Hmong Superstition, Beliefs, and Dreams

Hmong superstition, beliefs and dreams

This is only, many of the few Hmong superstitions,.. I will add more...

Being hmong and growing up my parents would always always remind us not to point at the moon,.. And if you did, your ears would get cut. Because it is believed that the Moon gets offended and therefor cuts your ears. You can appease it by saying, “Quav qaib, quav npua, quav nyuj, quav twm (Chicken poop, pig poop, cow poop, buffalo poop).” Or simply rubbing some (yours) saliva behind your ears. Once when we were younger, My sister's ears were sliced, after she pointed to the moon...

IF you go on a far away trip or vacation, you must call your spirit to go home with you. This is for everyone, children and adult. And if you have been hospitalized, you must call your spirit home too. You call your spirit by saying your name and if its someone else, say their name. For example you can say, "Susan, we are leaving home and no longer staying at this place." For infants, you must call their spirit home every time, no matter where you go, near or far. It is believed that babies, (infants) have the biggest spirit. And if one were to forget to call their child home, you can easily fix this by, doing a "Hu Plig" or spirit calling ceremony. This usually requires a shaman (a healer practitioner who connects through the spirit world). A spirit calling ceremony can also takes place anytime, you or someone is or becomes frighten, is extremely sad/upset or falling down (tripped on something, falling over, car accident, etc.)

If a bird flies into your home, it is bad luck, or a bad sign. You must call a shaman to fix it. Or if possible, catch it and cook it for dinner.

After a woman goes through labor, miscarriage or abortion, she cannot visit her side of the family, until her 30 day chicken diet is over. She can only visit her husband's immediate family that shares the same ancestors.

Dreams can be good and bad. Dreams in hmong cultures indicate what's going to happen in the future. When you dream about poop, it means earning money or losing money. For example, if you dream about getting poop all over yourself and no matter how much you've tried wiping off, its still on you, it means you are receiving money. But if in that same dream, your poop comes off and you see yourself cleaning the poop, and its draining away, it mean you are losing money. If you have a bad dream, you can actually prevent it from occurring by spitting saliva in the toilet along with your first morning pee and or poop. You have to speak out to your dream "You stupid dream, I'm spitting you out and flushing you away with these urine and poop, go away and do not return!" I do this all the time and it has worked for me! And when you are having a lot of repeated bad dreams, it's a bad sign and you should contact a shaman to fix this.

If you dream about snake(s), it means you or someone you know is pregnant. If you dream about eating fruits/vegetables, it is a sign that you are pregnant with a girl. If you dream that you are being shot, and can feel the bullet, you're having a boy.

Don't make fun of handicapped, deformed, disfigured kids or else your kids will end up the same.

Don't whistle at night.

Don’t fall at a funeral or you will see the dead person spirit and they will follow you home making you sick and worst scenario dying.

Children who still have all their baby teeths, can see ghost.

You can't cut your hair at night, its bad luck!

If you get pepper in your eyes, rub your saliva on your pinky toe.

Eye Twitching: I'm still learning what this really means,. but so far, I understand that it means I will be shedding tears, usually hearing some bad gossips/rumors.

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gzvang21 4 years ago

ok.. so i'm curious. My in-laws just told me today, that when breastfeeding an infant/baby, we have to wash the baby's mouth before kissing him/her otherwise, the ones who kisses the baby before washing his/her mouth is going to get struck by lightning.. why is this?

Syd 4 years ago

It has to do with the superstition of breastmilk. Hmong superstition says you will get struck by lightning if you drink breastmilk (there is an exception for the baby).

shekatie profile image

shekatie 3 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

I have heard this too... and I don't know much about it. I don't believe it to be true. It just superstitions

angel vang 3 years ago

i dream that i went to the store to buy a comb And wen i got home i use it to comb my hair than i woke up cuz my bf woke up up for work! what does that means

shekatie profile image

shekatie 3 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

If you were combing your hair, adoring your beautfil long hair and no hair is falling off... Its a good dream. BUT if your hair is shedding, it may mean a sign of losing money.

ntxawm 3 years ago

I dreamed of a vemon snake and snakes that were dying all around. What does this mean.

sthao 2 years ago

I dreamt that i wanted an airplane ticket back to hometown, cali...what does it mean?

mai 2 years ago

I dream that my husband was wearing hmong clothes and I told him that I he needs to take me to go get my hmong clothes but he said no. What does it means

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Ntxawm: from my own experience; it may be a false pregnancy,. Or miscarriage, or someone or yourself is trying to get pregnant.

Sthao: are you married or in a relationship?? Your relationship is not going well

Mai: I have heard that it's a bad sign. Sickness or something tragic. Just be careful.

Alaya 2 years ago

Now my question is, where did all of the superstitions come from? What happens if you did it?

connie 2 years ago

I have been having a lot of dreams of dying or death or even scary dreams since I became pregnant. I have a feeling its a bad sign but is it bad for my baby? I would call a shaman but I am Christian so I cant do that. Also, oddly I had a dream that I gave birth to my baby but it was a horse?! lol what could that possibly mean?!

Mfang2013 2 years ago

I had a dream, or I thought it was a dream that someone knocked on my window & told me to open the door for them in Hmong. I was half awake & half asleep but it felt real. My younger sister usually goes out and play with the neighbors. When she returns, she knocks on my window & ask me to open the door for her. Am I just thinking too much?

Virginia 2 years ago

I had 2 strange dreams this past week. In first dream i saw a big dish of scrumptious rice i tasted some of it when some body told me it's made if monkey brain and turned away disgusted. In the next dream i saw my two yrs old nephew sitting in a tall tower made of pans in our house and someone i know was trying to wash my nephews poop. Seeing this i got angry and told them to remove baby from the pans. It's poop in the pans. Next my nephew is in my arms and I'm trying to find toilet to wash him. And then i woke up.

