Heart, Soul and Joy

Heart, Soul and Joy


My inspirational message for the time being is “Heart, Soul and Joy.” Occasionally, I'll change it up. For the moment, this is the prominent message on my Zazzle site. It came together while I was thinking about my career path. The splendor of the road I'm traveling opens my heart to the Universe and to the window of my soul. I'm working in a loving manner with my inner guidance. We're being led in a joyous way through contrast and turmoil and coming out victorious.

No matter how much I grow in strength, empowerment, happiness and wisdom, some little cloud from within starts to whirl. Eventually, it comes out to dissipate and I feel even more enlightened than the day before. I may think I'll never reach my career goals, but my inner guide reigns me back in and re-centers me.

The phrase, “Heart, Soul and Joy” embodies the growth that comes from these experiences. And therefore, I share it on my Zazzle site by placing it on T-Shirts and Hats.

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