Gomed - Stone of of Rahu

The astrological planet of Rahu, which is also referred as a ‘shadow planet’ or ‘dragon’s head’, rules this gemstone. As a result, the stone is comprised of the powers with which it can eliminate all the ill-effects as generated out of the presence of a weak or malefic Rahu in one’s horoscope. Those with Rahu positioned in the tenth house of their natal chart, or those under the impact of Rahu Mahadasha are recommended to have it.

A weak or malefic Rahu causes mental conflicts, stress, disputes, anger, and unstable marital life. Also, one faces hindrances in one’s path of success, there are lots of problems which are made to stand by foes, and one gets into legal battles which cost one a lot of time, money, and stress. More often than not, a person gets occupied with one or the other financial or health related problems, such as problems in business and trade, and stomach related problems. However, in case where Rahu is positioned in a benefic state in one’s horoscope, Gomed stone makes an influence by stimulating it further in favor of its wearer.

In astrology, Gomed stone is not only associated with any particular Zodiac Sign.

Wearing Gomed Stone in the prescribed form derives mental peace. Also, one gets liberated from stress and worries as well as their root causes. Having it in possession ensures safety from all sorts of snake related dangers. Also, one never gets charged of false allegations by anyone, whether in legal state or informal state. Those who wish to make it big in politics, or those who are involved in active politics and want to sustain there for long are recommended to have this stone.

In astrology beliefs, Gomed stone has been described to be a representation of pace and self wisdom. The pace aspect works by ensuring quick success and growth in life. The self wisdom aspect works by making the wearer gain awareness of the ‘true self’. With this stone, the environment around gets harmonize to make it favorable for a person. It has also been defined as one great astrological tool of contemplation for moving above to the higher levels of spirituality.

Gomed stone is considered to be very effective in ensuring quick recovery from health problems such as allergies, blood pressure, blood related diseases, cold, epilepsy, eyes infection, fatigue, gall bladder, piles, skin problems, sinus infection, sleeplessness, and throat infection.

People, who are anyway related to politics, government jobs, enforcement, and law practice, can score big time success in their respective fields by having Gomed stone. It is equally recommended to artists, athletes, dancers, musicians, and publishers. Those involved in the business of computer, chemicals, dairy and agricultural products, groceries, import and export, printing press, service centers, and transport should also have this stone to attain quick growth and success. Other than them, all those born in between the period of February 15th and March 14th can gain utmost out of it. It also goes well with those having 4 as their lucky number.

Gomed stone should be of at least 5 Ratti, or 480 mg. After washing it with holy Ganges water and un-boiled milk, it should be entrenched in silver. Then, it should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand while chanting the Mantra of “Om Ram Rahuve Namah Om”. This process is recommended to be preferably followed on the day of Saturday, in the time post sunset.

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MONU 4 years ago

Sir, can a person with Rahu in 12th house and running rahu Dasha, wear Gomed?

gaurav bhalla 3 years ago

yes u can even i am also wear it , well if it is friend of ascendant then only ,,, if u r suffering from stomach disorders , constipation , piles , allergy , anemia , sexual weakness too etc

laxmi kant sharma 2 years ago

Sir,my dob is 09/07/1977 time is 3:20 pm; birth place is sikar rajasthan..pls suggest me which stones i should wear...pls help me

poonam 2 years ago

What is the price of Gomed stone?

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