I'm really disturbed by these dreams.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Connie: I dont think you should worry much, i'm sure you will have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Its a sign of good health and protection from your guardians

Mfang2013: Good that you didn't open for them. I wouldn't either.

Virginia: Poop is a sign of money,. basically your dreams is protecting your asset from others, because only you can touch it. Some type of money or income, small or big is destine for you, thats why you cant find a toilet.

Lisa 2 years ago

I never had dreams in general until I graduated from high school.

I dreamed about getting chased and beat up and saw blood, then later ended up getting a ticket going home from work.

I dreamed about my younger sister getting pregnant.

My last dream that I could remember is myself getting killed.

alicia 2 years ago

Idk if this is a superstition or true but I've heard that if you are on your period and you go to a river or a lake you can be followed home by this true??

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Alicia: I don't believe it to be true., I've gone on many trips to the river, lake, beach and seems to be fine

dee 2 years ago

What does it mean if you dream that you go bamboo picking??

chia leng 2 years ago

@lisa, I believe that from my knowledge,since you didn't get a reply from her, She must not know. But if you dream blood you will lose money. Sometimes if you dream about people getting pregnant,it is true. But,not always.And lastly,if you dream that you get killed,it only means that your sickness will go away. Well,at least from experience and words from the og's that's been true. There you go,hopefully its helpful!!

Cara 2 years ago

I dreamed that a lion peed on both my grandfather and I. What does this mean?

Kelsys 2 years ago

I had a dream that my family bought this big house and we were going through it looking into all rooms. Up stairs was fine but we wanted a cleaning done in the home. And down stairs we walk into a bathroom and inside was a lion & tiger. So we had someone stay at the home until the spritual cleaning was done. After that went to the house and the lion & tiger was gone. I vistie the home n the man doing the cleaning was there and the home was clean n clear. Next step was making sure the ground of the home was clean, then I had woke up from my dream. I just don't understand what this dream was trying to tell me? I woke up confuse

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Cara: I wouldn't be worried. Usually it doesn't mean anything.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Kelsys: I have had several dreams like yours before too. And still figuring out what exactly it means. Although it's still a big mystery to me, from my experience and what I have learned from others,. It has something to do with who you are and being rooted or grounded. The house represent a place of feeling secure, safe. Usually (in your dreams) when you walk into a house where it is filthy and unclean., your guardians are protecting your spirit from being in a disastrous place. (Just my thoughts on it)

Celeste ledet 2 years ago

I dreamed I was being chased by a snake, no matter what I tried doing the snake was always following me, if I was in a high place the snake would jump up and try to stay by me, I was with my friend Shea in the dream. And Shes pregnant outside of my dream, so what does that mean?

Kab Zuaj 2 years ago

I've been dreaming about a man in a white shirt. I can't see his face in the dream. I've been dreaming about him for at least 4 days now. I started dreaming about the man I think a day before I started my period. What does this mean?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Celest: dreams about snakes, you or someone you know is pregnant, and or it means baby spirits are around you.

Kab zuaj: my only suggestion for you is to seek a shaman

Kab Zuaj 2 years ago

I've been dreaming about a man in a white shirt. I can't see his face in the dream. I've been dreaming about him for at least 4 days now. I started dreaming about the man I think a day before I started my period. What does this mean?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Kab Zuaj: my only suggestion for you is to seek a shaman

bao 2 years ago

What does it mean when I keep dreaming that my teeth falls out.

Also, we just recently moved into a new place and there's this cat that always sits on the porch ledge and looks/faces our window? Is it BC the lights are on or does it mean anything?

okmoua 2 years ago

My cousin had a dream about me and her going to a tournament/farm looking like place to pig a pig. I told her that I needed a pig so that I can so a Hu plis for me. I choose the pig but the guy who was selling it said that the pig was very naughty so he cut off his back legs. The pig was still alive so we took the pig and started walking up a mountain. Going up the mountain we met these to woman who told us that instead of taking turns carrying the pig that they will cut the pig in half. ( from head to but) they starred cut in the pig and it really freaked up out so we told them that we didn't want to pig anymore and starting running away. Even though we ran we still kept coming back to the same place. She woke up from the dream and her daughter was sick and couple days later a bird hit my car window. Help

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

bao: Dreaming about your teeth falling out is not a good sign. With me, it lead to sickness/illness. Depending on which tooth it was... sometimes its someone close to you becoming sick. But if you are concern, seek advice from the elders., they know what to do.

okmoua: Bird hitting your car is a bad sign, I would seek help from the elders.

mai 2 years ago

What does it mean to dream of marrying your bf or getting asked to marry ?

marcia 2 years ago

I had a dream about my baby girl being bitten by a snake and then the snake going into her mouth . Please help me shed some light on this dream. As I have lost 2 children .

Gio 2 years ago

I dreamed that I was pooping. And when I turned to see my poop I got scared. It was really big. I was socked. I didn't see anything like that before. So I started flashing it out. I do remember going away once i started flashing it out but I needed to do it couple times the more I was doing the more was gone. I don't remember if everything was gone.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Mai: Sometimes we dream of what our heart desires,. perhaps your dreams is for-telling you something.

Marcia: I'm sincerely sorry for your lost ones. Snakes in dreams, as I know it, are children spirits, both bad and good ones. It could possibly mean that they(lost ones) are hungry. I would definitely seek a higher shaman for the correct interpretation and help. Good luck and keep me updated. Sending you and your baby my blessings.

Gio: According to my experiences, its something that will cause you to lose money,. like paying a large bill, or something in that area.

