowel so that I can get on with my life. I know God can heal me thru Sugeons as last year I had a Bariatric Major 7hour Operation & I prayed 4 this operation 2 succeed eith God's approval and he healed me & I know that thru this Bowel Operation he will instruct the surgeons on what to do. Plz make sure u interceed this special prayer 4 me brother or sister in christ. Thank u & God Bless u. xoxo

marty 2 years ago

when i lost my dog i prayed to God that he finds my dog and hels it come home and 30 seconds later my mother who was watching tv suddenly sat up and walked outside on the of the house and there was the dog healthy and happy. i later asked her why she stood up and went out just to make sure it was my prayer answered and her answer was: i dont know i just felt the big urge to do it. i believe in God more than 100%.

bei 21 months ago

Resume :

Dear America government :

Religion of America country is Christianity, same with me believe in God, Jesus& hole spirit. In the Bibly, twelve disciples and an apostle Paul saw Jesus survivor, they got hole spirit, so they can heal patients why America government do not believe God give me Hole spirit to fight all kind of ghost as patient’s cancer & depression, just one night? I will prove that Christianity have one real God, who send his son Jesus heal many patients and be nail on cross wood, Jesus blood save all human sin, and Hole spirit is live in belong his relative’ human body, which no other religion have. if America government believe I am God’ relative, please try me heal patient’s cancer now, I will save all patients in America.

Cancer is increased growth of abnormal cells, these abnormal cell form diseases tumors, your doctor can use surgery and treatment to give rid out diseases and tumors, but root of abnormal cell cancer still in the body, it can remove, regrowth again. Do not spend money and time to research.

The Ghost came to human body, make human become a depression and cancer, dirty spirit is root of abnormal of cells. It is enteral alive animal, but ghost scare some one, who have Hole Spirit . Please try me one night for free !!!!!!

Name : bei-chan Chang (650)279-3559 Email: beichang@sbcglobal.net Birthday : 3/7/56 Education : Long Beach State University, Electrical Engineer

Special research : Relationship between human with God, Jesus, Hole spirit, Sedan, Demons, Angels,

God is love, Sedan is hate, I choose love God & help people, Sedan destroy my health, metal, money, I lost memory, and become an idiot, all brother, parent , relative, church numbers, friend and people slogged me 30 years, and pained for my children and family. Right now, God give me Hole spirit power to fight all kind ghosts.

Graduation: demon slogged me for 30 years from 1984 to Aug/ 2013, right now, I have Hole Spirit in my soul and true love. I know cancer is dirty spirit, depression is demon. only I can heal.

Major : all kind of cancer, I will heal in only one night sleeping, no medication & treatment need. All kind of depression, one night heal, but take six months be normal, no medication & treatment need, demon and dirty spirit will run away from patient body In one night sleeping.

No opportunity : I send two times resume already to America white house, America cancer center, America cancer society center, Kaiser, Stanford, and all local cancer center, hundred Chinese Christ church, Taiwan government, China government in two year, no one response, because Taiwan government religion is Buddhism, China government is believe himself, and all cancer research canter need people done money ,if I can heal patient ‘s cancer, all hospital employees will lose job, my friends, relative, brothers are Buddhism and church numbers are not believe me that I am God’s relative, so I need more experience to prove. I think over and over again, only America government can help me. Please read my true experience & career. i lost my memory & no job for thirty years, because ghost slogged me thirty years already.

Depression of person same as an idiot, demon control their metal, symptom are lost memory, cannot sleep at night, cannot thinking, concentration, & work. Everybody slog an idiot as well. So finaliy, an idiot cannot find job, they spend all his money, only choose suicide or kill all the people. Treatment is no help. Only hole Spirit can kick ghost out, take one to six months to be normal.

Cancer is one kind of dirty spirit, black color abnormal of cell can live human body inside everywhere. So patients pain and waiting for death. Treatment & surgery are no help, because root of cancer is still there, Only hole spirit can kick cancer ghost out.

Experience :

My mother grant Hole Spirit, when she was sixteen years old in China, she first love give to God and married my father, and she learned true love to all the follower in the church, but one church’s follower used many way to cheat my mother all money. My mother cried and depressed every day. She almost suicide. Suddenly, my family is from rich to very poor. Demons slogged my mother and my family for thirty years and all five children kill each other . God did not wanted sew children fighting. So God built me to fight with ghosts.

I am nine years old, Angle always help me battle with many shadow ghost at night.

When I was 9 years old, one night my parents went to church, All my brothers were quietly doing their homework, when my oldest brother, who was looking after us all, suddenly stepped into the bedroom to go to sleep. My second and third oldest brother as well as my little brother also followed him into the bedroom to go to bed. I was the only one still up, trying to quickly finish my homework. Suddenly, I saw what appeared to be flaming ball about the size of a baseball fall into our front yard outside the living room window. Out of curiosity, my eyes followed that ball-like object and that’s when I saw one after another black human shadows run from our front yard around to the back of our home. I thought it might be some robbers and then heard the sound of crying, then giggling, then talking. The sounds began softly and then slowly became louder and louder. The sounds filled me with terror and I was scared to death. I immediately ran as fast as I could straight into the bedroom. I fiercely tugged and pulled on all my brothers, but they slept like a pig, snorting loudly.

I was so filled with fear that my whole body broke out into a sweat. When I thought about what it must be like to face death, from the bottom of my heart, I cried out for my mom to quickly come home and save me. I intently listened to these noises and the crying sound in the front yard sounded like the cries of both a nursing mother and her child. These cries were filled with great sadness. In our back yard which was close by the bathroom, I saw the black shadow of a small child gleefully playing soccer. In the living room, I heard adults talking to each other. Suddenly, there was a mischievous little demon running across the floor, running in and running out of the room, opening the screen door of our living room making shrieking noises. This mischievous little demon then ran into my dad’s bamboo bed and started to violently shake the bamboo bed, making more shrieking sounds. Then I started to feel like I heard the slow footsteps of the mischievous little demon enter into the children’s bedroom. Once I saw the head of the black shadow of the mischievous little demon enter into the door of our bedroom, my soul belted out: “Mommy, save me!” Suddenly, there was an intense power and sound that sprang from within me that cried, “Do not fear, do not fear, rush toward it, rush toward it!” So I aligned my body to the feet of the black shadow and fiercely rushed towards it, hoping to grab the feet of the little demon and use my teeth to bite that demon as I screamed hoarsely, “Ahhhhhhhhh!” All the sounds suddenly became completely quiet and three minutes later, a sound once more entered into the living room. Once more, I rushed into the living room and made a tae kwon do fighting pose. The sounds and black shadow then completely disappeared. After a few minutes, the sound came back. But I saw a whole family of black shadows standing there in my front yard crying with great sorrow; they did not dare step into my home again. After the noises completely subsided, a little while later I heard the footsteps of my parents stepping into our home. It was then that my own feelings of terror started to slowly subside as well. I quickly went to open the door to welcome my parents and then told them about my battle with the little demon. My parents just laughed and responded, “There is no such thing as demons in this world.” Then I saw all my brothers automatically get up, go to the bathroom, and then go back to bed.

Twelve years old, I know demon & angel, so I want see God’s face in very deep believe.

Sixteen years old, I sew God and grant Hole Spirit. So I could

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