Going Your Own Way

Cheyenne when she was 12 weeks old. What a happy puppy!
Cheyenne when she was 12 weeks old. What a happy puppy!

Cheyenne, my Golden Retriever, is my pride and joy. My mother passed away about two and a half weeks before my 30th birthday. Since a couple of friends wanted to make it a special day for me, they had a little party where one of them gave me a gift certificate for a free puppy.

It took a little while for me to make a decision, but when I met Cheyenne, I knew she was the one for me. When I realized that she was born around the time my mother passed away, Cheyenne became a special source of comfort for me.

Cheyenne carrying the mail. I decided to put it in a grocery bag to protect it from her slobber.
Cheyenne carrying the mail. I decided to put it in a grocery bag to protect it from her slobber.

Life with Cheyenne is nothing short of exciting. She keeps me in stitches with her antics, and I’m constantly looking for ways to keep her from gaining too much weight by sitting around doing nothing.

Several years ago, we developed the habit of walking to the mailbox after I got home from work. Since retrievers are very oral and Cheyenne has a ton of personality, she insisted on carrying mail home. When I say "insisted", I mean that she jumped up and down in front of me and wouldn’t stop until mail was in her mouth.

I recently started a new job, so I had to change our route in order to fit my new schedule. Our new route starts in the same direction as our old route. However, instead of going straight after we get to the trash can, we turn right. As a result, Cheyenne no longer assists me with the mail, but I honestly didn’t think she missed it until the other day.

On that particular day, when we got to the trash can, I turned, but Cheyenne attempted to go straight. I tried to pull her my direction, but she was intent on leading me the way she wanted to go.

I chuckled to myself and thought, “This dog is ridiculous. Doesn’t she know that I have a plan for today that does not involve getting the mail right now?”

I went along with her, knowing that we weren’t getting any mail and that my plans would win out in the end. The ordeal took a little longer than I planned, but we made it through the walk…without any mail.

Practical Application

Later that day, I thought about how much the situation with Cheyenne reminds me of our relationships with the Lord.

Sometimes, we’re trucking along – so to speak – enjoying our lives and making the most of all that we have been given. Things are amazingly wonderful when all of a sudden BOOM!

We lose our job.

We lose a loved one.

We are passed over for a promotion.

Our relationship comes to an unexpected end.

The business deal doesn’t go through.

Or there’s some other major change that forces us to take a different road.

However, we are resistant change. Despite the obvious roadblocks, we are intent on going our own way, doing our own thing and making our lives turn out the way we’ve always wanted.

While we’re super busy trying to make life happen on our terms, we don’t even realize that God is in control of everything that happens to us. On top of that, His plans for our lives surpass anything we would ever settle for.

Unfortunately, we’re so stuck on what we want or feel we need, that we’re not thinking clearly. Sometimes we don’t even realize that God is the one who shut the door in the first place. We can’t hear His voice or sense His direction, because we are so blinded by what we want.

God knows what’s best. He knows where He wants to take us. He knows the time table. But we simply don’t care.

I imagine that God shakes His head , sighs and thinks, “Don’t they know that I have a plan that does not include what they’re going after?”

Even so, he decides to let us follow our path, do our own thing, and go our own way knowing all while that we are not going to get our hearts’ desires and understanding that we won’t accept that reality until every door is slammed shut in our faces. He knows that His plan for our lives will be made manifested. Our little detour will do little more than prolong the inevitable.

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PageC profile image

PageC 4 years ago

Cheyenne is such a beautiful dog. Thank you for sharing her story and your experience.

desertlab profile image

desertlab 4 years ago

She is so cute. She reminds me of our dog Cindy who passes away years ago. My mother loved her so much since Cindy is her companion most of the time while we gone to school and my father work. When my mother died, Cindy also lost her spirit to live. She were always lonely, not eating until become sick and die. Dog teaches us some lessons in life but sometimes we just don't get it until we experience a real situation.

Cheyenne is an amazing dog! Interesting story.

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

desertlab, thanks for sharing the story about your mom and Cindy. I, too, have learned many life lessons from my dog.

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