How to Banish and Cleanse Negative Energy For the Beginner

What is "Negative Energy"?

What does a mage, witch, or shaman mean when they talk about "negative energy"? They aren't referring to anything having to do with electricity or physics (although the jury is still out on that one); instead, they are talking about magickal, spiritual, or psychic energies that have become dangerous and harmful. This can happen for many reasons, but it may be because:

  1. Another person or group, using magick, can cast spells or perform rituals with the magickal intent of causing harm.
  2. An area, home, or structure can become corrupted. Many people will talk about haunted houses and cursed locations, but these are extremely rare, and I would argue that in fact ghosts do not truly exist. I have never seen a true ghost, as in a self-aware and disembodied psyche of a dead human. What I have observed were recordings, impressions made by events where people had very strong emotions. What happens in these cases is a great number of extremely painful, angry, or destructive events happen in a given location, and the natural energy of that location is corrupted.
  3. A person can become bound up in their own negative, aggressive, angry, violent, and/or depressed feelings. They can become a fractured and single-pointed being, unbalanced and hurting all of the time. We've all met people like this. If we are in a particularly bad place in our lives, we may be like this.

What Can Be Done?

Now that we have our terms defined, we can devise a strategy for dealing with the problem. For this, we use the I.O.B. Method, popularized by author Donald Michael Kraig in his seminal book Modern Magick.

  1. Identify - First and foremost, you must figure out what the source of the problem is; a person is very different than a place, and an external threat, like numbers one and two above, is very different than the internal threat described in number three. "Negative energy" is really a category, which means each type of negative energy must be dealt with differently.
  2. Objectify - You need to bring the negative energy out, call it into a form separate from the people or location it has been bound to. This involves controlled visualization, which is just another name for the imagination. This is one of the great secrets of magick. Adults and people in authority often instinctively tell children to curb their imaginations without knowing why they are concerned in the first is because the imagination, especially the imagination of children, is powerful enough to mold reality.
  3. Banish - You cleanse, banish, and otherwise get rid of the negative energy.

Step 1: Identify

When things are going right, we know it, yet when they are going wrong it's often hard to figure out what to blame. Some people want to reach for the supernatural immediately...and they are wrong to do so. Most of the external world obeys the laws of physics as science has explained them (the internal world, on the other hand...), and it's dangerous to believe that everything that happens is because of some malevolent force.

However, sometimes it is an evil supernatural force, or at least a negative one, one we don't want in our lives. What do we do then?

We figure out whether we have a curse, a corrupted location, or a corrupted person. This part is pretty easy. When the events associated with the negativity (bad luck, etc) happen to you, specifically, and follow you no matter where you go, you are probably cursed. If the events seem tied to a house, some woods, a crossroads, etc. and never seem to happen away from that location, you have a corrupted location (note: locations can be cursed, but this makes no effective difference in how to deal with it). If you find yourself experiencing only one or two emotions, usually rage and depression, then you may have become corrupted with negativity yourself.

Note: Mental and emotional illnesses do exist, and it's important to note that you may need medical, not magickal, help. However, mental and emotional illnesses can cause you to become trapped in negative energy, thus becoming corrupted, and this will help that. In any case, a cleansing never hurt anyone!

Step 2: Objectify

Now that you have the negativity localized to a person outside you, a location, or yourself, it's time to give it a face and a name. Find a place you will have some privacy for a while. Outside in nature is best, but anywhere is fine. All that exists is within nature.

  1. Visualize the source of the negativity, whether it be yourself, another person, or a location. Hold them clearly in your mind's eye, and "see" the darkness as coiling, black smoke, so dense as to be made of darkness itself.
  2. Say: "I call upon you, oh Darkness, by the Words of Darkness. I summon you, oh Pain, by the Works of Pain. I abjure you, oh horror, by the Signs of Horror. Come out! I summon, stir, and call you into visible form before me."
  3. "See" the black smoke rise, pulled by the power of your words, and begin to come together in front of you, a great swirling cyclone of darkness. Allow the swirling storm of smoke to take shape before you (by this I mean "allow the form to come unbidden from your subconscious into your conscious mind"). If this form refuses to manipulate, repeat: "Come out! I summon, stir, and call thee into visible form before me" until it does. It usually either works the first or third time.
  4. Once the form exists before you, examine it. See if it has any features that might give you a hint as to its identity. Then, in a strong, confident voice, say: "I command you by the power of my Will and my Word to tell me your name." Again, "allow" a name to come into your mind. This is the negativity's name. Don't worry if it's nonsense, our names are mostly nonsense, too.

Step 3: Banish

Now that you have the negativity bound up as a spirit, with a name and a form, you can banish it. Again, find a private place and be ready to do some magick!