Maylonakim 2 years ago

I had a dream about a green cobra snake but it didn't bit me it was just standing at the farm looking at me and a little grl trying to chase me around.

Honey 2 years ago

I dreamed that I was laying down with my knees bent, I woke up and saw a black widow and a hairy spider under one of my knee. They were inside a thick web Under my knee and I tried to grab them out from the web. The black widow bit me & I flung my hand around like crazy to get rid of them but got bit on my left side somewhere by either the same black widow or a different one. I panicked and cried so hard from the bottom of my soul because I knew what would follow is my death if I didn't go to the hospital. What does this mean?

Lou 2 years ago

I've been having dreams about fishes for the past 2 days. Does it mean anything? I know this might be a stupid question but I just want to be extra sure.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Maylonakim: Its a sign of bay spirits, doesn't necessarily mean anyone is pregnant

Honey: Just becareful. It just a dream of your fears.

Lou: Fishes are usually a sign of something you will receive of value,. for example: money, income,..

mai 2 years ago

I keep having dreams about animals. Last night I had a dream that a dog was chasing me and it bit me. What does it mean?

Chiessy 24 months ago

I honestly believe in calling your child's spirit home. There have been multiple times when I traveled far to see my side of the family and have forgotten to call my son's spirit home. He'd cry a lot and we'd have to bring a candle outside , light it and call out to him and tell him to follow the light of the candle home.

susie 24 months ago

What does it mean if i hear hmong drums and singing of a funeral in my dreams? I usually wake up scare.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 24 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Mai: Just becareful, my parents usually tell me to stay home for a full 3 days.

Susie: I've heard it before too,. I honestly do not know what it means.

Hlinra 23 months ago

I have these unexplainable dreams.

Either me and partner running away in a game or something. Then seeing me and my family members getting chased and trap somewhere. Just yesterday night i dreamed tat just me and some ppl i know but cant see clearly who they were to me but we were in these plains of fields more like a hill going to be mountains. I then turned around and saw soo many leopards/lynx and one other type of animals but idk and wasn't paying full attention to what it was. All these animals where just sitting and hunting around like we were at the zoo but no cages. Plus i circled around myself and there was jus hundreds of leoparf/lynx. They weren't harming us. But we were scared. I then turned around and ran to the top of the mountain peak and somehow made it and look down everything was soooo high! Then this random guy was like a rock climber and then gladly helped me down with an airbag or something. He was a kind gentlemen and took me home to where i used to live back in Fresno but i dont no more. And no he didn't fully take me home. I said no and just ran away from him. Weirdly. What does this mean? Yes i am going onto a trip this sunday for an 2hour drive by highway near the ocean. What should i do and suspect?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 23 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Hi hlinra...

From my own experience., when I dream about any type of Lynx, leopards, lions, Tigers... It's usually means for me that I will hear about death/funeral. It could be different for you., you just have to see what the outcomes are. Be cautious and alert on your drive. And please update with me... Thanks for taking the time to share your dreams.

bee 23 months ago

Hello. Koj puas pau shai tej ? If so; do you possibly know what does it mean if ur hand lines are straight across no gap? Please thank you

shekatie profile image

shekatie 23 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Bee: sorry. Kuv tsis paub. But please share when you find out.

hli nra 23 months ago

Yeah our tript to the place end up not working because a friend got to leave to the her uncles funeral...we just stayed and did nothing much. Quick question. Is it true tar if you dream of a hmong person dressed in hmong clothes means they are dab?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 23 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Hlinra: Sorry to hear about your friend's uncle... I'm glad all you were safe. Hmong clothes?? it depends what your dream is about. It could mean several things. But yes, it could be dab, it could be a sign of sickness/illness, or a warning....

hli nra 23 months ago

Oh I see. My dream of tat consist of me packing some food and giving it to a hmong old lady...while she was going to drive out. Weird....idk and I keep hearing if you dream of being preggo or holding a baby means ur going to get sick too? Hmm

shekatie profile image

shekatie 23 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Hlinra: it seems to be a pleasant dream,. because you weren't frighten or or scared by her... sometimes those things come to you to seek help and therefor, you were able to fulfill it. I had a dream once that an old hmong lady, in hmong clothing, with thick long dirty hair., she walked into my home not to threaten me, but to ask if I can remove bugs out of her hair. Yes, being prego does signify sickness,. However if you are giving labor and the baby is delivered, it means you healed from your illness,...

chao 23 months ago

what does it means when you get bitten by a dog

shekatie profile image

shekatie 23 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Chao: Its a bad sign... stay home for a full 3 days.

cua 23 months ago

What does it mean when you keep having dreams of your old house that you live in for 12 years and moved away and then the bank sold it to the bar restaurant. And yeah we lived right next to it and they tored it down into payments for parking. Not regular dreams but always BAD dreams of it......... pls lmk

shekatie profile image

shekatie 23 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Cua: I would do a spirit calling or hu plig., to call your spirit home., or ua neeb for you. part of your spirit is still holding onto the home, or still living there.

youa 22 months ago

i dreamt that my close cousin died and i was really sad bc we were best friends growing up. everyone kept telling me that everything was fine bc he was sick for a long time and that he was prepared and made peace. then it turned out that i was dead and lingering around my mom bc i missed her so much and she knew that i was there too which made her happy. the only weird thing was that in the dream i felt like i had to follow this person that i knew........and then i woke up.

lala 22 months ago




shekatie profile image

shekatie 22 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Youa: when you dream of someone's death or your own death,. there is a superstition that it means you or the person you dream of dying will heal from a sickness or illness,. I cant say that everything will heal,. but your health condition will get better. OR maybe your cousin is trying to tell you something... maybe its his time... You just have to pay close attention to the outcome. Please do let me know.

