Higher Than Our Ways - 02

Today I had a humbling experience.

I’ve never had much of an ego, but it was wounded today. My reaction was less than holy, and I emotionally hurt someone close to me.

I was humbled on several levels.

The person that I hurt responded to my anger with much grace, making me feel worse, which snowballed into more anger in my heart. Comparing my action to the other person’s response made me feel quite small, spiritually and emotionally speaking. I was humbled.

When I finally repented, I apologized and sought forgiveness. However, because of my behavior, the person I had hurt needed time to reach a place of forgiveness. More humility.

Then I had time to compare my actions to God’s standards of holiness. Even more humility.

Ephesians 4:26 allows the natural expression of the emotion of anger, which is given by God. “Be angry, but in your anger do not sin.” I went far beyond that limit. God experiences anger and wrath, certainly, but He never violates His own holiness. My way was far below that of my Savior. Shame on me.

Even more humbling is that God immediately extends His grace to us, no matter our actions or attitudes. I’m not sure that I could do that for a person like myself. Thank God that His grace and forgiveness are so much higher than my anger and ego.

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shofarcall profile image

shofarcall 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing your humbling experience with us. It is an area I am sure most of us are familiar with and therefore can empathize with you. Thankfully we serve a Lord who is always ready to forgive as we repent and Praise God we have the Word to minister to us in every circumstance.

I will pray for your friend today that the Lord by His mighty power will heal her/him emotionally and soften their heart so as to enable forgiveness to take place towards you. In Jesus name.

Porshadoxus profile image

Porshadoxus 4 years ago from the straight and narrow way Author

Thanx for your comments and prayers.

God bless you.

Encee2kansas 4 years ago

Great reminder. Thanks.

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