Horoscope Review: George Tupak, the Tough-Guy Psychic Shaman, Can Change Your Life, He Says

The Native American "dreamcatcher" is said to filter good dreams from bad. Tupak's original homepage pictured a dreamcatcher; his new page tones down the Indian angle.
The Native American "dreamcatcher" is said to filter good dreams from bad. Tupak's original homepage pictured a dreamcatcher; his new page tones down the Indian angle. | Source

The "Native American" Shaman's Shameless "Drip Campaign"

“Tupak, the Visionary Shaman” sent me 13 emails in three weeks. “If You Had Contacted Me, Sylvia, Your Life Would Be So Much Better By Now!” was the thirteenth email’s subject line. I clicked a link in it and read about “Joyce,” age 64, who just eight days ago won $3 million playing lotto with Tupak’s numbers and also at the exact same time found true love. Tupak is as good as God, I guess, because “he” claims “With me, everything is possible!”

“George Tupak” is a robot email program in the huge and lucrative online-psychic business. Our fake shaman is pictured as a 30ish white American gent. His creators gave “him” an exotic name, a manly face, and an attitude. This hard-boiled, shaven-headed character says he has nothing to prove and will tell the truth whether you like it or not. Manly as he is, he still keeps “Tupak’s Secret Boutique,” selling a very obviously fatuous "Luck Activator" ($39 USD), a download to read with Adobe Reader. “About Me” says his full name is Hiamovi Tupak, and that “Hiamovi” honors his Cheyenne Indian great-great grandfather who gave him his powers. But after starting out as "Tupak" he now calls himself “George Tupak.” Go figure.

Those who’ve sampled free readings by Gabriella, Norah, Jenna, Maria Medium, Pasqualina, Padre, and other proven “entertainment only” online psychic bots will find Tupak works the same way. Input your birth information and receive via email a link to your free online “reading,” very lengthy and vague and insisting that you click now and pay for a deeper reading. More emails are sent to nag and threaten you with missing your moment and many moons of bad luck. This repetitive advertising is called “a drip campaign.” A buyer reviewed his Tupak experience in the Spells Psychics Spirits Review Forum: “[Tupak] charges 99 dollars for a detailed reading which turns out to be a lot of hype. For example he said in mine that I was restless in my marriage and that I need to focus on working things out, he was 100 percent wrong.” Tupak then offered further help for $399, a discount off his usual $600 charge. For free, Tupak welcomed me, Sylvia, to his "circle of friends," saying that he knows, telepathically, that I'm "swimming in troubled waters" and can't make ends meet, that negative and narrow-minded people surround me, and "deep down, Sylvia, you want a change." None of this is true. Using another identity and birthday I got the same message except for the zodiac sign.

If you want to know if an online psychic, medium, or shaman is genuine, before buying visit the site’s “Terms of Use” or “Privacy Policy” page. There the small print must admit that it’s all entertainment and “cultural content,” whatever that means. Tupak’s page of small print is no different. Like most psychic frauds, "he" has been pressured to make refunds available, but a Scambook complaint says Tupak isn't good at giving money back. Read the full Scambook complaints report here.

Where Tupak differs from Gabriella, Norah and the rest is in his extremely exaggerated promises, threats and claims ("I know one of these days USD 50,000 will fall into your bank account") and the flawless English used in “his” robotic communications. And, in a clever move by his owners, “he” attempts to heighten his credibility by discussing your zodiac sign character traits in his free reading, under the heading “Who Are You (insert name)?” He’ll say to avoid three to six (!) other signs. All this means is that someone wrote 12 Sun-Sign character readings a couple of paragraphs long, and the bot “plugs in” yours, the same way your name is plugged in a total of 17 times. It’s meant to impress you. In the next paragraph Tupak admits he's not an astrologer.

The name “Tupak” of course brings to mind the late U.S. rapper and actor Tupac Shakur, named by his Black Panther mother for a heroic Inca who resisted the Spanish invaders. Both Tupacs were murdered in their prime. Shakur suffered as a kid because of his unusual name (schoolmates called him “Tubesock”) and his music promoted violence; he was shot to death at age 25. For many reasons, “Hiamovi Tupak” is a very unlikely name for an American parent to give a child. But, assuming he might be a real human being in his 20s or 30s, he or even “George” Tupak would have been tagged, or mentioned, or left other traces of his earlier days as a visionary shaman somewhere on the Internet. There aren’t any. He's a total fiction and so is his claim "I, TUPAK, know all life’s secrets, all the shortcuts, and the ways to solve all your problems."

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, monitors online psychic and horoscope sites for quality and accuracy. Copyright 2015 by Sylvia Sky. If you’ve worked with Tupak, aka George Tupak, please describe your experience in the Comment section. Sylvia does not select or endorse the ads appearing on her pages.

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leilana 4 years ago

He said the same for me amd its all wrong. Thanks for this. Luckily i didn't buy the scam.

full moon 4 years ago

he said that same stuff to me. He said and gave me numbers and told me friday the 13th July 2012 will change my life. Not one of the Numbers matched now he is back talking about this power words!

Mily 4 years ago

Sadly that so many people beleave in this bullshit STILL.

