Horoscope Review: Real Astrologer Eugenia Last Is Astrology's Dear Abby

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Real North American astrologer Eugenia Last has daily and weekly online horoscopes on her site but they are nowhere near as irresistible as her weekly "Readers Email" column featuring three selected real-life questions about her readers' relationships, jobs or finances. Anyone can send her a question. Using birth information -- which must be accurate -- and planetary transits, Ms. Last can tell her reader "Sad Lover", "Frankly, you could do better," or inform a suspicious female that "He has the chart of a deceiver."

Like the people who write to "Dear Abby," Last's readers are people you might relate to: the secretary anxious to be lucky with lotto tickets, a cheating wife asking if her lover is marriage material, or a cougar complaining about her young man (their only identifying information is their birth dates, which give away their ages). And more serious issues too. New answer columns are posted Sundays and some are better than others.

Don't seek out Ms. Last for a thrillingly interactive website or witty writing. She interprets natal, current, and future planetary conditions in a very clear and practical way and has done it like this for more than 10 years. She's an Aries, and hers are the answers people need, not necessarily the ones they'd like. Her motto is "The ancient art of astrology is the modern art of timing." Many of her replies include a window of time ("The Uranus transit will help and will be prominent in your chart until Spring 2014") so readers can wait out their troubles, make plans, or know that the right time to act is now.

Generally, horoscopes are consulted for their advice -- that is what they're for -- but few real astrologers have long-running columns answering real-life questions from real people. Of course some readers get the free answers but any fan can get a personal and confidential answer by buying a private priority consultation. Eugenia Last is the astrologer whose syndicated column, "The Last Word in Astrology," replaced the one written by the internationally famous forecaster Jeane Dixon. Maybe Eugenia Last will be the last word in astrology for you.

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, monitors 70-plus online horoscope sites and psychic sites for quality and accuracy. Copyright 2011 by Sylvia Sky. Sylvia does not select or endorse the ads appearing alongside her articles.

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