Horoscope by Date of Birth


The horoscopes drawn at the time of birth, which are also referred as Janam Kundali and Birth horoscopes, involve a significant role played by the date of birth of a person. That is why it can also be called as ‘Birth Date Horoscope’. Every birth horoscope or birth chart, primarily is a representation of the positions of various planets and stars in the twelve houses of one’s horoscope at the time of the birth of a person. Astrology considers the presence and influence of nine planets, which are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, over one’s life as well as different aspects of one’s life. These nine planets are placed in certain positions, which are called as the houses of a horoscope. There are a total of twelve houses in one’s horoscope according to principles of astrology.

Horoscope by date of birth

The positioning of nine planets and stars in the twelve stars depends on their astrological positioning at the time and date of the birth of the person. Horoscope, which is a Greek term, refers to ‘look at the hours’ in its literal meaning. This is what all it does. Birth Date Horoscope is a physical representation drawn by an astrologer on the basis of his interpretation for the planetary positions and combinations as formed at a particular time, when a person is born.

As opposite to the general notion of believing horoscopes as some rocket science, a horoscope in fact relies entirely upon the positioning of stars and different planetary combinations formed at the moment of the birth of a person. As planets and stars are dynamic in nature, which change their positions with every passing second, they might also change the entire aspects of one’s horoscope. This is the reason behind giving lots of significance to time and date of birth of a person. Since, each planetary combination, and the way with which they are crafted in the horoscope is the basis of drawing predictions for one’s life, it is important to derive them in almost perfect frame.

Other than time and date of birth of a person, the place where one is born also holds significance. Time and date of birth of a person is also the base for deriving one’s Sun Sign. Other than that, Moon’s Sign and rising Sign which are of equal significance from the prospect of astrology, also relies upon information derived from the date of birth of a person. Since a birth horoscope in used in many prominent moments of life for deriving important predictions (for instance at the time of horoscope matching), it is important to have that perfect second of birth of a child in records on which horoscope relies completely. The time of birth of a person should be marked at the time of the first cry of the child, and not when he/she is delivered, as it is the cry which marks the first breath of a person in the existence.

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banu 3 years ago

i have lot of problam

Guest 3 years ago

Does Horoscope depends upon year of birth ? In other words e.g. can a person born on Jan 15th 1950 at 9 AM and the person born on Jan 15th 2000 at 9 AM have exact same horoscope ?

dibyendu hazra 2 years ago

i have problem

reshma 2 years ago

My date of birth23_07_1982

Johnk220 2 years ago

You have brought up a very excellent details , regards for the post. efkdkdbbbgeb

Nick 2 years ago

A very useful post, but still needs to show more understanding of Janam Kundali. For the readers who want to learn more, one of the great sites to teach you about it before coming back here is www.janamkundali.info - Have a read and then come back here to better understand :)

shashikala 20 months ago

My baby name is Rithvik viresh chalke was born on saturday evening at4o'clock 9 min. Please tell me about his future

vishal aher 14 months ago


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