Neena 4 years ago

Wow, he said the same bs to me as well. All I can do is laugh and thankfully not regreting sending this fool my money. As this mess about ppl I associate with seemed true and the guys I attract as well. Wow, he's as fake as the advice he gives.

Wilma 4 years ago

My brother sent me the link for Tupak with the caption " bored ?" I had no idea what it was all about but was certainly curious, so I filled out my details and sent it off. I was amused with his reply which is most definitely a computer generated amalgamation. A compilation of the information at hand and a generalization of the average "wish list" for most. The ego boosting 'because you're intelligent I know you won't ignore this' all very cleverly put together. Good entertainment, waste of time and if you swallowed it, waste of money too.

Khao 4 years ago

...being an aspiring Mage...(Chaos Mage) I regularly check out free readings from "psychics" and I must say that Tupac is probably one of the worst I have seen yet...his free report was so blatantly wrong if he met me he would be embarrassed (if he existed). I found the report to be extremely generic, dealing with all the normal issues of day to day life that can fit into anyone's life with about 80% accuracy. My advice if you do need help , find a quiet place meditate and know that you are solely (and souly ) responsible for the creation of your own life and that all problems stem from within each and everyone of us, and that is where we must go to find the answers and change the negatives in our life. Love and Light Eternal!!

Keith 4 years ago

I received his email in my spam box. (1st clue) He said all the things as reported in the above responses. He said many things that were totally wrong. I am happily married and I have a wonderful family and what friends I have are good friends, not an enemy lurking behind me. I have experienced money problems just like everyone else and many times I get a free reading from people just like him. Luckily I check all reviews on these folks and find they are all fakes that take advantage of the people that can't afford their help. (If you can call it that) I have never found a true psychic, they are all people who say a few things to get your money from you. My advice is to take that $70 to $100 they want you to give them and buy something for your spouse, family, friend or even maybe yourself

angelia s 4 years ago

hey received his email he told me all the same things that you mention about the 50,000 that I was going to received and that I should join his inner circle of friends and with his help my life would be better lol . In GOD I TRUST.

Sarah 4 years ago

Yeh he fits in the too good to be true catagory- I asked a question about payment and received a generic message with a bit more of a 'free' reading and the rest was borderline threatening wich set off alarm bells. The free one though was actually very accurate so I can understand how some people get snagged I almost did wich is embarrassing. His testimonials are far and few between too wich doesn't look good. What he has said to people in these other posts he had said to me also. Just another sham.

Kim 4 years ago

Almost got snagged too! :[

What really made me question the sincerity of this sir was that I wasn't to tell anyone else. That I need to change everything about myself. That no one offers good advice (but him). I'ma win the lotto big time and I should be dependent on his help for all corners of my life...

I've always been told that a reliable psychic will not propose you be dependent on their help.

dr.sohail 4 years ago

hey guys, the same stuff I've received ... just wanna share one funny thing which will expose his ' Great Power' .. in my profile,I mentioned that I'm from Pakistan. Actually I'm in US. He even couldn't find from his great power that i'm telling a lie and me not from Pakistan..... hahaha... what a 'God' we have found :)

Angela 4 years ago

I´m really disappointed, I was going to buy the Tupak´s program. But fortunately I have just read this. Thank you everybody to share your experiences

Anthony M...Washington State 4 years ago

I was going to say "I can't believe people would do this to their own kind" but industries like this are just a bunch of bloody wolves in sheep's clothing! I got a few similar emails, knew from the get go it was a scam of some sort, meant to fluff up my ego, and then smash it to the ground, sad, really sad. Thankfully I didn't pay for it :)

Leah 4 years ago

Infortunally, I've paid and DIDN'T RECEAVED ANYTHING from them. Really, they are just a bunch of bloody wolves in sheep's clothing!

javiera hernandez 4 years ago

Hola!! soy de chile... buscando respuestas a mis dudas existenciales, di con la pagina de tupak... me hize la vision gratuita y le crei todo... al punto ke me estaba enamorando de su imagen... no llegue a comprar su servicio porque no tengo cuenta bancaria... pero me parece muy raro que le mando preguntas y no responde nunca a mis mensajes. Agradesco lo publicado!! pero me da pena de verdad como pueden jugar tanto con la gente!! Gracias.

javiera hernandez 4 years ago

estoy decepcionada, me enganche con el (supuesto), crei todo inocentemente... casi me cree una cuenta bancaria para pagar su servicio... hasta ke decidi buscar informacion y encontre este sitio... realmente es una verguenza....alguien conoce a un astrologo de confianza y real??

Emily 4 years ago

Same thing, atfirst it seemed so accurate but i guess he tells the same thing to everyone :/

Lili 4 years ago

Realmente decepcionada con una persona que da la imagen positiva de ayudar a la gente,de hacer creer que es un humanista.

Al 4 years ago

Tupak- Psychic, don't sign up for that! Take my word for it he will take your money and there is no way you can contact him.

EVANDRO 4 years ago


VMR64 4 years ago

Hi all same email, same BS same everything, glad I didn't go ahead, I thought it seemed a little too far fetched and that's when I decided to google reviews on Tupak.........STAY AWAY PEOPLE will only cost you money and possibly other things if you're not careful!

d... 4 years ago

oh my god ... what a bullshit .... I was going to buy the tupak program to solve my love =( problems .....

