House of Prayer Review

First of all, pray. Pray without ceasing. I've learned to do that throughout my years here in college. The power of prayer is miraculous. The power of prayer should not be underestimated. The loving Jesus that we know has made so many things possible for me being by myself here in DC. Watching this video about the power of prayer by Jim Cymbala is a powerful message, encouraging to go forward in praying with and for your family, friends and even your enemies, and to glorify God. It’s your faith and belief that all of your prayers over the years have and will be heard.

Having God intervene in our life is a wonderful thing. We have to learn to love and appreciate God's love and thank him for showing us grace and mercy as we seek salvation for not only ourselves but for others. Prayer is so powerful, God blesses people through prayer. God will make us people of prayer. Always remember that you need God. Pastor Cymbala speaks from his heart on prayer. His message can change your spiritual life and your perception of prayer. Cymbala references to the story of where Jesus clears the money changers out of the temple in order to drive home the point that God’s house is meant to be a house of prayer above all other things not primarily a house of preaching or a house of music, but a house of prayer. Satan doesn’t like when we pray. Satan’s one concern is to keep the saints from praying. Whatever the situation is that you are facing, and however hopeless it might seen, do not ever give up, but continue to ask God in faith, for He is a good God. We shouldn’t be disappointed that our prayers may seem like they are not being answered. We shouldn’t lose faith but learn to have patience. The answer is in the grace of God.

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