  1. Say: "I call upon you, 'insert spirit's name'. Come before me now and obey my commands." "See" the shape of darkness form before you. Notice that, between you, there is a small cord, like a string or a piece of webbing. It hangs in the air, connecting you, and this is the magickal or astral link between you and the negativity.
  2. If it was you who is bound up with the negative energy, go on to step three. If it's a spell or a "haunted/cursed/possessed" house, bring up your right hand. Visualize it burning with a golden-white energy, as if it were composed of starlight. Bring it down on the cord connecting you to the spirit, cutting the cord between you. After all of this magick, the entity will most likely be happy to run off; if it came from a spell it will return to haunt its master, and if it was "haunting" a location it will simply disperse, cleansed by nature itself.
  3. If you are bound up in negativity, don't feel bad; it happens to everyone. But our beliefs about ourselves define us, and our beliefs about the world define our world, so we have to make sure we take care of sick hearts and souls as much as bodies. In your case the process is are not going to banish this entity of darkness, you are to reclaim it. Breath deeply, and with each breath, visualize the light of existence coming into you, filling you with a warm, bright, golden-white light. As you breathe, let that light fill you and spill out into the cord connecting you and the negativity. Let the light travel across this cord, cleansing it, changing it from dark to light, and then, as you continue to breathe the light in, let the light begin to fill up the shape of the entity. Continue until the negativity "spirit" is completely filled with light and you and it are the same color, then absorb it into yourself, cleansed. Note: You may have to do this several times to fully cleanse and reincorporate that part of yourself.

Final Word

With this simple bit of magick, you can deal with most low-level issues with negative energy, no matter which type. However, if something reacts strongly and aggressively to these attempts and you can't get rid of it in this way, you should contact your local occult shop because you need a professional.

Good luck, and as my other readers have found, feel free to ask questions in the comments; I almost always answer.

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Trevor Totman 5 years ago

My first time ever really using magick, it worked. The negative energy in my house is gone, it feels like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

It also felt like I got ran over by a Mack truck. Is that normal?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Trevor, nice to meet you. Glad your spell worked so well. As for your question...oh yes, magick is very taxing both physically and psychologically. If we learned more skills of concentration and visualization in our culture it would be easier, but we don't. I usually recommend eating something with a lot of protein right after the ritual to "ground" yourself after all of that energy work. In any case, it's normal to feel like you just did some really physical work, like construction, for a day or two after the ritual. With habituation this lessens, and your average practicing mage/witch is doing magick all the time with few, if any, ill effects. Some people liken a good ritual to a good workout.

I am glad to hear my article was of help. Thanks for reading!

deblipp profile image

deblipp 5 years ago

Very smart to break it down into these three steps. Well done.

goodkarma2come 5 years ago

im trying to develop my mediation abilities and having problems any suggestions. I have to say I am a little scared to open to this as I already have preminissions since I was 10 and all I ever saw was bad and death not good. I get violently sick and bad stomach pains I dont like this feeling. Any Suggestions on how to mediate without me falling into this state again.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

I can't really help with something like that (btw, I think you mean "premonitions"). I would suggest seeking medical care for your symptoms (nothing like that should be happening as a side-effect of meditation). Premonitions are a curse/gift and can't be turned off or something, sorry.

Good luck.

David 5 years ago

This is great advice, but I'd certainly ad a few elements... such as music, dance, meditation, etc., as these practices are essential to bringing one into a state of heart and mind where they are able to deal with the negative states that they may be dealing with. Any positive music, dance, or meditative states will suffice, although those of us involved in the popular magickal and counter cultural trends seem to agree that integrating a few specific arts and artists into daily practice is most efficient. : Arts: Dance, Hula Hooping, Fire Hooping, POI, Yoga, Climbing, Hiking, Swimming, running, sex, and exploration in general. Artists: Listening to Shpongle, Random Rab, Bassnectar, Ott, Beats Antique and the like will certainly increase the efficacy of movement based arts. These acts make music that's oriented toward movement; specifically,toward spinning, twirling, and burning.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Those are some great suggestions, David. I am a practitioner of meditation, of course (meditation is a big deal in Thelema), and before my muscular/skeletal disease surfaced I was a regular yoga practitioner. Now I have to settle for low-intensity activities that don't increase any pressure on my neck, shoulders, or spine, lest I suffer increasing nerve damage (yeah, I'm all messed up).

To all readers: I agree with pretty much everything David said, however, please don't feel pressured to do everything or overwhelm yourself. These practices exist for you, and you should feel good about them. It's very common in our culture to fall into a sort of Protestant Work Ethic sort of thinking with these practices, where we feel competitive or guilty if we skip a session. Try not to fall into that kind of thinking...these activities are nurturing to you, not some sort of endurance test or sport.