Lala: I can tell you that dream #2 could mean that you could be expecting. However your other dreams, doesn't seem so pleasant... I can't tell you exactly what they signify,.. but just be extra cautious; dog bite is not good to dream about. It seems you will encounter a problem that you will be unclear about what lies ahead. Just pay attention to the outcome,. Thanks for sharing and please do update with me.

Julie 22 months ago

I dreamed that I`m at school and my favorrite actor shows up and hugged me and wont let go. Then I woke up. What does my dream mean?

Amy 22 months ago

For the past few days I've been dreaming about about seeing fishes in the water, like a whales. And then I dreamt that this little girl told me I had to swim into the lake towards the bottom then back up, I told her I was scared of fishes but she held my hand and told me she will guide me. We went under and I saw so many fishes, after she guided me back to shore, she was gone.

Is it a bad dream if I'm pregnant?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 22 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

AMY: Sounds to me like its a good dream,. Nothing to worry about.

kevin 22 months ago

I've dreamed about a snake trying to bite me but I fled and dodged it.

Another dream I lost all my teeth but I seemed to collect all of them and stashed it in my pocket

sam 22 months ago

i dreamt that there were ants crawling all over me and around me.

tom 22 months ago

Hi shekatie.

I had a dream that a black crow was pecking my face. What could that possibly mean?

Vaxiong 22 months ago

I got a dream about my crush a few day straight in a row and I ask my cousin and she say it a ghost that come make those dream for me is it true or not or is it just that she trying to scare me

youa 22 months ago

In my dreams i saw/found a dead body. It was bloated because it was on the water for awhile. Called the cops, watched the cops arrive and one of their cars was parked over the dead body. My dreams are very vivid, its like im watching a movie.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 22 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Tom: I don't think it means anything other than your fears trying to scare you.

vaxiong: I don't think it means anything, just your thoughts and fears.

Youa: Dead bodies and cops usually means for me that I will be losing money.,

mai xee 21 months ago

My mom has been dreaming about snakes chasinf her , herself picking up a lot of hmong fruits .. Like Dee etc ..and herself eatinf fruits and also a dream of her self telling another person shes pregant ans having a boy .. Is this a sign of her being pregnant ? She had her cords tied 3 years ago ..but has not been avoiding having sexual intercourse

nkauj hli 21 months ago

I dreamed of myself getting marry to my boyfriend .. And we were a happy family and i was so happy to be married to him & be with him ...what does this mean ?

nkauj hli 21 months ago

I forgot to add in that when i got marry my moms brothers 2nd wife had sent me some money belt hmong hat etc .. And at the end my husband was hugging me from behind and squeezing me .. Than my tummy hurted .. He pushed his hands against my stomach and it hurted .. A lot

Mzlil 21 months ago

For the first time I dreamed of a dragon. It was really strange because it was a beautiful golden dragon swimming under the bridge that some people and I were standing on. I wanted to take a picture of the dragon but just as soon as I could take one, the dragon turned around and wanted to take me because I was going to take a picture of them. It was scary because it shook the bridge to its breaking point. The dragon's head was huge when looking at me. I pleaded to the dragon and finally it left.

Does this dream mean anything?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 21 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Mai Xee: It could mean she is pregnant or she is just dreaming or having a lot of children spirit around her. (Me nyaum tsuj plig).

nkauj hli: I don't think your dreams mean anything,. perhaps just your thoughts and desires

mzlil: Dreaming about dragons could mean pregnancy, a boy. OR could mean baby spirits attempting you.. So its good that it left you..

Kathy. H 21 months ago

I had a dream of my boyfriends ex and i arguing .. Than later someone driving by my block .. In a van with slide doors .. I got scare and locked the gate and cover it with a sheet so they dont see my yard .. And i thought i heard my uncle he came to visit .. I opened everything. Turns out .. It was the guy in the van . i ran into the house n hide in my grandmas room . someone came in.. And started hitting me .. Beating me up and throwing big stuff st me and i was crying ..begging him to stop but didn't .

Kia lee 21 months ago

I constantly dream of one of my sister-in-law who try's to start a conversation with me but I refused to speak with her because of how she treated me in the real world. Some of those dreams involves her and a baby (I believe it's a boy). One of the dream, recently, was her telling me how pretty my paj ntaub I bought, after she said that her and her husband got into a little argument. I did not have dreams about her until she took her kids and husband to California to be with her side of the family. Which I careless, I just want to know why I constantly dream about her. It's been bothersome.

Mai Kia 21 months ago

What does it mean when you dream about a bird? I dreamed i went to use the bathroom and there was a bird in there. It was flying around a little and I was trying to make it get out

susie 21 months ago

Ive been having dreams about my ex boyfriend. He was the love of my life but we didn't end up together. I'm happily married now. I'm not sure what happened to him. But in my dreams, i see him and he spends the whole day with me. Like we are dating again. At the end, he will give me such a sad face and ask me to go home with him. I want to so bad but i remember that i just cant so i tell him no. Or i want to so bad and i go gather my stuff to go but hes already gone And ill go looking for him and wont find him anywhere. Its been over 15 years since we've broke up Or last seen each others. I have these dreams 3-5 times a year, sometime more, sometime less for the past 10 years. We never made any promises, drank blood or anything crazy.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 21 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Susie, I've been told that when you dream about a past lover or someone in your past,.. means that they miss you. Or maybe spiritually coming to a conclusion of your past with him., finally letting go and moving on. Most like its just your thoughts and memories...

pchang 21 months ago

I dreamt that I was inside my parents house, watching my daughter through the back door as she played outside. Then out of nowhere a lioness approaches her. I panicked and waved for her to run inside and I can tell my daughter was scared too. The lioness kind of just lingers around her, watching her, almost like it was preying on her. Finally when the lioness looked away, my daughter ran into the house. I woke up with a very uneasy feeling. Please help.

sgc0018 21 months ago

What does it meam if you dreamt thatvyou saw a dragon?