Stay away people hopefully many people are shearing they experience

stay away ... you will buy more problems ... mexico city

Wendy 4 years ago

I read all of this way too late, I have asked for my money back moments after signing up, we will see. I guess I am desperate!!

Thanks all for sharing!!

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

Tupak is building a reputation for not giving money back.

Judy - NZ 4 years ago



George 4 years ago

Tupak told me in my free reading that I have a very bad problem with drug, alcohol or both. This couldn't be further from the truth, because I never have and never will use either.

Isabel 4 years ago

I also received the same emails, at first he sounded so accurate but I'm glad I found this hub. He will not be getting any of my money.

Is there anyone that can really be trusted.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

Real psychics don't need to advertise; they develop followings by word of mouth. So no online psychics are real. Seek real astrologers or Tarot readers you can meet in person and who will give you references.

Efra 4 years ago

Que farsa...yo apenas recibí un correo el día de ayer (y dije; vamos a ver hasta donde llega esta farsa) me dijo que esperara 48hrs, las cuales obviamente todavía no han pasado, y me di a la taria de buscar un poco sobre este tio.. y con lo que me encuentro!!! "nada" este tio es tan falso como el supuesto triunfo presidencial del EPN aqui en Mexico evidentemente es una farsa... nada es gratis en esta vida!! pero, al leer los comentarios me doy cuenta que todavia hay gente ingenua que cree en este tipo de rufianes...!!!

tlc 4 years ago

What a fool i have been, Just signed up for 3 instalments to be taken off credit card, How can i stop this now?I am very intelligent and cannot believe my stupidity.Just wanted hope for a better life.

Will i have to cancel my credit cards? To stop this.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

Call the credit card company and dispute the charges.

Ja 4 years ago

thanks for posting all the comments. from curiosity i filled in tupak's form for free visionary reading, got an email which i did not really like to read... it sounded like im not living my life but im suffering without getting help from him. he mentioned that i shouldn't sit in front of my TV and buy what they say. he mentioned this several times. well, for 10 years i haven't had any TV at home... (what a visionary he is!). no comment. stay away! is the only thing i can say...

Fabio 4 years ago

I've just found this on my spambox. Curiously I've been receiving a lot of astrology spam as of late for some reason. I wonder if I registered my e-mail on a related website.

Nonetheless, it is intriguing that it was all written in good Portuguese (I'm Brazilian). The message offered me a divination for the year of 2013. So yep, the "guy" is still going strong, possibly in various different languages, watch out for that.

There is also a link to a suspicious website telling me that it would cancel my e-mail subscription, but I have a feeling that it will just nudge the spammers about my mail activity and result in more spam coming.

It really is surprising that such scammers are able to do their thing freely online with impunity. This "guy" has been around for over a year!

Bonnie 4 years ago

Just got back from going to the bank to cancel my card so that the fake ass can't have (2) more of my $26.33 dollars in change! Luckily when I ordered the $299.00 Telelpathic sessions which supposedly was consisting of (4) of them spread over a month's period, my bank contacted me via email, and text alerts stating fraud on my card! Bingo! So there you have it! plain and simple, don't believe in such grandeurs, because they usually come out to be a LIE! A few people made the comparison of sheep in wolves clothing...... that's exactly who this guy is, part of the evil that is around us, beware, if it sounds too good to be true, than it is!!! People like him will pay for hurting and taking advantage of good and innocent people! Bonnie

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

Thanks, Bonnie, and congratulations to you for outsmarting a fake psychic, and kudos to your bank for warning you that those $299 "sessions" were fraudulent.

profile image

freebearlife 4 years ago

If you go to the privacy policy on his website under payments and refunds, this is where you know to keep your money in your pocket. It quotes:

"If a User’s credit card is refused, mediumtupak.com will submit it again within the accepted time limit, and as many times as the rules in effect allow.

mediumtupak.com reserves the right to add, remove, suspend, or temporarily or permanently replace payment systems with the goal of optimizing the quality of services, without prior notice.

mediumtupak.com reserves the right to adjust the prices without prior notice. "

brya magubane 4 years ago

as i write this i was about to make a transaction to "HIM" then something made me to google this character and bam!!!... i found this hub, yep i guess i don't have to tell you what you already know, iam not living the life that i was born for, i've got far greater luck waiting for my grasp blah!...blah!.. blah!...and all that nonsense, thanxs guys i almost fell for it.

rita 4 years ago

eu nem acredito que existem pessoas que se aproveitam assim do mao estar alheio.

recebi o primeiro e mail a 1 mes atras e desde aí que nao pararam, eu tenho estado so a espera de receber o meu ordenado para aceitar.

ainda bem que me deu na cabeca vir procurar algo sobre este homem, se nao tivesse visto os vossos comentarios tinha ficado sem dinheiro nenhum para me orientar durante todo o mes, ou seja passava fome enquanto este homem (se existir) vive á grande as nossas custas,

obrigado a todos

thank you all

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

Google Translate translation of Rita's Portuguese comment just above:

I can not believe there are people who take advantage of the hand well being of others.

I received the first e-mail to one month ago and since then did not stop, so I've been waiting to receive my salary to accept.

