Herbal Remedies For Anxiety And Their Magical Uses

St. John's Wort

To help aid in anxiety a tea can be made by using the flowers or the leaves. You should drink one to two cups of this tea at day as well as night until you start feeling relaxed.

Capsules are also available or can be made from the flowers and leaves after drying and pulverizing into a powder.

A study has shown that St. John's Wort may interfere with some of the medication prescribed in cases of HIV and immune suppressants used in transplant patients. If you are indeed on any medications you should ask your doctor before taking it.

Side effects of St. John's Wort are photo sensitivity and a mild nauseated feeling that in most cases will improve after a few weeks of taking it.

Disclaimer: Know that I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one so please ask your doctor before you start taking any of this.

Magically wise this herb is known to ward off fevers and colds when worn. It may also be burned to banish evil spirits. If you gather it on a Friday and wear it you can cure melancholy.


This herb is great for inhalation to help relax you. Boil a couple cups of water and add two drops of Lavender essential oil then inhale the steam. It may help your anxiety.

You can also use a oil lamp. That's what I use. It works just as well. If not better.

Magically this herb is used in love spells. It is said if you put lavender oil on your clothing you can attract love. It may also protect against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse if worn. Place it under your pillow for a good night's sleep.


Is another herb that can help you in both tea wise as well as capsule. If you prefer drinking it in tea drink one to two cups as needed. Capsules one to two capsules or tablets as needed. Note that this is something you should NOT take if you are pregnant. Otherwise it is a rather safe herb but it is still not recommended to be taken every day.

Magically wise the root of this plant can be used in Samhain and Yule celebration rituals. It is useful in spells that are for ending guilt, negative self talk, and developing self acceptance.

It is useful in animal magic especially cat magick and evoking animal spirits.

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