Lor 21 months ago

What does it means when you dream you are all naked?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 21 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

pchang: lions resembles baby spirits... Nothing to worry about

annab 20 months ago

I had a dream about snake pooping all over the room. What does that mean?

Amy 20 months ago

I dreamt that I pulled one of my front tooth out, I read some stuff online saying that if you're pregnant it means you're going to miscarry :( please tell me because I'm pregnant with my first child

Amy 20 months ago

Oh and when I pulled my front tooth out there was another one growing in, that's why I had to pull it out

shekatie profile image

shekatie 20 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

it means money @ annab

shekatie profile image

shekatie 20 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Amy don't worry, new tooth growth is a good thing!

Kathy. h 20 months ago

What does this mean .. My first dream i was walking somewhere a dog was there satring at me and following me than i was being forced to marry a guy who has a wife akresdy . they both csme to stay with me and my family he had a baby girl too

The second dreeam i dream of bad people coming after me .. Chasing me .. And all the sudde my ex came into my house .. Following me .. Staring at me .. Akways getting close to me ..thsn he started hitting me abusing me bitten me and i had so many bruises on my arms and leg ..

Shoua 20 months ago

Does it mean anything if you dream of your boyfriend n you getting marry ?

Mai 19 months ago

What does it means if you dreamed of a zaj??

shekatie profile image

shekatie 19 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Dreams of dragons are signs of baby spirits, baby boy.

Amy 19 months ago

I was wondering, I don't think this has to do anything with the topic here, but I was wondering if you know you are cursed with someone's black magic without paying a shamen to look into it? Someone I know has been having bad luck after he left his ex five years ago.

maiv 19 months ago

i had a dream that someone my husband was starling money from me and all a sudden we were at the parents house to get separate. what does that mean? good or bad?

KATHY VAJ 18 months ago

WARNING: If you ever dream of your teeth shattering you best pray and stay home for your safety for dreaming of your own teeth shattering is BAD.. either mean death oo really BAD accident or really BAD news.

just my POV and experiences.

Lchang 18 months ago

A bird flew and hit the outside of my window, when I look it just sat there as if it wasn't able to fly anymore. It hit super hard as if someone threw a baseball or something. I went outside and it took off in a quickness. Does this mean anything? I know that when a bird comes into your home it means something but what about a bird hitting the window .

Michelle Yang 17 months ago

I've been dreaming about lions and tigers. Every time I dream them, I'm at my parents house and they are in the backyard. My parents backyard is a forest. They will try to come at me for some reason. So I'm just wondering what it means in the Hmong way.

LXiong 15 months ago

I've been having dreams of seeing snakes and then today, I've dream of giant squash and pumpkins hanging down from trees. I've been trying to conceive buy haven't got a positive result yet.

Lyn 14 months ago

I dream about my teacup dog. She was going down stair. I follow her as we both go down stair. I feel so worry that she'll fall. And she did. She fell, rolling over down the stair. But when I quickly hold her. It was an half white egg shell. Inside was white but have heart beat. I somehow quickly put my hand on some water holding to drop some few water on the white egg shell. It turn like my dog but not, like a baby but not. I just woke up. I feel sad and wonder why? Weird? Does it mean anything?

Lyn 14 months ago

1) I don't know but I keep dreaming about hold someone baby and sometime feel like hold my own baby. But I don't have kids yet. It'll follow me and also a dog always following me to. Its a white dog (can't tell the firgure), quite, and I will follow him or he'll follow me. Doesn't bit or anything. Also I don't feel scared. Just worry that'll it'll bit me but not. Also while carry a baby with me.

2) I dream bout a white beautiful big white snake. It was wrap and sleeping. Also it was pregnant too. Than there was a door the open gap. I quickly wake up and gone. It didn't bite or anything. Wonder what it mean?

3) Going to the mall or store but away have that big tiger follow me. I was scary that it'll bite me or kill me. But it keep following me and I keep trying to run away to get rid of that tiger but it still keep following me. It didn't harm me or anything. I've been dreaming so many time. Nothing happen to me tho. But just wonder whats the meaning of dream a tiger?...

Kia 14 months ago

Hey so I dreamed about my best friend Nou catching two fishes but she said they weren't the right fishes so she threw it back in the lake. I heard that if u dreamed about fish's then it means someone close to u for girl is that there getting married. What do u think it means bc I don't really know.

Maiv 13 months ago

I had a dream that there were frogs everywhere- even on me.. What does that mean.. I'm just curious..

Rose manner 12 months ago

I went to a market to buy chicken, where I stand the chicken in the cage poo on my cloth and leg.

What is the meaning

Kaj Nrig 12 months ago

I dreamt of seeing a wolf and a tiger/lion. I was with my family and it chased all of us. We bordered up this room so it wouldn't get inside but they both broke down the door and tried attacking us. In the end my baby brother died. What does my dream mean???

shekatie profile image

shekatie 12 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Kia: Fishes in dreams means good luck. You just have to see what the outcome is. Sometimes it doesn't mean anything.

Maiv: Frogs? Im not sure what that means.

Rose manner: Poop on your body means income., money,

Kaj Nrig: Just be cautious, avoid going out for a few days. Death means a new beginning, healing and overcoming fears.