I'm glad you gave me on the head come looking something about this man, if he had not seen your comments had been left without any money to guide me throughout the month, ie starved while this man (if any) will live our great expense,

thanks to all

Jorge 4 years ago

Yo vivo en Mexico y recientemente recibi un mensage de Tupak en mi correo electronico, lo extraño es que el mensage que me envio del test el me ha dicho muchas cosas que me estan pasando el no ha fallado en sus mensages, de hecho me ha enviado como 10 mensages pero yo solo ley unos cuantos y me quedo pensando como es que esl save de mi vida ? hace unos dias fui a jugar a un casino y gane una buena cantidad de dinero, el me envio un ultimo mensage ayer Diciembre 27 2012 y me dice que es el ultimo mensage que me envia porque yo no lo he tomado mucho en cuenta , entonces me dio un mejor precio y me dice que en mi ve muchas oportunidades, yo fui ahora y deposite al banco para empezar un estudio con amigo George Tupak , me gustaria algun dia conocerlo en persona creo que es una persona de respeto.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

The above message translated from Spanish:

I live in Mexico and I recently received a message from Tupak in my email, the strange thing is that the message you sent me the test told me many things that are going on I have not failed in your messages actually sent me Messages like 10 but I only law a few and I keep thinking how come esl save my life? few days ago I went to play at a casino and earn a lot of money, he sent me a message yesterday last December 27, 2012 and says it is the last message I sent because I have not taken much into account, then I gave a better price and tells me many opportunities in my looks, I went to the bank and deposit now to start a study with George Tupak friend, someday I would like to meet him in person I think is a person of respect.

(Okay, Jorge: You gamble at casinos and win money and give it to Tupak. I think you aren't very smart.)

jorge 4 years ago

No SylviaSky no me refiero a eso, todavia no empiezo mi estudio estoy esperando la repuesta de Tupak, en unos de los mensages que me envio me dio unas indicaciones y entonces yo fui al casino a jugar y no creia en verdad y gane !!! No es que no sea inteligente solo fue curiosidad de mi parte , tambien he tenido muchas dudas y me he puesto a pensar y analizar muchos puntos y tambien me paso por mi mente de que fuera un robot cibernetico, pero tambien ya lo busque por internet y el si existe. A lo mejor para muchas personas no pueden creer en el porque no pueden ver mas alla no pueden creer en la suerte o no aprovechen y se concnetran en las oportunidades... Saludos

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

Translation of jorge's comment above:

SylviaSky No I do not mean that, I do not start my study still am waiting Tupak's answer, in one of the messages sent he gave me some instructions and then I went to the casino to play and did not believe in truth and win! Not that it was not smart just curiosity on my part, I have also had many questions and I began to think and analyze many points and I also crossed my mind that it was a cybernetic robot, but also because I look online and He does exist. Perhaps for many people cannot believe in because they can not see beyond can not believe in luck or not and take advantage of opportunities concnetran ... regards

ester 4 years ago

hola las personas inteligentes saben que nada es gratis en la vida, yo a este señor le envie un correo donde le digo que me diga los numerosganadores y cuando gane, le regalo el 50% del premio y no me contesto nunca mas.FACIL CIERTO . cuidense amigos.

Sydney 4 years ago

Phew! I was just about to sign up for his programe and something in me said to google him first and here is all the truth !! Thanks guys for sharing your experiences :)

Trish 4 years ago

Wow, I'm so please I googled him before submitting any payments. Sounds like we all got the same reading. Thanks guys much appreciated.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

I am wondering how any potential Tupak client thinks one psychic could handle hundreds of reading requests per day from the Internet, and also be persuaded they are truly personalized readings.

X Buch Akke 4 years ago

Tupak no miente. Tupak somos todos.

Silvia L 4 years ago

I didn't buy it

antifraud 4 years ago

Scammiest thing ever. Don't buy. Flag the emails as spam on gmail, hotmail, aol, ...

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

And do complain about Tupak or whichever other "psychic" rips you off at ripoffreports.com or pissedconsumer.com.

shampipoe 4 years ago

I did get alittle taken in but! was protected after the first admission, somehow they lost my information...and didn't get the rest of the money.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

You are very lucky. Thanks for your comment!

MikeB from NZ 4 years ago

Nothing free about this guy, all is revealed after looking at the complaints, like everyone else I received numerous emails, cripes they were like books!! Anyway very suspicious and had to check him out, pleased I did, beware everyone!!

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA Author

Tupak the Shaman's reputation is crumbling. He (actually a robot email program) is building a track record of consumer complaints, especially about refunds.

sumaira hussain 4 years ago

he sent me so many emails and i was so upset in those days and i paid 14 pounds to him but after that he never answer me.he is such a bad man God cruse him.he take advantage of helpless people.

Vera Benetti 3 years ago

Yep been through it as well. Another scam artist popping u all over now is Maria

Paul Crandell profile image

Paul Crandell 3 years ago

So that's how other psychics do it? Drip campaigns? Where do I sign up? LOL

Dawn 3 years ago

So glad I googled him & came across all your comments, Thank you all for saving me my hard earned money on yet another con artist.

I would also like to let everyone know that Jenna is the same !!

Anyone found a true psychic yet ??

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA Author

Not yet. I have been looking very hard for a real online psychic for two years now. All I have tried are "bots" or fakes. Your best bet is a Tarot card reader or a certified astrologer who can give you references before you give them any money.

