How You Can Make the World a Better Place

Let's Make The World a Better Place to Live in


Think about how you spent your day yesterday. Did you make it count for eternity? Now think about today. In what ways will you make it count?

What did you do to make the world a better place? It does not have to be anything big. It can be a simple little gesture of kindness.

Have you planted any seeds today? Doing a little act of kindness can lead to that person being influenced to do big things tomorrow. I know, I have seen it many times

Yesterday I saw young school girls handing out little card. Of course , I took one to be polite. While eating a meal I read the card.It was printed in Chinese and English. How to have a simple greeting. I thought that was really nice of those girls and went back to where they were.Bending over to the girl who gave me the card we practised in both Chinese and English. Of course I would say the Chinese really bad so it sounded funny to the girls,which made them laugh.That was the intent.After completing the sayings on the card I told her she said it really good, was a good girl and was I proud of her.Walking away I stopped and turned around to see her pretty little face aglow with happiness.Then I waved bye bye to her she beamed even more. I planted the seed of doing good things for others with no other reward in it than to make them happy. I am sure my Father in Heaven, Jesus ,the Holy Spirit and the angels were all very happy as they watched this. So it was sure to make me even happier.

May the sunshine of Gods love for you bless you today and every day

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