John P 12 months ago

I dream that my boyfriend and I was arguing about personal stuff then suddenly as we were walking towards his car I saw a car driving towards our way. Then suddenly they started shooting at my boyfriend but lucky I was right behind the car, but the bullet still hit me from under the car and I got shot couple of times on my leg and I felt the bullet going through me and I just drop and I figure I shouldn't come up so I turn my head toward the shooter and they were still shooting so I just lay there and next you know the doctor said there were no big injuries. What is this telling me? Because I felt so real.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 12 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

John P: from my experiences and others similar dreams, it's possible that's it's a sign of new life., pregnancy, baby spirits; usually a boy.

Lisa 12 months ago

This isn't my dream but my mother dreamed that I was holding onto a snake by the throat and she wanted me to toss it away but she said I wouldn't. That no matter how much she told me to throw it away, I didn't. What does that mean?

Samantha 12 months ago

I drempt of being in the shallow water with a toddler that I didnt know but I was watching her, and we were playing with the fishes. There were alot of fishes but i told her not to capture them, and just play.

also, another dream I drempt of being outside in a backyard and three pepper vines/plants started to grow really quickly they were two red pepper plants and one green bell pepper type. I picked two red peppers and brought it inside bc it started raining.

maivhnub 11 months ago

I had a dream that I was walking around my old apartment and as I was walking I find a paper lying on the ground so I picked it up and as I picked it up there was a dragon looking at me from the roof of the apartment. It said that it wanted to marry me and I said no I have a boyfriend. It kept persuading me but I didn't let. After saying no it swoops down and takes me to a desert . I saw this old lady with white hair and some of my family members. I asked her to help me , I don't want to go with the dragon, she's says for me to go. And I decided I should go, I had a feeling she had something set up to free me. So the dragon took me to its place in the desert and as he did cops came and covered me and the dragon with the blanket and was shooting at us but I wasn't shot at and the blanket was see through. The dragon then disappeared.

Sandra B. 11 months ago

I had a dream that my mouth started hurting. When i opened my mouth, and looked in the mirror a new tooth was growing out. What does that mean? Thanks!

mai 11 months ago

Hello, I had a dream I got an abortion because I was scared my baby would have a disorder (like the ziki virus issue). And I had to say no to her birth, I felt her spirit was waiting, but, she couldn't come. Does that mean anything?

Jas 11 months ago

In My dream everyone had magicpowrs, this happened at my parents current house/farm. First me and my hubby killed a poj dab child (a kid who used to ride the bus with me)The poj dab child let us kill him, i was kinda sad when we did? But he seemed so sad? First i think we slit it's throat from the right then broke it's neck to make sure it was dead then threw it in the pond with what seemed like some other bodies. When we were heading back home i first saw one bright moon in the sky with a halo around it then the more i looked i saw 5 or so moons with halos around them in the sky. The sky seemed like it was a dark purple. And also I felt like I was being watched the whole time all of this was happening. Then when we got in the house poj dab and poj ntxoog started coming out every where outside and we were using magic to fight them. Just wanting some insight on what this could mean. Thanks a bunch!!

Lana 10 months ago

Today, I had a dream that a big dog bit me on my thigh and wouldn't let go of it. I was crying so hard.

Also, I dreamed that a four month baby gave birth to a snake and that snake had four souls. One of those soul was cousin. They turned to human ghosts where they only stayed and left during New Years. When they would leave, my grandpa would blow the qeej to guide them home and I would cry because my cousin was leaving again.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 10 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Lisa: Dreams about snakes usually means pregnancy, someone in you know is pregnant, or it could be you. Sometimes it just means your baby spirits are close to you. Don't give up on them.

Samantha: Its definitely a calming dream. I dont think there is anything you should worry about. Plants growing is a sign o fertility. its a good dream! good luck! ;).

Ying 10 months ago

I had a dream that I had a baby and my baby was sick and she had these little bumps everywhere. In my dream I had a baby, but in real life I don't have one yet. What could this mean?

shoua 10 months ago

About the brest feeding milk thingy i believe its true my dad got into the situations back in thailand or laos not sure lighting didnt struck my dad but struck around the house

Easy Exercise profile image

Easy Exercise 10 months ago from United States

The Hmong chicken is delicious. And the smell is comforting. I had the honor of working with several professionals who are Hmong and I found the superstitions, the culture, the clothing absolutely fascinating.

I hope to someday hear how the Hmong chicken diet for mothers does or doesn't make sense. I have a feeling the high protein is advantageous to the new mother.

Any further insights you can offer?

Yer X. 9 months ago

My Parents have passed away for a few years now and once in while I have dreams about them. In those dreams my dad would come to me without any clothes on and lecture me. When I dream of my mom she never speaks to me. Its never a scary dresm or never have I felt scared. I wake up sometimes being very emotional. Can you please interpret my dream?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 9 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Easy exercise: I wrote a hub about the Chicken diet :)

Ying: it usually doesn't mean anything

Yer: I would burn some spiritual money for them. call for your parents, tell your dad and mom to come and use the money to buy him clothes to wear and for whatever use they need. when the time is right., your mom will say something.,

Yer X. 9 months ago

A big thank you Shekatie coming from Minnesota!!

shekatie profile image

shekatie 9 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Your welcome yer! Please do follow up. :)

Wong 9 months ago

Hi good interpretations

shekatie profile image

shekatie 9 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Wong: thanks!!

Mai 9 months ago

Does dreaming about pouring rain mean anything?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 9 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Through my experience it means hardship., you are either facing or going to experience a difficult time., it could be hearing bad news and or making a tough decision.,

Cris 9 months ago

I dreamt of a large wave being stuck in the air. I can see all fishes swimming. Then the wave finally crashed and water came inside my house.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 9 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Cris: it means obstacles, hardship, tears...