Dusty 3 years ago

Its a lot of bullshit..... how can this whatever he calls himself get away with this? I there no way in stopping this??? guy, computerised, whateva hes liked to be called!!!!

Annabel 3 years ago

I nearly fell for it £14 is alot of money to be waisted thank god i googled it, i keep on getting emails from Tupak saying you should do this and that as someone said it's a whole lot of BS.

donna 3 years ago

yes he is after my hard earned money too but I have nothing to give him...after reading this I guess we are all not living the life we should and money is coming to us all.... if hell freezes over we might win that big bag of cash. It would indeed be good to find just one psychic who is truly here to help others not just fill their own wallets...thanks for some insite.

Ashley 3 years ago

Oh no i have just signed up for the 3 month installments, how do i stop them? I wish i had read this first :-(

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA Author

It is hard to get your money back from Tupak the Shaman.

Email refund@tupakmedium.com, with the subject line REFUND ASKED within 30 days, although I doubt you will ever get an answer. His reputation is to promise refunds but not give them.

Then immediately call your credit card company and dispute the charge and they will put a hold on payment. If you didn't pay with a credit card you are sunk; Tupak pay refunds only on credit card transactions.

Tupak's site says that Tupak is owned by some corporation in Hong Kong and run from an office in Malta. Because of that, it is going to be extra hard to get your money back. These scammers are professionals and know how to keep the money.

Tell your friends: All online psychics who offer you "free readings" are scams. I have written reviews of all of the major online psychics and they all say their readings "are for entertainment only."

Scott ( cape town ) 3 years ago

Nearly bought it all but something told me google the guy and very happy I did, as we all know if it sounds too good it will be too good so buyer beware. Thanks for all you messages as I no longer will be bothering.


profile image

ImNotLisaTX 3 years ago

I knew immediately it was fake, but what shocked me is that it was a Publisher's Clearing House promo!

profile image

JodyLe 3 years ago

Mine too came through PCH. I am disappointed in them.

Robyn South Australia 3 years ago

Thank goodness for Google. I always research things and people I don't know about. Must admit though, the promise of better things to come is enticing, particularly to those who are going through a very rough time in their lives. Thank you Silvia. Good to know there are real angels out there looking out for those who are desperate and willing to believe anything to change their unhappy lives. Cheers to you mate.

Tru 3 years ago

I too was contacted through pch. I would say most knew it was a scam before checking. Here's good advice you don't need a psychic. Make good decisions and bad things will stop happening. Keep it up and soon good things wiil start happening. Have faith in God, however, God will not save you from your continual bad decisions and behavior. You can't speed and ask God to protect you from a ticket, cheat on your spouse and ask God to save your marriage, blow your money on and ask God to help pay your house payment. Most peopleare know what the righthell decision is. Make good decisions and pray for help.

Friend for life..? 3 years ago

He, or whoever runs this, has personally answered (these were not at all like his bulk mailings and directly answered my questions) all my queries and he did come through with the one $19 purchase I made. As with all psychic or astrological readings I go into online or in person, I always see it as an entertaining way to check in with myself. So bot or not, I do not feel ripped off. All readings are what they are - entertainment!

A friend for life..? 3 years ago

I just noticed the Publishers Clearing House comments. Why would anyone be surprised his offer came through them? They are one of the longest running scamster's out there!

aruka 3 years ago

I've just used my partners credit card to purchase $19A = $23NZ product from George Tupak. Having read this blogg to discover its a scam that's computer generated I'm worried that now I've disclosed his credit card security number does he/they/it have indiscriminate access to his credit card account without his authority.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA Author

Yes. Usually when you sign up there's a small checkbox that's already checked, that you must uncheck if you wish to opt out of monthly readings or a "Club" or "Golden Circle." Those who buy readings often don't notice the box, don't uncheck it, and therefore allow themselves to become "members" of the "psychic's" "circle" or club, which requires monthly or bi-monthly "dues." They'll take the dues from your card.

Juan 3 years ago

me mando el visionario gratuito y estuve a punto de caer para pagar la cantidad de 80 euros no se si para un mes o para mas.

gracias que encontre esta pagina antes , si no estaria muy jodido gracias

no podia ser tan facil , la vida noes como la pintaba.

Apostle Livingstone Godspower Livingstone 3 years ago

I want to have a signup form for physic search. Thanks

desiree 3 years ago

although he is bad but some of his prediction are accurate i didn't buy because dun have cards but once i unsubscribe, strange things did happen

william 3 years ago

He's got me too! What a fool I've been to believe in some one who doesn't even answer the smallest question. He's now threating me now...To spam he goes maybe purshing is better...

george 3 years ago

I like a lot of people fell for all his bs. However I paid for 5 of his services and on each occasion got a full no quibble refund within 5 days. I have emailed many times to question him about his services but no reply as of yet. His last offering which I received today made me realise what a scam artist he is. He is offering me my 6 FREE lucky numbers to play the lottery. When I saw the word FREE I thought I might as well give it ago and then hey presto for him to prepare all the work that was needed to get these numbers he wanted £99. He obviously doesn't know what the word free means. I have unsubscribed from him now. Watchout for another visionary shamen by the name of Tara. Been receiving loads of emails from her. She doesn't offer money back for any of her bs. Beware.

cindy a vogel 3 years ago

Tupak is also involved with Tara.

