Horoscope Matching: The Gift of Vedic Astrology

Why Do We Need Horoscope Matching

Vedic Astrology with its gift of horoscope matching has been like a heaven for those who believe in long term or if we can say, eternal relationships. Furthermore, marriage is a point which has been mentioned in Vedic religion, in which it has been stated as an eternal relationship, which might not essentially be absolutely pleasurable, but at least must be a mix bag of more pleasures and few difficulties as in life.

Why Do We Need Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching or horoscope compatibility ensures that to happen. Also referred as Guna Milap, Kundali matching, and Ashtakoot Milan, horoscope matching ensures that no one falls into a relationship with a person, with whom one is destined to be incompatible, and with whom one is destined to face more difficulties than pleasures in a marital relationship. Horoscope matching is also a guide for one to not fall in a marital relationship, which is destined to conclude on a bitter note in the form of separation, or in the form of too many conflicts.

How Horoscope Matching is done

Horoscope matching involves assessing the factors of Nakshatras (or lunar constellations) of both the boy’s horoscope and the girl’s horoscope which are believed to hold an impact in the success or failure of a marriage between two specific people. A total of eight factors or descriptions are considered by astrology to make an influence, and all of them are individually assessed in individual’s horoscope and are then put on the same level to be compared.

At the end, they are allotted with scores. With the maximum score marked at 36, any horoscope matching deriving a horoscope compatibility score of more than 18 is considered to symbolize for the presence of compatibility, and thus boy and girl in question are considered as suitable for one another in a relationship. Any score less than the half mark of 18 is considered to symbolize for absence of compatibility, and thus the boy and girl in question are not considered to be suitable for one another in a relationship. The higher the score goes, the better are the chances of marriage clicking a happy note, and the lower the score goes, the more are the chances of marriage clicking on a bad note.

Horoscope Matching Beyond Marriage

Horoscope Matching is not confined to evaluate the presence of compatibility for only marital relationships. It is equally effective for estimating compatibility, understanding, and thus the chances of success in a professional relationship, as in between two business partners, in between a boss and employee, and busi9ness and client. In the present time, many people do make sure to get it done at the professional level as one, keeping in sense the increased competition and availability of resources.

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