Tina 9 months ago

I had a scary dream. We were like somewhere and like selling things for new year and someone says there is a specific time were three big bulldogs would come and kill you if you weren't sleep by noon. Then a siren went on which means the dogs are coming so we all vanished to sleep then I saw the dogs coming telling my family to sleep asap. I slept with my aunt and uncle and then we heard the door open and it was my other aunt. She went to the table of shaman things and pray for protection and she says that something going to happen and tells me to pray for myself. Right when I was going to, I blacked out and woke up. I told my friend about this and she say it's a bad sign and for me to just stay home for a few days. I'm curious, is it bad?

Yang 8 months ago

I had a dream about visiting one of my little aunt and when we got to the house her parent said someone broke into their house at night secretly and raped her then killed her..and we slept at their place that day and it seems like the guy knew that I was there..and came that night to my little aunts room thinking that I slept there but I went to sleep with my brothers, like in between them and the guy left..what does it mean?? ......and these few days before my dream I felt like someone was watching me but after the dream the feeling disappear.

Ying 8 months ago

My mom had a dream that my grandpa ( he past away) gave her a cucumber and I took it. Does this mean anything?

Luv89thao 8 months ago

I have a female dog and she only have 1 pup... my in-laws said is bad luck. So knw they r saying that we have to kill both of them, which I do not understand it at all... n they were saying that we have to do jingle bell... can u guys please tell me wat does it means?

xee 8 months ago

I kept dreaming of dab .. A lot .. Like rhwt coming looking for me .. And Trapping me in a house and I'll try to escape ... Just today I dreamed I shut myself in a house cause I saw a little baby who is a dab. . it tried to get in my house .. I refuse ri open the door .. He was so strong I had trouble closing the door. .... As I got it to shut .. The baby kept crying and crying ...

shekatie profile image

shekatie 8 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

luv89thao: I've never heard such a thing before. Maybe they're just trying to get rid of your dog and its puppy. I wouldn't believe them, if I were you

Xee: I would seek help from a shaman,. but your guardian are trying to help you by keeping you locked inside your house. Stop going out late and stay home for a few days,.

Ying: Its good luck!

Yang: Do a cleansing... house cleansing either from a shaman or spiritual healer or pastor.

Tina: Your friend is right, stay home for a few days.

Lily 7 months ago

I live with my in laws & me and my husband stay downstairs. I had a dream that there was a mini stove and fridge downstairs and it randomly started smelling. We looked and the mini stove had burned the mini fridge, and it was starting a small fire. It was just a small one, and my birth dad was there and he was extinguishing the fire. He through the mini fridge outside and He looked at the stove and the handle (that turns on the fire of the stove) was on. So he used these tongs to turn it off and my husband got a bucket of water and killed the fire. What does this mean?

Tina 6 months ago

I had a dream about dragon. This one partner of mine and me were fighting with the dragon because it had killed many people. We been trying to duh tanf fight. We fought so hard. The dragon blacked out me. So my friend and I both lost. As a pinch of my eye was opened, the dragon turn himself into a human and out a bad smell on me and my friend. Then it disappear. What does this mean?

Red 6 months ago

I had a dream about snakes. First I heard a bell ringing, I went to check it and saw it was a snake. I ran to grab my purse n saw two in there. A lady was sitting at the door had like three snakes on her left side. Then out of no where one came real fast out of no where n bit my left toe. I felt it and was screaming asking someone to take it off but then I woke up.

Another dream is about me getting a knife and gun. Having wars n I needed a weapon.

Michelle 6 months ago

I had a dream that I was coming home from a vacation and had a baby boy. In my dream I could see how my baby looks like, I could see my boyfriend carrying him around and playing with him. What does it mean? Before that, I've also had a dream that a snake was trying to attack my nephew and my mom while we were in the car. I was afraid that it would bite them so I decided to grab on the snake and throw it out the car (we were in the car) but as I threw it out, it bit my arm. What does this means?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 6 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

ANy dreams about snake is a symbol of pregnancy or children spirit that are close by. If you saw yourself in labor it means you are healing from an illness.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 6 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Any dreams about snakes is a symbol or sign of pregnancy and or child spirits are around. It could be you or someone close to you. Dreams about knife and guns are another sign of children spirit in your case... it mean Boy spirits.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 6 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

From my experience,, dragon meant pregnancy, usually a boy.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 6 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

I shouldnt worry too much... since the fire was destroyed.

Hlis nra 6 months ago

I dreamt that my two front teeth came out and so did the ones next to them. But I didn't know how they fell out or where they were

shekatie profile image

shekatie 6 months ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Hli : it means sickness., you and or someone close to you

jan 6 months ago

i had a dream that i had went went down to the lake and there were a group of people trying to catch fishes. From there i passed a guy who had just caught an enormous size cat fish and i went to my friend who was at the end and asked if he got any luck and he said no and so i told him that the guy over there had just caught a bunch of different kinds of fish. We went to go look and there were crabs and lobsters and fishes. Turns out he was a japanese fisherman. There were goods playing with the fishes he had caught and he seemed like an angry old man. We were trying to help him and so there was a bag of red crabs that were his. I tried to pick it up and help him with it, Crabs were falling out of the bag and all of a sudden the bottom ripped and they all fell out. Me and my friends just said forget it and took off. The old man ran after us but he didn't speak no language. In the dream the old man just made noises. So i went back to help him cause i felt bad and when i got there, there was this plastic tub that had ice and a lobster and crab. I had the water hose and i guess i was filling it up. The lobster wasn't moving but the crab was trying its hardest to get out of the cold water. The old man had so much crabs that i was so confuse of how to help him. I asked my buddy where is he going to put all of these crabs and i turned around and there was this restaurant that the old man was trying to tell people to get out so we can put the crabs in there. But..... the dream changed to something different and there was this girl that i use to like. I was telling her that i was gonna move back. I was helping her clean up her moms place and in there we had something going on but i woke up. You have any idea what it means?