Stay away from both, as you will be wasting your money.

Tara would e-mail me and tell me to click for a reading. When i clicked

on for the reading, It clicked over to Tupaks site. I did not fall into

that trap. Be careful.

Sharon 3 years ago

Yes the Tupak site, person, Bot whatever it is, tried threatening me too, but I don't think they liked the return email they received from me and they have not emailed me since. That site is set up rude and overwhelming to most people but you must stand up to them. The FBI threat worked for me.

Diane 3 years ago

Yes, I got caught up in the hype following Norah and Gabriella, yes, they had my number and I realized they were all helping each other to make money off of people's weaknesses. BUT, I got my money back with threats to the US Attorney's office, etc. I was offered his private club, a listing of over 100 numbers to play in a lottery, how to go into the 7th dimension, yes, he was amazing and his videos all said the same thing. There ought to be a law against people like this. I did some research and found out from his English, it is not American English, it is a dialect from the east, frankly Hong Kong. Yes, I traced him all the way back there. I am an English major and saw some sentence structure was different. I even asked him where he came from and I am part Native American and make a complaint about this imposter as Shamans do not collect money, it is the same as if going to a priest for counseling. I hope others will read this and follow their intuition....when it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA Author

Thank you, Diane. That is some amazing information about Tupak that you found.

I am a victim, I have been paying him since last year, now I will report to my bank to stop payment, thank you all for sharing your story, I highly appreciate your help. Trina 3 years ago

Shall we share this on face book? I noticed that his bank is in Nicosia, Cyprus because I have been a victim for nearly a year. I have been paying him £99 every B.S. he said, a big releif!

Charo 3 years ago

Bueno yo me quedo sorprendida de lo que dicen porque la verdad es que Tupak coincidio en mi lectura ne un 95% y ademas los monsto que cobra pro sus servicios normalemnte nunca han pasado de 29 dolares, y el mas barato de 14.95 dólares, cuando le he escrito en forma personal, el me ha contestado, un robot lo haria?? y la informaciónq ue me ha enviado parece fideidigna. Nunca me ofrecio ganarme nada y siempre me dijo que el poder residía dentro mío y que el os ayudaba a activar ese poder, me sorprende esto. Seguro que en cada país es dirferente el costo.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA Author

I ran the above Spanish message through Google Translate to see what "Charo" had to say about Tupak. Here is what came out:

Well I'll take what I say surprised because the truth is that in my reading coincided Tupac ne plus 95% and the pro monsto charged their normal services have never gone over 29 dollars, and the lowest was 14.95 dollars, when I have personally written, he has answered me, a robot would do it? ue informaciónq and sent me seems fideidigna. I never win anything offered and always told me that the power was within me and that I was helping to change that, I'm surprised this. Sure in each country is different cost.

lisa 3 years ago

I was curious about tupaks free reading,knew straight away was scam,they look up ur star sign then use the basic traits for that sign.I was about to send him a nasty email (thought i would check if other complaints first)tell him he is delusional,arrogant, preys on weak gullable people or those who just need some words of wisdom, nothing wise about his comments or attitude at all,sent my alarm bells ringing instantly,what I didn't realize was that he probably doesn't exist.3 emails from "him"so far as I having responded sure there will be many more.i would find them amusing if it bibnt make me so angry.BAD KARMA to whoever they are.

Andrea 2 years ago

Woe is me I got sucked in when I was suicidle n despairing

I wanted to believe I'd found a way to fix everything

with his promise of financial n relationship/family turnaround

in just a short time

I guess I'm still here because I foolishly had misleading hope

Oh woe is me! I somehow gave my credit card details n

he is debating $33mth for what? I haven't received anything- not even

the free offer! How do I get out of this? There is no direct contact :;((

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA Author

Call your credit-card company and tell them what you wrote here and they will help you.

phume 2 years ago

Omg luckly I don't have a credit card he was sending lot of emails to fill send it back including banking details

J sb 2 years ago

for months I've been hoovering so so close to paying for a reading all seemed so convincing until I read other peoples reviews thank you all I have more faith in genuine people who like me are probably just looking for that bit extra ,I kept reading his e mails over and over convincing my self it would all be true

ZAR 2 years ago

I replied to Tupac email by asking them to grant me credit until my "ship" comes in. Let's see what happens.

KVAN 2 years ago

I was bamboozled,for well over a year now he's been emailing me with so many lines of bullshit. I sent $14 dollars for nothing,but if I send more money he will give me my numbers to play lottery and I will win,well I live in Las vegas and Nevada does not have a lottery so tell me oh wise man visionary shaman why you didn't know this. I am going to blast him with some nasty replies, lets see just how much he sends me emails. I'm gonna drag his name through every pile of dog shit I find,stern I'm through with him he'll wish he never ever heard my name. Doushbag!!!

marie-christine 2 years ago

I've never had any problems at all with Mr. Georges Tupak, he had always answer me, gave me advice, I had bought services from him, and when I wasn't satisfied, I had refund in less than 7-10 days.

If I had problems with him, it's surely won't be on this page that I would had written in the first place, but to him.

