Hosea: Why Does God Love Us Even When We Sin

Some activities that we do in church include singing and praying and listening to stories from the Bible. This story is about two people who got married in a church.

In God’s Holy Book the Bible, there is a little book named Hosea. The book of Hosea is about a man named Hosea, who was called a prophet. Hosea’s job was to tell the truth about God.

The most important truth Hosea told the people is that God never stops loving His people. During Hosea’s life, the people in Israel were doing very wrong things and not show any love at all toward God. And although God did not stop loving His people, the way they were living made Him sad.

Hosea actually had a life experience that taught him this truth about God.

One day, God told Hosea, “Go marry Gomer. Love her. Be faithful to her.”

So Gomer and Hosea got married. They promised God and each other that they would love each other their whole lives by being kind and respectful and faithful. “Faithful” means that you do not love another man like you love your husband or love another woman like you love your wife.

Hosea tried very hard to be a good husband – helping around the house and taking care of the children and earning money for food and clothing and loving Gomer like he promised God he would.

Gomer, however, did not keep her promises to God and Hosea. She did not love Hosea and she was not faithful to him. She saw other people doing very bad things and she went to do them also. She thought they were having fun.

But, actually, the other people were sinning against God. Sinning means we do what we want to do, rather than what God wants us to do.

Gomer did not care if God thought that this stuff was bad; she wanted to do it anyway. Gomer did not think about the punishment for sin, she just did whatever she wanted to do.

Hosea was sad that his wife wanted to do these bad things, but he did not stop loving her. He tried to explain his love for her and God’s love for her and convince her to stay with her family, but it did not work. She left her home and her husband so she could sin with the other people.

This made Hosea upset. He had done as God asked and married Gomer and kept his promises to her and God. Just like we should do when we have a problem, Hosea prayed to God about his marriage. He said, “Lord, I did what you told me to do but Gomer did not keep her promise to me. She does not love me; she does not even love you, Lord. I am sure that her choices make you sad. What should I do, God? I want her home with me and our children.”

God Answers Hosea's Prayer

Hosea 3:1 reads, “Go get your wife. Bring her home. Love her even though she loves sin – for I love people even though they sin.”

Hosea was right - God was very sad about Gomer’s choice to sin. God wants us to love Him and when we choose to sin, it makes him sad. But God loved Gomer. In the Bible, we can see how God answered Hosea’s prayer. Hosea 3:1 reads, “Go get your wife. Bring her home. Love her even though she loves sin – for I love people even though they sin.”

And that is just what Hosea did. He searched a long time for his wife, Gomer. When he finally found her, she told him that she was wrong, that she did not have fun doing those bad things with all the other people. So, Hosea took his wife home and loved her like she had not done anything wrong.

That is how God loves his people. Even though we do bad things, God never stops loving us.

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Scott.Life 7 years ago

You should know that yours is one of the few religious Hubs that I read. It's so rare to read something and up-lifting these days. It is always welcome.

broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 7 years ago Author

Thanks, Scott. I appreciate it. I don't mean to have so many hubs about Christianity, it's just what flows from my pen...

I definitely try to be uplifting. I was just telling another hubber today my mantra has always been "Love God, Love People." Everything else will just fall into place.

Thank you for always visiting my hubs. Now I'm off to catch up on yours ;)

maggs224 profile image

maggs224 7 years ago from Sunny Spain

It seems like this was Jesus's thoughts too and this is the God that I know also. Love God and Love Others, it's what God, who is love, does.

broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 7 years ago Author

Thank you for visiting my hub, Maggs224. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.

One of my favorite songs is "God is Love" by John Reuben and TobyMac.

Thank you again,


Gicky Soriano profile image

Gicky Soriano 7 years ago from California

A story retold in light of God's steadfast love - brief and to the point. Excellent hub!

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

I love this story. Talk about forgiveness! Geez! It makes me look like a piker—whatever that is. :) Thanks for bringing this lovely tale back to the light. I enjoyed it. Even G-rated.

broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 7 years ago Author

Gicky - I appreciate you taking the time to read my story. I am glad you enjoy it.



broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 7 years ago Author


This was the first story I ever had to tell to 3 year olds as a preschool Bible teacher. It was such an experience to figure out how to share a story about a prostitute! But, when you break down the core message, I believe it is forgiveness, so that is what I tried to share.

I am glad you enjoyed your time here at Broussard Bible School ;)



tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

Thanks for the story out of the Bible there Leslie, I can always use a little spiritual Inspiration and forgiveness Is one of the most spiritual acts that we can do . Be well my friend !

broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 7 years ago Author

I agree, Tony, forgiveness is tantamount to our relationship with God.

Thank you for visiting my hub. I am glad you were blessed :)

steffsings profile image

steffsings 7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

This Bible story is so difficult to read due to all of the feelings of hurt and frustration that surface, but then, just as you summed up, "That is how God loves his people. Even though we do bad things, God never stops loving us." Wow! this is an excellent topic & wonderfully paraphrased.

broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 7 years ago Author

Thank you for your time, Steff. I greatly appreciate whenever a writer has something to say :)



C.V.Rajan profile image

C.V.Rajan 7 years ago from Kerala, India

Nice to read. Enlightening.


broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 7 years ago Author

Glad you enjoyed it, CVR.



mikaela 6 years ago

this is the best story i have evaaaa redddddd !!!!@@@@ :))))

im totallly falllinnn " in looovee withhh this storriiii ;) ;)

Dian'swords4u profile image

Dian'swords4u 6 years ago from North Carolina

Very good hub. I really thank God for writers like you

broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 6 years ago Author

Thank you, Dian. That was a very encouraging comment.

Many blessings!


tjocelyn 4 years ago

I was so blessed with the way this story was presented..it was sung at my Baptism..the day I died to sin..and resurrected to life..Thank you so much for sharing this amazing love story that not only teaches love but also forgiveness! Praise God for Jesus!

nicole dah 4 years ago

am so so bles by this story,God so much loves us as He says.may we remain in Gods business til the end

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