How do we draw a line between miracle and magic?

How do we know when to draw a line between miracle and magic?

I asked this question in hub page forum and people gave different answers some people denied the existence of miracles or magic. That is they do not believe in any thing supernatural while we know that miracle and magic are supernatural occurrence so it is not what can be explained using the physical explanation. Some people claim that it is within the laws of physics to explain those things its just that we do not know it while others said magic is a trick.

Magic as used here is not the usual tricks that people perform. There are great magicians that have lived and some are still walking the earth now.

Some Christians claim that the days of miracles are over while others still believe in miracles. However, both groups at least agree that miracles once happened as recorded in the bible. Other religious groups also believe in miracles.

Religion is a mystery because it is a belief in a supernatural being so it is that magic is a mystery that employs supernatural forces and laws. Consequently, miracle and magic are both a supernatural phenomenon. So how do we draw a line between the two? Some magicians do not need a magic stick or other items to perform their magic so we can not say that we know them by the items they used for even men in bible used staffs, sticks and other items to perform miracles.

A contribution in the forum defined magic and miracle to both mean similar things. Therefore, it means that it is us that choose to call it magic or miracle depending on who we believe performed the work and the source of the power. This is because some people belief that only the power from their God can be used for a miracle while any other power from another God that perform similar they call it magic. This is simply because they do not thing the source of the power is real. That was why some great men that lived on earth and that performed some supernatural arts were called magicians and not miracle workers. Even Jesus witnessed similar thing because some of the Jews doubted the source of this power.

Therefore, those that believe in spiritual matters and have witnessed one can decide what to call it. They can call it miracle or they call it magic depending on what they belief. So it is they that put the line.

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SusieQ42 5 years ago

Good hub. I decline though, to get into a discussion about my beliefs.

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 5 years ago Author

Thanks for comment. I understand that some people do not get involve in spiritual discussions so I understand your position. however, this is not a debate is just to make issues clear and we learn from it as it seems there is no clear difference between the two subjects. It is a matter of personal reasons as to call a supernatural occurence a magic or miracle

SusieQ42 5 years ago

I've had a little flack from some people on hubpages about my belief in God. As far as dreams and other miracles from the Lord, read my hub called "Dreams and More Dreams".

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 5 years ago Author

Well, I don't think we should bother about what others say about our belief. I often do not understand why people fail to understand that belief in God or not is relative. That we have personal reasons we take a stand for or against such issues and we usually think our belief is right while other opposing beliefs are wrong. The truth is that others think the same about ours. So if we have this in mind it becomes easier to tolerate and respect the diverse beliefs.

susieq42 5 years ago

I've known the Lord for 30 years and have learned from experience that you can get nowhere fast if involved in arguing about religion. The same goes for moralistic topics.

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 5 years ago Author

You are right because argument about spiritual matters is not good for spiritual growth.However, I do my best to point out bases why people accept any religious or spiritual concepts and reasons others object to the same. The main point is that once we understand the reasons behind this actions and doubts it becomes easier for us to learn how to live with it. I just want us to understand that what we choose to belief are things we see reasons to. So no need to fight over relative issues.

Susieq42 5 years ago

Yes, this is true. But I'll keep my peace. I usually wait on Him for the go-ahead. Until He says to say something, I say nothing.

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 5 years ago Author

That is how it should be. That to work as spiritually instructed. I often tell people that we are here on a mission which may be different so do not expect everyone to teach that which you thought. That some people were/are made to bring something new while some can say similar thing but in different ways. I do my best to teach religious tolerance that is why I often speak when I see religious claims of superiority. It is my dream/vision to see a world where people will not be divided for religious seek.

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