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      I was writing another article and was trying to use God as a keyword, but the hub page program kept changing the capital G to a lower case g. Is this really the point that we have gotten to? God is the Supreme Being, and there is only one God, and from a grammatical standpoint, proper nouns are supposed to be capitalized (the un-capitalized version is only acceptable when dealing with polytheism and therefore used primarily in the plural form).

     So why doesn’t Hub Pages allow us to capitalize His name. Are they doing this in an attempt not to offend certain religions? Monotheism religions all believe in one God. They may call Him by different names. Whether you call Him God, Allah, Jehovah, or someone else, it is still God. The majority of the world’s population that identify with a religion believe in monotheism, therefore if God is used in a singular form, it should be capitalized.

     I believe this is a reflection of the values of the world declining rapidly. The amount of people who say that they believe that there is a God is declining at an alarming rate. People too often take or use His name in vain. This problem will only get worse as we lead up to Armageddon. Remember it is the straight and narrow path that leads to heaven.

Do you believe that there is a God (regardless of what name you call Him)?

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GovHater profile image

GovHater 7 years ago from The underground

Almost every aspect of your life is being controlled. They want you to believe in God, but only to a certain extent. The anti-christ and freemasons are in control of this country. When the time is right, the anti-christ will show himself and try to convince the masses that he is God. They want you to believe in God, but only to the point that they can convince you that the anti-christ is God. Think for yourself. Keep your faith in God, and the Lord our Savior, Jesus Christ.

SeekOn 6 years ago

If you think the simple fact of HubPages not capitolizing the name "God" is a reflection of declining values, take a look at some of the bigotted articles they have allowed, that are against belief in God and especially Christianity. It is even more evident in the forum posts they allow in the religion/beliefs forum. They can run the site however they like but in my opinion, they will seriously regret the religious bigotry in the long run.

Udhayakumar G K 4 years ago

Ya. I believe in what you say. Our Lord our Savoiur is taking care of all of us. He cures all our sins and he gives us a happy and Beautiful life to live in.


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