Haunted London

Haunted Tower Of London

The Tower Of London. It is supposed to be one of London's most haunted sites.
The Tower Of London. It is supposed to be one of London's most haunted sites.

Ghosts Of The Tower Of London

The Tower of London was built in 1078 and it was used as a palace, a prison and a place of execution. It was particularly used for high status and Royal Prisoners and it is the ghosts of some of those Royal prisoners that have been seen the most often in and around the Tower of London.

In the 900 plus years that the Tower of London has been there it has developed the reputation as the most haunted place in the United Kingdom. The Tower of London has been the place of executions, murders, and torture.

Queen Anne Boleyn is reported to be the most active ghost in the Tower Of London. She was taken to the Tower Green on May 19th 1536. Many people including Tower Guards and tourists report seeing the ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn walking up and down stair cases and she is often reported in the area where the executioner cut off her head. She never speaks and if you approach her she vanishes very quickly.

The most horrible grisly execution of all ever carried out at the Tower of London was that of the 70 year old countess of Salisbury. King Henry Eighth had her executed for political reasons. The feisty old lady refused to lay her head on the chopping block like a common criminal. The executioner feared what King Henry Eighth would do to him if he failed in executing the old lady so he chased her around Tower Green hacking at her with his axe until he knocked her down and hacked her to pieces. Her ghost has been seen running around the area with huge grisly cuts all over her body screaming for help.

It is reported that the Salt Tower is home to some evil and menacing spirit. Dogs will not enter this building and if you go into the building after dark something will attack you scratching and biting you. Present day workers and guards will not enter the building after dark. Some people have claimed to see the spirit of a huge Black Cat in the Salt Tower.

The Old Jewish Cemetery in London's White Chapel
The Old Jewish Cemetery in London's White Chapel
Pettycoat Lane Market
Pettycoat Lane Market

The Ghost Of Jack The Ripper

The White Chapel area of London is where the infamous Jack The Ripper murders happened. And it is in the area of the White Chapel Tube Station that people see a man wearing a leather apron with a knife in his hand chasing a woman who appears to have already been cut badly. The woman runs and screams for mercy as the man in the leather apron chases her. Is it the ghost of Jack the Ripper chasing one of his murder victims. We may never know. But it is interesting to note that off and on for over a hundred years people have reported seeing the poor bleeding woman with a man with a knife in a leather apron chasing her.

The Ghost Of Mary Jane Kelly

I and my family lived in an apartment in White Chapel that actually contained the room of Mary Jane Kelly in fact the same room where Jack the Ripper murdered her November 9th 1888. The room that used to be her Apartment at the time of the Ripper Murders was downstairs in our apartment.

It is interesting to note that we had three cats in the Apartment in 1996 but all three cats refused to enter the room that was at one time the room of Mary Jane Kelly. We also from time to time would see the shape of a lady in the room that had been Mary Jane Kelly's that looked exactly like her.

On the stairs that led down into the room that had been the apartment of Mary Jane Kelly we would see a dark shape on the stairs in front of you that would appear suddenly out of nowhere and vanish just as quickly. Those stairs were not added until 1918 which was many years after the death of Mary Jane Kelly.

The cats we had in the apartment there in 1996 would go to the top step leading down into the former room of Mary Jean Kelly but they would go no further. The older mother cat would go to the top of the stairs and hiss at something down those stairs. But she would not go down those stairs.

At first when we moved into the apartment we had the downstairs room as a guest bedroom but who ever slept there would feel something jump on the bed with them and nothing would be there or something would jerk the covers off you while you lay there. Eventually we just turned it into a storage room. It was not until we had lived there two years until we learned the truth about the downstairs room and the Jack the Ripper murder that occurred there.

The Ghost Of The Rabbi In The Old Jewish Cemetery

Over the last two hundred years people have told of seeing an old Jewish Rabbi just inside the gate of the old Jewish Cemetery. A lot of people think he is real until he vanishes from sight and they realize it's a ghost they have just met. Many people describe him as looking so real until they walk towards him or speak to him and he vanishes quickly.

The Ghost Of Henry Eighth , Hampton Court London

The Ghost Of Henry Eighth , Hampton Court London

It is here on the Thames at Hampton Court in London that the Ghost Of Henry Eighth is most often seen in London. It is said that Hampton Court was the favorite place in London of Henry Eighth and his then wife Anne Boleyn. After Henry had her executed he never returned again while he was alive to Hampton Court but after his death people started reporting seeing him and Anne Boleyn all around Hampton Court. Many people have reported seeing them walking along the water holding hands.

Henry is often seen arriving on a Royal Barge and tourists have even thought it was part of a play or etc but when they approach the Royal Barge it vanishes. Many people think that Henry the Eighth is one of if not the evilest King that England ever had. He was always ordering the execution of one of his wife's or one of his political enemies. And many of Henry's victims ghosts have been reported all over London. Maybe they are hoping for revenge against Henry.

The Ghosts of Westminister Abbey

The Ghosts of Westminister Abby

Westminister Abby is one of the most haunted spots in London. The brown monk is often seen by tourists hanging from a rafter in the building or standing off to one side looking at them and laughing. Who is he no one knows.

A young boy in a white gown is also often seen in the front part of the building walking along. People have tried many times to talk to him but he vanishes. And quite often after he vanishes people feel someone pinch them very hard,

Ann Boleyn is also seen at Westminster Abby walking around as if looking for something. There are many places in London where Anne Boleyn is said to appear.

People also often report chanting and singing inside the building and some report the presence of a strange burning smell that no source for can be found.

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Thanks much for the comments. Yes they are some scary stories. London England is one of the most haunted cities in the world.

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That is kinda scary!!

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Yes there are some scary stories there.

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