If he was a robot, how come he could answer to every different question I had ask....

Before dragging someone in the mud, you must take time to know the person.

For myself, it's been about 2 years and I wasn't deceive at all.

robert 2 years ago

I have received emails about winning lotteries, getting sms's for winning with my number - also had a job in the UK at Tommy Hillfiger in the UK - free air ticket but had to pay for the visa costs.. Been there - done it all.. And yet - I knew this was a bad idea to even ask for that free reading.. Truth is that I know who I am - I know my faults and I will not deny it - but half of it was true though - only because of my star sign and the others that are not true - It does not even touch sides to where I am at in my life.. We are all the creator of our lives - I will not give someone that I do not know that title of being a mentor if I have the smallest doubt..

Karen 2 years ago

Yes I paid .... But after reading this ... Well I've been caught... can anyone advise a real one for me

steve 2 years ago

hi glad I checked this faker out it seemed too good to be ture

Wendy 2 years ago

Yes i bought the reading which was 3/4 ok a few things worried me that was not my situation at all so far from it. I emailed him and said i did not have any money to continue I got a normal email just typed no pictures back offering me a unconditional money back guarantee. Since then emails come every 2 days but seem a general format letter. I didn't like the threat that if i didn't continue i would have continual bad luck and poverty so i started to look to see if he was genuine so glad just sorry i fell for the $99 which i can not afford.

julie 2 years ago

points above taken into account but people say this person doesn't exist - he approached me and first session was a relaxing recording - I felt so peaceful afterwards - it was better than any meditation and I sent a thank you and he replied to me - so there is a person behind this..I haven't responded to anything further

Angie 2 years ago

Just for the record and to balance things in this discussion a bit - I did pay Tupak for the "full" reading and for some tapes which came by weblink. Like Julie I checked whether he was a robot by emailing and I got a personal type reply. The recordings are, as Julie said, very soothing and relaxing but I am very deaf and I simply could not hear all his words, so I asked for a refund. It came within two days with a message saying he was sorry it hadn't worked out for me. On the strength of that I paid for something else, but then I read these posts and panicked that I had been had. So I asked for another refund and I have received it within 24 hours. So there is a real person there, he does give refunds as he promises, and maybe there are exceptions to your rule Sylvia? I don't know.............

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA Author

There's a real clerk who answers emails or calls from suckers who send their money, hoping to sucker them into sending more money.

Maude 2 years ago

I just about bought it and then decided to do a quick search on Shaman Tupak. Yep! At this particular junction in my life, I so need advice and guidance that i'd spend money i don't have in a state of desperation to ask this fake. Thank you for your article that serves as a reminder that the place i look to solve my problems remains within my own being.

And, shame on you Tupak for the native american misappropriations.

Mathew 2 years ago

That’s why I'm personally writing this important message to you, Mathew.

Now, go straight to the Voucher for a Guaranteed Fate of Boundless Happiness. Most of all, remember what’s at stake here is your whole life. Do it now: this is urgent and crucial for you. Afterwards, trust me, it will really be too late, and you just might lament it bitterly, probably for the rest of your life!

PS2: If you answer within the next 48 hours:

My special Free Gift for you – very powerful and highly coveted!

I want to do much more for you, to get things moving. Your Gift, The Amulet of Power, holds an energy power of spiritual strength that helps your internal power manifest itself and attract Good Fortune and Prosperity your way."

Wirginia 2 years ago

I think Tupak like any other psychic is all about Big Fraud. He tried to abuse me so I could give him all money he wants. He is very abusive and controlling man. It's easier to make a business deal than win a lottery. He is just scam

biyi 23 months ago

I wish I'd done this research first before falling into Tupak's nest. He has been sending me emails from last year and it is only this morning I fell into his nest by paying up for a reading for friday 13th 2015 coming up. Too late now.

Mere 23 months ago

Thanks so much for the insight unbelievable I finally believe the genuine people would ask for a donation & not dictate how much you should pay ,

I am a great believer of karma & these fraudsters will get there own :)

Foolish hopeful 23 months ago

I too biyi have fallen for the same email that got you. It seems that what he said about "me being the only one who was selected to receive his help for the upcoming Friday the 13th" isn't the case at all! Unfortunately I was foolish enough to be sucked in by it this time, and only googled him after I had requested his "help"! I have now emailed him for a full refund, fingers crossed I get it.

Terrie 23 months ago

I have had the same emails about Joyce. 2yrs on you would of thought his story would of changed by know .

me 23 months ago

This guy is fraud bottom line karmas a b**** two pack !

Noal 22 months ago


SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 22 months ago from USA Author

George Tupak is now advertising "Flash Readings" and "Immediate Readings," but because a human being can't do free and accurate "flash readings" over the Internet for every stranger who requests one, the readings will certainly be computer-generated and all who ask will receive the same reading, except for a name change. Don't waste your time on this fradulent operation.

