God’s Ultimate Plan: Jesus in a Body

"Jesus is in my body 100 percent!"
"Jesus is in my body 100 percent!"

Peace that Passes Understanding!

What We’ve Been Taught

We’re all waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. But the truth is, God wants Jesus to be here on earth again now, fully seen by men, in the flesh. It’s like the rapture: we’ve been waiting for it, not realizing that God wants it to happen sooner—like right now!

How come Enoch was raptured a long time ago? It was because he walked with God all of his 300 years on earth. That’s the faith God wants and talks about in Hebrews 11—a faith that walks with God daily, each moment. If we master this, we’d be raptured, right now!

We think that God’s ultimate plan is salvation. Umm, not quite. What is, is really to have Jesus in a body. It starts with salvation. Thus, salvation is just a means to a more glorious end—Jesus in a body. Do I mean a body like the church? Nope. I mean a body, like what you and I have to be able to move around.

A body—not the Body

What is Godliness? Most think it is being a good person or how cleanliness is next to godliness, and those sorts of stuff. In truth, it is Jesus in a body. Watch how St. Paul put it: “The mystery of godliness is great: God appeared in a body…” (1 Tim. 3).

When God appears in a body, that’s genuine godliness. What “godliness” we see today in churches is “a form of godliness (that denies) its power.” Paul counsels us to “Have nothing to do with them.” People who have powerless godliness are those who keep “learning but never able to acknowledge the truth…these men oppose the truth—men of depraved minds, rejected as far as the faith is concerned.”

It’s ridiculous how I see men deep into human theologies and denominational doctrines, earning titles and degrees, yet never able to acknowledge the truth.

God wants to appear in a body. That’s why he saves. That’s why we “receive” Christ—so we can manifest God in our bodies. What often happens is that the devil is manifested in bodies. “Accepting” Christ is zero if God does not appear in your body. Now, if we faithfully obey God’s ultimate plan, imagine what would happen. There would be “Jesuses” walking around the world, manifesting Christ a hundred percent, doing his genuine ministry. Why hasn’t this happened? Because what godliness churches know of is powerless, and “learned” church people and leaders keep opposing the truth, never able to acknowledge it.

You see, God’s ultimate plan is to appear in bodies individually to form God’s Body. God’s Body equals God bodies, and vice versa. God’s Body will never be possible until bodies with God appearing in them become a reality. There’s no true church yet—except churches in forbidden countries probably.

Created to be like God

The only reason we’re created and still living is to manifest God through our flesh—redeemed flesh. Jesus said the flesh counts for nothing. Yet, once the body or flesh is purified from anything contaminating (2 Cor.7), it perfects holiness and reverence for God. Then the body starts to “long for” God (Ps. 63.1), even cry out for the living God (Ps.84.2).

We also begin to crave for the Word as to eat the flesh and blood of Jesus (John 6). We become what we eat. So eat the Word! These are the signs that mark a body on the verge of manifesting God. The Word becomes flesh in them. Why is this? Because we are “created to be like God” (Eph. 4.24). And what does this mean?

Fullness of Jesus in Us

God’s plan for us is nothing less than “attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” (Eph.4.13). I don’t know how many people fully realize what God is saying here—“whole measure” and “fullness” of Christ! To me it’s not just becoming like-Christ, it is turning into a Jesus! (oops!)

What? Do I mean we should become Jesus himself?

No-one can be Jesus himself. What I mean is seeing face to face. The Word says now we see darkly through a glass; but then face to face (1 Cor.13.12). Another version says we see but a poor mirror reflection. There’s a promise of seeing face to face, soon. That’s when we have the fullness of the whole measure of Jesus. And I’m talking about right now—if we start walking with God the rest of our lives.

When you “turn into a Jesus” it means Christ takes full charge of your life and body so that God appears in a body—your body. You no longer live but Christ lives in you—the same experience as Paul had. When Peter’s shadow fell on the sick so that they got healed, it was no longer Peter’s shadow—it was Jesus’ shadow. Peter no longer lived then. The rock of the revealed Christ (Matt.16) was taking charge of Peter’s life and body.

Understanding God’s love is important because it is the key to “be filled to the measure of the fullness of God” (Eph.3.19). God is love. The reason why we need to know and radiate love to others is because we need to have God manifested in our bodies.

One Flesh with Jesus

Ephesians 5 talks about the two being one flesh—and Paul was emphatic that he was not only talking about marriage, but more importantly the one flesh of Jesus and the church. God wants us to be one flesh with Jesus—Jesus appearing in our bodies. So take off your filthy self-clothing and put on Christ. When the Father looks at you, He must see Jesus, not you. Only Jesus is acceptable to the Father. "On him (Jesus) the Father has set his seal of approval" (John 6.27). Only God can please God. Only God can enter and remain in heaven. And this is possible only with the concept, Jesus in a body.

No Trace of “YOU”

Church and ministry should be all about dethroning the self. Umm, no, not just that. They should be deleting the self, even from the trash bin. You die to self and start manifesting only Jesus in you—his life, character, (supernatural) power, and ministry. That is Christ in you the hope of glory (Col.1.27). There should be no trace of you left. It’s a long process—it’s like Enoch’s walk with God for 300 years—so it’s worth starting today—NOW!

But remember, a thousand years to God is like a day. It can happen tomorrow, or a minute after reading this!

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