How "Pride" can hinder your growth in Christ and affect your overall relationships with others.

Dealing with "Pride"

 I never thought that I had issues with pride, until I went through a 12 step program. Life had taken some twisted turns, just when I thought things were going o.k. Without all the gorry details, I joined a faith based 12 step program (Celebrate Recovery) at my church. Denial was actually the easiest hurdle to get over but we came to the point of "Pride" I  was lost. The bible teaches us not to be pridefull and that all glory is to God. But what did that really mean? I was good at several things and I knew it, but I never boasted to anyone about myself in any way. We teach our children to be proud of themselves and others when someone does well and I always thought that to be a good thing, as long as you didn't "brag" so to speak. But now, I was being told that this practice of "pride" is wrong. I was a little confused. I had prayed about it and then one night it just hit me. It wasn't that we shouldn't be happy or pleased when we or others do well or are good at something but we need to give praise to God for giving us the talent, the knowledge or learning ability to do what he designed us for to begin with. We could be the best in the world at any given thing, but it is only due to God's gifts that we stand above the rest. Not that everyone has unknown issues like I did, but do yourself (and others) a favor, and ask yourself the question: "Do I really give God credit where it is due, or do I feel that it is all my own doing that made me succeede?" Pride can ruin relationships, marriages, businesses, home life, school life, churches (the list goes on) and prevent you from growing your relationship with Jesus Christ. Please don't take a chance on any of that, life is too short. Most of the time, swallowing your pride and admitting at least your part in a given situation or disagreement, is the first step in the right direction. It only hurts for a little while and the more you utilize this practice,  the easier it is to avoid those types of situations. I hope this clears up some of the confusion over pride and thank you for reading.

                                          God bless

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PastorAndrew profile image

PastorAndrew 6 years ago from Detroit

This is a great hub. I enjoyed reading it. And it is Biblically true too. God says, "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up." Good job. I would like to see another hub from you.

bee 6 years ago

so very true. pride goes before a fall. just when you think you're looking really great, you fall in a mud puddle - ha! the best thing about the Lord is that He'll pick you up out of the puddle a million times a million. Bless His Holy Name!

JetterV7 profile image

JetterV7 6 years ago from Angola, IN Author

Thank you Pastor Andrew and Bee. I hope to share the positive aspects of walking with Christ and look forward to reading hubs from you folks also. God has made it so simple and we as humans, by nature, seem to want to make it so hard. Thanks again for the comments.

God bless

coffeesnob 6 years ago

Great Hub - thanks for writing from your heart. I am gearing up to lead a CR group. any suggestions are welcomed.

JetterV7 profile image

JetterV7 6 years ago from Angola, IN Author

Thank you for reading coffeesnob and I will send you some input on what has helped us with our CR Group. It is a wonderful program. Blessings to you as well.

Sydnie 5 years ago

I like it you did good. and you are a really good dad thanks. love you and i miss you a lot:)

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