Hinduism For Kids

The Aum Sign
The Aum Sign

Hinduism is a very fascinating religion. Most of the Hindus live in India and its neighbouring countries especially Nepal. There are many Hindus who have left India to live in the west and some even live in Africa. Kids find the Hindu religion very interesting. It’s attractive religion with its colourful festivals like Holi and Diwali not to mention the God with an elephant head and Gods with many hands. But many do not really know why Ganesha the elephant god actually got his elephant head or why Hindu women wear a dot on their head. Let’s look at some interesting facts on Hinduism for kids.

Ram, Lakshman and Sita
Ram, Lakshman and Sita

Here are some interesting facts about Hinduism for kids:

Unlike many other religions of the worlds, Hinduism has no founder. It actually became a religion over a period of time consisting of many rituals, practices and customs. Hinduism has no prophets.

The Hindus believe in the trinity of Gods. The Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe, Lord Shiva is the destroyer and Lord Vishnu is the preserver. Krishna and Rama are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu who came to the earth in human form to show the people the right path and preserve goodness in human beings.

The word Hindu comes from the River Indus that enters Northern India from Tibet. Some say that the world Hindu means those living south of the Hindukush Mountains.

The most sacred of Hindu holy books are the four Vedas which is written in the Sanskrit language. Other scared books include the Upanisads, Smrutis, Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Puranas.

The place of worship of the Hindus is called a Temple. The Hindi word for temple is called a Mandir. The word mandir means where the mind becomes still and the soul experiences peace.

The most widely used symbol in Hinduism is the Aum and the Hindu Swastika. Some say that the Aum is the signature of God while some say that it was the first sound to be heard in the cosmos. When meditating many utter the sound of Aum and it is thought that this is the sound that a person hears when in deep meditation. The Swastika is like a cross but inverted at the ends. The Nazis distorted it for their evil designs and their version has nothing to do with the Hindu sign.

India is one of the most visited places for religious tourism. It is estimated that in the year 2007, tourists spent $10 billion dollars for religious tourism in India.

The holy river of the Hindus, the River Ganges
The holy river of the Hindus, the River Ganges

Basics of Hinduism by Gauri Maheshwari (Danielle Riordan)

More facts about Hinduism:

Hindus believe in the philosophy of Karma. Karma basically means your deeds. What you did in the previous life, you will have to bear in this life. Think about it, if you do something wrong, you are punished and if you do something good, you are rewarded for it.

There are four goals in the life of a person of the Hindu religion. They are Dharma (do the right thing and follow down the good path), Artha (to attain material things in the right way), Karma (do the right thing) and Moksha (free oneself from the recycle of birth).

The main goal in Hinduism is to attain Moksha. Moskha is the liberation of the soul from the recycle of birth. Hindus believe that all living things are reborn and have to go through life and death till they reach perfection. Once one reaches perfection through their karma or deeds then they are free from the recycle of birth and reach moksha. Nirvana in Buddhism is of similar concept. One can attain moksha for obtaining right knowledge, proper meditation, devotion to god and doing good deeds.

Ganesha got his elephant god when he was looking after this mother’s bathing area. When Lord Shiva came and demanded entry, Ganesha refused and hence Shiva cut his head. When Shiva realised what he had done, he got an elephant’s head for Ganesha which was known of its intelligence.

Hindu women put a dot on their forehead called the “bindi”. The place on the forehead where the bindi is placed is considered the awakening point hence the bindi is supposed to awaken the consciousness.

God, Soul and World - What Is Hinduism?

Hindu women wearing the "Bindi"
Hindu women wearing the "Bindi"

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