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Many churches today do not honor a pastor. Some of this is the fault of the clergy. Most of the time, it is the doing of Satan as his dominance over the earth becomes more powerful. Today it seems that pastors are attacked for just about anything and if there is nothing then something is made up.

There was a time when the pastor was looked up to as one of the community leaders. People looked to the pastor not only for pastoral leadership but also to help keep the community on the straight and narrow. The pastor’s word meant something. The people gave honor to the pastor by having reverence for his pastoral authority.

The first thing that usually happens in a pastoral dispute is a person stops tithing. He does not agree with the pastor so he stops tithing and then starts telling other people, “I stopped tithing because I do not agree with the pastor. I can no longer honor his ministry.” He will usually throw this phase in there, “God told me to do this.” This seems to give the words spiritual authority.

Millions have been slaughtered physically and spiritually by the utterance of these meaningless words. Usually people in this frame of spirituality have no idea what a word from God even is.

So how do we “Honor a pastor?”

There are many ways. One of the first is being on time and prepared for Sunday school and church. It is very rude to come dragging into church after the service has started. It is a distraction that takes attention off of what the pastor is preaching and puts it on the individual making an entrance.

Honoring a pastor has turned into destroying the pastor at all cost. Many church members and non-church members do this. Some may do it without realizing it, but many do it on purpose because they serve Satan. The Bible tells us that there will be those who will infiltrate the church and deceive even the elect.

Be Prepared for Worship

Being prepared for the service means that during the week one has read and studied the Word of God. Being prepared means that during the week one has spent more time in prayer than in front of the TV (I am guilty here.) Being prepared means actually applying the Word of God to our lives in such a way that people know we are Christians. This is how we honor a pastor during the week. I refer to this as the meat and vegetables of our Christian living.

We are at church on Sunday for dessert, as I like to call it. So many people come to church and have not had any meat and vegetables during the week and they think they can survive on the dessert only. This means that shortly after the service, when the sugar high is gone, they will be right back down in the dumps. This does not honor a pastor or God.

Another way to honor a pastor is to respect his time, especially his family time. Most people in the church know when the pastor eats his meals and spends time with his family. This time should be guarded. The pastor should not be the only one in the church equipped to handle a family emergency. When possible leave the pastor alone when he is at home.

Another way to honor a pastor is to make sure his salary package is enough to take care of his family. So often it seems that the pastor is expected to pull a forty hour week at the office and work a part time job, and be at all the church functions. The pastor is a human being, not Superman.

Another way to the honor a pastor is to give him 100% of your support. Do not gossip about him. Do not listen to gossip about him or his family from others. I have often said that many families leave the church and have fried pastor for lunch. My family used to do it. The pastor is doing the best job he can based on his education, policies and experience. This is all we can ask of ourselves in our work place; it is all we should ask of the pastor in the church environment.

Prepare the Church for Worship

Another way to honor the pastor is to publicly recognize his contribution to the body of Christ. We like to do this for teachers and other workers, but sometimes we forget about the pastor and his family.

One more way for the church to honor a pastor is to make sure the church is prepared for Sunday service. Too often, in too many churches, the pastor has to rush about Saturday night and/or Sunday morning making sure there is toilet paper and soap in the bathrooms. Make sure that this or that or the other is ready to go so that the church puts forth its best foot each Sunday.

The teachers should be on time for their classes and prepared. When teachers accept a position in the church they are saying, "I am going to spend time studying the lesson each week and be prepared for my class. I am not going to prepare Saturday night for Sunday morning."

Preparing on Saturday night leaves no room for the Spirit to speak to the teacher during the week about the lesson. Also, the teacher who gets up on Sunday morning and prepares or is still reading the material as the students come to class needs to resign. They have missed the point.

I have heard of some churches that go and mow the pastor’s lawn. Some will clean the pastor's house or do other things to help the pastor.

Another way to honor a pastor is for the church family to come to church with a heart prepared to worship God. Too often, families arrive at church after rushing around all morning, fighting or other things before service. Some families have even spent time watching TV before they arrive at church.

One of the reasons for the rushing around and bickering is the lack of sleep they got on Saturday night. Some families stay up way too late on Saturday night so they are in no condition to worship God on Sunday. This is one of Satan’s subtle attacks on the church and family but it is a most effective one.

Showing proper respect for the pastor is the best way to honor a pastor. Greet the pastor each time you see him with a warm hand shake or better yet, a hug. Tell him you appreciate all he does. Speak with respect to him and not down at him. Call him pastor, reverend, brother and not “hey you.”

I hope this has been helpful so that you will be able to honor your pastor correctly.

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wisdom 4 years ago

This is so true. Our pastor has been saying this for a year. I am a late comer although my church is a walking distance. This is truly an eye opening. Thanks for a great article. If we each do our part, God glory will be revealed.


Wonderful and very true, timely comments .

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