Heterosexuals, Homosexuals & The Abuse Of Religion

Why ?

I have seen it on the forums lately people questioning homosexuality and abusing the message of religion, homosexuals and heterosexuals should be living together in peace as there is very little difference between us. But still people drive a wedge there, using religion as a weapon rather than the peaceful guide to life it was given to us for.

Jesus died for our sins, little or large he gave his life for them and still people use a chart system to state which sin is greater than the other and then persecute the homosexuals comparing us to murderers, rapists, paedophiles and alot worse. Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, we can not change our genetics or lives to suit you nor will we be bullied and threatened because your weapon says so. That is like expecting a dog to stop being a dog and become a cat you can not change it.

What have we done to you personally, to make you hate us this way? Why must you continue to abuse the teaching of christ and segregate people? Christ believed that all are equal and all are sinners, yet there are some who believe otherwise.

Can you please learn something else soddom and gomorra only happened because the Angel was refused entry into the hospital, not because gay people had taken over but because the sentry (Angel) was refused entry.

Also when you attack people on the forums and in society with your anti gay propaganda you seriously do not know the damage you are doing, because of that sort of religious abuse many teenagers who are gay commit suicide, and many misguided heterosexuals commit murder of gay people because you who have spread such lies and intolerance. You have used religion as a tool of coheresion forcing indoctrination of hate rather than peace as it was for, and because of this many wars have happened throughout the centuries, are we to carry on like this living in a world where we do not know who is friend and who is enemy? Awaiting an inevitability that some one out there is going to kill us because he/she does not agree with our lifestyle?

Why cant you all live and let live, accept that people are different, accept that not everyone is going to agree with what you say but please stop abusing religion by spreading hatred..

Jesus said to turn the other cheek then why don't you?

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Sherlock221b 5 years ago

I have just turned on my laptop, with the intention of writing a hub about this same subject. The things you have mentioned, are points I was about to raise.

I'm afraid that most homophobic people won't read it, or if they do, there will be some angry comments. Homophobes are irrational, and hate in the name Christ. Yet the person of Christ in the Bible was the most loving and peacful of people.

I really do think that sometimes religion makes people homophobic, but for others, they use it as an excuse for their hatred. Such people are not open to arguments. They are firm that they speak for God, and unfortunately, I really think it is impossible to change them. If these people were racist, they would be condemned by society, but homophobia is still considered the acceptable face of bigotry, and judging the crime figures of hate crime against gay people, and the growing religious far-right, I believe this will get a lot worse.

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Hi Sherlock, great minds think alike :-)

I agree with everything that you have mentioned here, I know that the homophobes wont read it but maybe some person who is confused by all this religious persecution may read it.

I do agree to that hate crimes are on the up, I sit on a hate crime panel here in England with the police that discusses and aids those in our LGBT community who report a hate crime and the police in their investigation.

Thank you for reading my hub and I am glad that you agree with me :-)

Calpol 25

Martin  5 years ago

For us in the church, those who are against homosexuality are a real challenge.

Much of this debate comes down to how we use (and abuse) scripture and also Pastoral Care.

I know that many homophobic Christians show little or no care towards gay Christians - but the quote at the end of your piece is a challenge for us as well. How do we show compassion to those who abuse us?

I think we are filled with righteous anger - justifiably, but how can we express that frustration and pain but also the compassion that Christ calls us to show to our enemies?

We can teach in order to undermine ignorance, we can imbue grace as a symbolic sign against their hatred, we can express anger without violence or aggression, and hopefully the way we live our lives will be as Jesus - given them no-thing and no stereotype to pin on us.

Yes, we are all sinners - but my sexuality is not a sin, so that whole argument goes out of the window. For me the discussion is based on who gets to judge whom God does or does not accept and welcome in the Kingdom.

Everything that I have learnt and experienced of God teaches me that all are welcome - full stop.

It may be an inconvenient and difficult truth for some - but it is the truth. For many others it is a joyful and radiant truth that has freed us and given us life in all its fullness.

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Thank you Martin am so glad you responded, I truly believe what you say here, God welcomes all, he does not persecute and our sexuality is not a sin. I am so glad that you commented. Hopefully the homophobic christians will see this post and just maybe learn from it and change their ways.

Thanks Again Martin :-)

Rod Marsden profile image

Rod Marsden 5 years ago from Wollongong, NSW, Australia

I voted up. As for what heteros have against gays, well for my generation part of it was the fact that gay activity was against the law. Nowadays this isn't the case any more than hetero activity is. Religion didn't much come into it.

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Thanks Rod :-)

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

Wonderful article and well written. I have written many articles on my hubpages regarding this very special social problem. It is not a 'maybe' that religion is the worst offender of spreading hatred, bigotry and intolerance. It is a real fact, and a shame on the heads of all those who spread this garbage. It is a greater sin against mankind to judge others and spread hatred than it is being born 'different' than the main stream. The religious crackpots have never learned the basic concepts of: "live and let live", "judge thee not, lest ye be judged", "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", etc.., etc...

Religious ignorance is the greatest evil of our time.

This Roman government produced book, and self proclaimed "holy scriptures" by that government, has caused way more pain and suffering than it is currently doing any good in this world.

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Exactly right d.william, its just sickening that people can deny others the right to have a faith, or to live peacefully because they do not understand them...

sligobay profile image

sligobay 5 years ago from east of the equator

Good article which makes many valid points. Thank you.

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Thank you Sligobay, it needed to be said because too many people are abusing religion and using it as a weapon when we all know that was not what religion is supposed to be...

amymarie_5 profile image

amymarie_5 5 years ago from Chicago IL

These types of people like to use the bible and twist words just to justify their hate. I have people like this and I have nothing to do with them.

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Thanks amymarie I always try to understand where there coming from but once hate and bigotry have taken over a person then you can not understand them. :)

amymarie_5 profile image

amymarie_5 5 years ago from Chicago IL

People who are filled with hate are not happy people. They should be pitied. I think you have the right idea. :)

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Thank you amymarie I do try.. :)

damo 4 years ago

all religeons are peacefull there is no part in the bible ,koran ect saying homosexuality is a sin no where is that writen its people particualy men who twist and warp religeon to suit there own warped and twisted agendas if people actualy praticed what is writen in the bible ,koran we would live in a paradice on earth,no wars,no greed,no hate..if we dont change as human ie learn to be human,learn to love and forgive ,to understand each other than ..we realy are doomed and i dought very much that we will make it to 2050..theres allway the option of changeing ..for the better

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Thanks damo

I certainly do agree with you there, we need change in today's society :)

Thank you for commenting :)

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