Gratitude Journal : Benefits and Results

How to begin a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal does not need any sort of format or style. It can be written on scrap paper, a fancy notebook, or any electronic device like your iPad/phone/computer. Just as long as you can bound or save the journal and have it available daily. That is really the only requirement. I like keeping my gratitude journal on my iPhone so I have access to it all times and can add an entry at leisure. Just remember to write down the entry such that it will be easily recalled at a later time.


Your entries can be one word, a phrase, or a sentence. It really is up to you. I like to keep mine short and concise. For example, if I enjoyed having lunch with my friend Catherine, I would simply write "lunch with Catherine".


The benefits of writing a gratitude journal are endless. At first it may seem silly to write about events, meals, or activities you enjoyed throughout your day. It may even take a while to jog your memory and find a list of things you are grateful for on that particular day. But with time, it will become easier and you will find that as the day goes along you will be more mindful of things that are pleasant and things that bring a smile to your face.


Becoming aware of your likes and dislikes, as you write and read your gratitude journal, will help you differentiate what activities and events you should partake in. The gratitude journal almost helps to keep a barometer of what is considered pleasant for you. I did not realize how much I enjoyed eating sushi and eating Chinese food until it consistently appeared in my journal. That may sound silly but I didn't realize those where special treats for me (that I don't indulge in often). I also realized that I enjoy spending time partaking in something spiritual, such as mediation or listening to a good sermon. Knowing this now, I intentionally spend more time in spiritual activities.

Spiritual Practice

There is definitely a spiritual quality to writing a gratitude journal. It keeps you present and helps you see and enjoy your activities throughout your day as you are more aware of the happiness and gratitude you have towards life. Often times, the most simplest of activities or events appear in my journal. It is these simple things of life that we often take the most granted. If you can stop and see the beauty in the little things, you have made great progress!

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

I love the idea...great suggestion!

NMLady profile image

NMLady 3 years ago from New Mexico & Arizona

I am still recovering from a knee injury. Knees do not heal fast. While it is quite natural to be sad when you are hurting, you must not let yourself sink into other emotions. SO, I do a gratitude journal. I remind myself for all that I have and how lucky I am to be living in an era when there is such good medical support.... So, I am a fan of a Gratitude Journal. Altho, much of my gratitude is no longer written down.....I think it!

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

Billybuc: I hope you find the time to start your own journal!

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

NMlady: I think that is the goal: to eventually be able to appreciate the small miracles and events in our life as they occur. To stay present and appreciate what life hands us!

joanwz profile image

joanwz 3 years ago from Katy, Texas

You know, it's so easy to get caught up in life's little - and not so little - dramas, that we forget to count our blessings. Thanks for offering us a way to count those blessings, and remember them.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

What a fantastic idea! One could write a hub from journal entries and best of all, remember what made you feel grateful and why...Thank you....

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 3 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

My dear friend (I am so grateful for her) and I remind ourselves to do our grateful journals. I have sooooo very much to be grateful for. Sometimes I am overwhelmed. But since we do forget I am grateful for your reminder.

Thank you so much! Yay!

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

Always Exploring: Keep me posted on when you get started on your gratitude journal and write a hub about it!

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

Joanwz: Very true, we must not forget to count our blessings!

harmony155 profile image

harmony155 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia Author

BkCreative: I'm glad this hub was a pleasant reminder!

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