Lisa 5 months ago

My mother in law had a dream of my sister and brother in law carrying raw meats and a bag or rice (un cooked). They were with a couple of other people in the dream. What does this type of dream mean?

Yoh 4 months ago

I just had a dream and it was really werid I dream that there was a horse in my garage and it looked like it needed to pee so i open the door to the back yard so it can pee it went near a puddle than a crocodile pop out and bit it than all of sudden a anaconda pop out too and tried to eat the crocodile I than walk closer to look at it I than saw a small snake so i hit it with the Hmong farming tool thingy and cut it's head I looked around to see if there's more and cut two more snakes head than run back inside and told everybody there was an anaconda fighting a crocodile they didn't really seem to care so i ran and look at it the anaconda was bitting it's head not swallowing it than the went into the water 4 or 5 turtle pop out of the side than went in the water too. Its really weird and I'm tripping the f out lol what's the meaning help I have a gf too been dating for 2 almost 3 year not ready for a baby yet hahah help?

kim 4 months ago

I dream of breast feeding a baby and milk coming out. In reality I am not pregnant nor ever had a child. Does it mean anything?

Mai 4 months ago

I had a dream about a snake biting me once but then I suck the poison out after the bite. What could that mean??

Nou Ci 4 months ago

I had a dream last night that I was picking money from the ground, what does it mean?

JPKYG 3 months ago

I dream a white snake. It did not bite me or have any bad feeling. It was going pass by and was carry like a bright shining yellow gold star. Does it mean anything?? I have dream 3 times of a white snake.

QTyg 3 months ago

Had a dream of my husband took my daughter and I fishing in this small lake/river and as he was fishing I was in the water with my daughter trying to bring her to higher ground. As I put her up I could see all these small fishes swimming and a baby shark. Eventually I got bite by two baby sharks right on my calves. Mean anything?

Yang 3 months ago

The other day I dreamed about 3 dragons. 2 dragons (1 white/yellow like the snake & 1 neon green) who lived underwater (they were regular size dragons) & there was the other one who ruled the sky & he's pure white gold & he is 2X bigger than the other 2. All I remember when I woke up from this dream was, I was helping the 2 dragons who lived underwater start a fire like how you would when camping. & the dragon from the sky had flown down to tell me something, but I don't remember much of what he had said. But I have the feeling where he wasn't too happy towards me.

Yer X. 8 weeks ago

Hey Shekatie, I wanted to follow up regarding the outcome to my previous dream of burning money paper for my folks.. I haven't had a dream of my parents recently so it worked out. I also wanted to say thank you for taking your time to share your vision for us. It looks overwhelming. Lol.. lastly, I wanted to say that you are very beautiful and is there by any chance that you are in a relationship?

yangyang 7 weeks ago

So I've been having weird dreams for the past two months either I'm holding a knife, with crocodiles surrounded by them, eating fruits(one night I specifically dreamt of picking and eating mangoes), getting bitten by snakes and harvesting crops specifically corn. All of my dreams, I'm encountering basically the same things. What does this even mean?

Ntxawm 4 weeks ago

I had a dream that my husband bought me three silver gold diamond rings and I was wearing it proudly. What does It mean?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

it means good luck

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Yoh: that is an add dream. I am not too sure of what it means. But a Horse means its your "khua neeb" or spiritual guides., To me it just sounds like its a spiritual baby dreams. It could be someone you know is pregnant., or just probably dreaming of your baby spirits, which is common. Hope this helps

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

I'm not sure....

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

It could be a "premonition" dream. Dreaming of something that is going to happen in the future... You'll know, when that day comes...

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

SNake bites means pregnancy or child spirit dreams.... You or someone could be pregnant

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Finding money and actually touching money in dreams, means you will most likely lose money.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

I am guessing that its probably a child spirit dream...

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Check with the elders on this one.. getting bit in dreams usually is a bad sign... esp when you're in water.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Dragons are another symbolic creature that signifies "child spirit" usually male. So you are seeing or encountering with your spirit children.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Yer X. Thank you, I am glad that I was able to help you find a solution to your dreams., as I believe that very much of what we dream about affects us in a lot of ways. Thank you so much for following up with your story! I am beyond blessed! Currently, I'm a single mother, and yes, I'm currently in a relationship.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Yangyang: It looks like you could be expecting/pregnant. Most likely a girl.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 4 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Ntxawm: It means good luck

Ying 4 weeks ago

I always dreamed about a close family member visiting me in my dream. Then in reality they actually pass away, this happens to every close family member. Is there a meaningful behind all these dreams. I always get so scared after dreaming.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 2 weeks ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Ying: Don't be scared, you have a very special gift.

Mai Thao Xiong 2 weeks ago

I always have dreams about elevators the passed few years and what is the meaning of it.

shekatie profile image

shekatie 13 days ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

@Mai Thao Xiong: Elevators; whenever I have dreams about going up and down,. usually means I'll be facing some type of challenge... being indecisive. It could be the rise of something good or a downfall.

Ying 9 days ago

What kind of gift?

shekatie profile image

shekatie 9 days ago from Somewhere in the East Coast Author

Ying: sometimes dreams are a way that spirits can connect or communicate with us... and it seems that you are more sensitive in that spiritual part. Spirits/ghost/entity only reveal theirselves to those that they chose to show themselves to.... if they aren't harming you... It's nothing bad.

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