Have you ever really listened ?

Have you ever really listened ?

Have you ever noticed how people say God doesn't answer my prayers? Do you know why they say that? It's because people don't really listen to what God's telling them. They try to listen with their ears or with their eyes.If you really want to hear what God is telling you,you have to listen with your heart. You need to sit down and search deep in your heart as to what God is saying to you. Also people think ok I prayed to God last year and my prayer still isn't answered. Maybe He did answer your prayer but not the way you wanted him to. God is an awesome God who will never leave you nor ever forsake you. He will answer your prayers at the right time and in his way He sees appropriate. So have you ever really listened ? Have you ever really thanked him for everything He has given you? People take God for granted and forget that it is his devine grace that we have what we have in this world. I too am guilty of that and I'll be the first to admit it. When ever things go wrong in our life,we are the first to say God how could you let this happen?, but when something goes right are we first to say Lord thank you for your blessing you have bestowed upon me ? Alot of us can say no we haven't and at times i too am guilty. so my question for everyone today is Have you ever really listened ?


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