Charles Grenier III 21 months ago

I guess tupak dropped the gangster rapping and dyed his skin white and decided to play Indian man guess life really is stranger than fiction

Gladys 21 months ago

I was told exactly the same BS, I got reeled in so far, but when it kept coming to wanting more money I thought no enough is enough. If he is all that he claims, and telling me how much he been thinking about my circumstances and wants so much to help me, ( which his ancient guide ) told him to come to me, He wouldn't be asking for money each time contact is made. I understand that a fee may be involved, after all we all have to make a living. But to ask each time. First few times I heard from him, The price dropped from $99 to $39 I think he knew he wasn't getting $99 off me.. $39 he did.. WOW He Must be Psychic. I mean after 3 emails and no money, any half wit would know $99 was a bit too much for this person, lets drop the price. I only wish I had of researched before getting roped in to the $39.. Thank you for every one's honesty..

jennifer 17 months ago

I found him to be rude. This "only I tupak can help you" bs. The most recent email says that the world wide council of shamans chose me to help this year......he wanted $20 . What. Are they getting $1 each. Lol. I'm sure a real shaman wld never do this...i think i met his brother 6 pack...lol

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 17 months ago from USA Author

Jennifer, LOL "6 pack".

16 months ago

What u want from life n what u believe in will come true and u don't need to seek from anyone but deep inside yourself that's the key x bless u all

Katie 11 months ago

can someone help me?

is there a real psychic that sends you free tarot readings, that are accurate. Honest though, the last couple that i've had were accurate with me but since tupak is a fake, ive only had 1 free reading from him and it was my zodiac sign and an animal. i was an eagle (libra).. but.. i do have many unanswered questions just wanna find a "good" psychic that can send you real free readings, but to me it gives me a little hope, makes me feel a little better, since November i've been feeling horrible.. but.. can anyone help me with this?

Psychic's, they sure as hell don't know all, but to me they also do get some things right.. so, fun and cool, awesomeness, and whatever... Im just asking..


SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 11 months ago from USA Author

Genuine readings aren't free. "Psychics," fake or real, have bills to pay just like everyone else.

If you feel bad I suggest you look into developing more positive thinking. We attract what we think about.

Diamond P 10 months ago

To all of you that are into Psychic Readings and obtaining occult messages. Do Not obtain ANY readings from this man George Tupak Hiamovi. This man is very dangerous. He himself is demonic, possessed with over 3000 demons within his own body. He is a murder. He has murder more than 25 people casting demons unto innocent families and their children, giving them mental torment. He is a fraud and a liar, set up to rob people pretending to have good intentions. His real name is Michael. And he is the site owner operating using another man’s photos. This man Michael “George Tupak” is very ego driven, volatile, hostile, his is Fat with grey and black hair. And he isn’t not as attractive, as the photo appears on this website. He runs this fraudulent business with another woman, who is an older witch, they cast bad spells on women, send them sexual vibrations using demons, to obtain plan tickets. These people need to be placed behind bars. For what we gather he is possessed with over 3000 demons within his own body, that control his ability to think, and he is a murder and very dangerous. He lives Cyprus Nicosia but travels allot, to the US to Las Vegas where he runs a prostitution ring, using demonic forces to control women. If you never been tormented before in your mind? Trust me, you will not want to experience it. It will make you feel as if you want to take a knife and cut your head off. It gives you pain, and he sends these types of demons to the lives of people to destroy their lives, and bring death. Many people have died using his services. When the authorities try looking or him, he runs, into the jungle in other countries in hiding. He has robbed more than 1000 people in person, using charm and pretending as if he’s educated, he has poor education, a street cat, pretensions, as if he has great communication skills. This man is stocky, with smelling harm pits, often he is sweating through his shirts, he’s Caucasian with American Indian Heritage, with grey / Black hair, approximate in age 54yrs to 56yrs. The photos listed on his site, is not him, they are from another man whom he pays to use his photos. He lives in Nicosia, Cyprus. If you come across him, call your local authorities

Kate J 9 months ago

I've been receiving several messages from George Tupak every week for years! He is full of doom and gloom. Always telling me how bad my life is and hoe he can help me with debts, which I don't even have!

Today I received my May horoscope from him, telling me to tidy up my house!

I haven't been taken in by him, or parted with any money, and sometimes find myself laughing myself silly when I read his emails. Each one says he is giving me one more chance and this is the final chance, or I will never here from him again, but he always comes back to haunt me ha ha ha.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 9 months ago from USA Author

No real diviner or astrologer will ever say that you have "only one chance" or opportunity to do right or do well.

tuskin profile image

tuskin 7 months ago

It doesn't matter if they are physic to shaman they should never ask for money only donations.

Ms donna 3 months ago

I have been communicating with Tupak for around 3,years! And what he does, is motivate, inspirer, build your spiritual faith so you can act for the good of yourseft. We have had many fights. disagreements and great conversations. When I ask for a refund he has always processed it back to me within afew day. I remember the time I would and told him I thought he was just another computer generated scam! Boy did he let me have it- starting with the fact that if that were true then how come he knows me better than anyone? And what would be the point if I give all your money back? Even up to a year later. If you don't take time to relate your needs how can anyone help you. He is no different that a life coach but they are 3x the money

Thumbs up Tupak for every 1 that's unhappy I bet there's 5 that arent

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 3 months ago from USA Author

Ms Donna, your "Tupak" relationship is with a guy at a call center who has been assigned to maintain what you think is a "life coach" relationship in order to get as much money out of you as possible. After 3 years of taking your money they can afford to give you a refund now and then.

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