Hope is an Anchor

Words that Heal

Word pictures help communicate stuff. I can imagine a boat being tossed about by big waves with rocks and cliffs and thunder and lightning and the anchor holds fast, the chain is strong and the boat and all the lives are saved.

The healing words I offer are from the Bible. I think " Hope is an anchor" is from the Bible. If you are downhearted as you read this, I encourage you to have hope. God has a plan and a purpose for your life. There is a reason for your life (and my life) and we can be encouraged by knowing that God loves us.

"Dear Jesus, please bring inner healing to all who read this, a healing that is complete and offers hope." In Jesus name, amen.

"I pray for healing of the mind, of thoughts and condemnations. I pray for healing of the body, of pain and suffering. I pray for healing of the soul, all that separates us from God."

"I pray for a spirit of thanksgiving, a spirit of peace, that passes all understanding, a spirit of wisdom in all decisions, a spirit of contentment."

Dear Jesus, help me to be more thankful. I pray for the attitude of being grateful, for an awareness of others who need prayer. I give you all my anxieties and fears. I give you my life to use as you will.

Worthy is the Lamb - Hillsong

Heal us LORD...

LORD, please be near. I give you all our leaders, and pray you give them wisdom. I pray for all who are travelling, for safe travel. I pray for those who are lonely, bring friends into their life.

I know LORD, that I can't heal, but you can. Use these words and these prayers to your glory.

There are many who don't know you God, make yourself known to them. Protect us from anything which draws us away from you. Give us adequate rest and renewal. Give us good diets and lots of liquids on hot days. Give us exercise which is meaningful and useful. Protect our hearing and sight and keep us from injury and accidents.

Use our time on the computer and internet to Your glory. Give us the freedom to log off at just the right time and help us to live a balanced life.

Give us a childlike sense of wonder at the beauty around us. Renew in us that innocence of doves. Forgive us when we have strayed from that innocence. Keep us wise as serpents to not be naive.

Help us to know when to speak and when to remain silent. I do thank You for hub pages and ask that You would use hub pages in a good way.

Finally God, I do pray again for healing, knowing you are the Great Physician. I pray if someone reading this has cancer, that you will heal that cancer completely. I pray if someone has heart problems, that you will heal their heart. If someone has trouble breathing, bring healing. If someone has a headache, heal the headache. If someone has a problem with drugs or alcohol, heal them of this problem, in Jesus Name.


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katyzzz profile image

katyzzz 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

For anyone having difficulty with prayers your hub offers hope.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

This is a beautiful, uplifting, edifying Hub. I enjoyed it. Thanks!

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