Thanks for contributing, David!

Hawthorn profile image

Hawthorn 5 years ago from Albion

Was just wanting to ask something about your banishing. Though I can see it worked and I do not doubt it did. I wonder why in your wording you have paired up negativity with darkness? I find this happens a lot and just can't see why the darkness is viewed as negaive. Darkness is just another side of nature and as a part of nature isn't it unbiased? Negativity and Possitivity are human deffinitions so surely an energy of light could be used in a negative way also if the 'unnatural' (i.e. human or conscious spirit) intent behind it desired it to be so.

I truly hope this doesn't come across as critical as it is not meant to be so - I was just pondering upon this as I read your post. I think you're work is insightful and accurate and I hope my comment doesn't create any negative feelings (light or dark ;p)



thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Hawthorn,

Well, part of the reason is because I needed a generalizable symbol for "malevolent". To be fair, even the term "negativity" doesn't make much sense, either; all "negative" does is denote a certain relation to "positive", such as in "negative numbers", "negative temperature" and even "negative space" in art. Context is what gives us the meaning of just about anything, and in this case the context is quite clear.

Also, you are conflating "natural" with "neutral" and engaging in the "Fallacy of Composition". Sure, nature as a whole is unbiased, because it is simply a catch-all word for "what exists". The moment some enterprising scientist or mage proves the existence of magick, what was once called "supernatural" will also be considered "natural". So nature as a whole is as neutral as can be...but that doesn't say anything at all about specific elements within nature...they have all sorts of biases. We're natural, and some of us are benevolent, some malevolent, and most are just a mix of both. Arsenic is natural...and will naturally kill you. Don't mistake the idea of "natural" for "likes me". Just because the whole has certain properties does not mean the parts do, as well...this is the Fallacy of Composition. My car is a vehicle and I can get inside and go...but my brake pads aren't a vehicle, I can't fit inside them, and I can't go anywhere in them. The properties of the part and the whole may differ immensely.

One thing to take into account, as well, is that nature, as in the universe at large, hasn't given us any indication that it "likes" us, either. In fact, given that the vast majority of all things that have ever been alive are now dead, that suffering in life is a certitude while a mind can go its whole life without experiencing true happiness, and that in an immense universe we have detected almost no life whatsoever, shows that, if nature as a whole has an attitude towards the life within it at all, that attitude is one of hostility, or perhaps sadism. In any case, simple physics and observation says the universe seems to prefer death to life, suffering to joy, and chaos (consider the Law of Entropy) to order. I'm not saying the universe does this on purpose (I'm not a theist...I don't believe in a god running the show at all, though I believe there a lot of other kinds of minds than just humans running around and some of those can appear to be gods compared to us), I'm just saying that the facts of the universe don't seem to indicate that nature doesn't have a bias...nature wants us dead.

In any case, the real answer to your question is that magick requires minds, and minds use symbols to organize information and denote desire. For the vast majority of people in Western Civilization, darkness is associated with evil, death, decay, etc., so its the most generalizable symbol I had available. I'm trying to write these articles to help as many people as possible, and while you're quite correct, darkness qua darkness has no more moral meaning than light, or for that matter the color blue, that doesn't matter to magick at all. There is also no "objective" meaning for any of the other symbols in magick, such as pentagrams, words of power, etc...we make up the symbols and affix the meaning. However, we don't do it alone...our whole history as a species has made certain symbols easier to associate with certain concepts than others because of the social nature of learning and mental development.

So if you feel some other symbol will better symbolize malevolence and want to use it, be my guest. However, if you grew up as a part of Western Civilization, then associating those symbols in your mind, however politically correct or enlightened it might be, will be an uphill battle, and frankly not worth the effort.

I hope that answers your question, and I'm glad my banishing worked for you. Feel free to ask anything else.

Thanks for reading!

Hawthorn profile image

Hawthorn 5 years ago from Albion

This is a well thought out but fundamentally flawed argument - you have twisted my words in the respect of how i referred to nature. Also, saying that fighting to enlighten people to the fact that darkness is not always negative (after all, we would struggle to sleep without it!) is an uphill struggle that is not worth while is the same argument the southern french used when it came to resisting the germans in world war two. Giving up because something is difficult, in my opinion, is a lazy attitude.

I am not trying to be offensive or patronising. I am merely expressing my opinion. I am sorry if it comes across as anything else.


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

It's not about giving up, it's about not seeing the point in arguing about symbol sets that are essentially arbitrary. We do magick, not the symbol sets.

You're not coming across as offensive or patronizing. You are, however, coming across as someone who has their own axe to grind on this issue, which makes you not care about my point. If you want to go on a campaign of rehabilitating how Western Culture sees darkness, be my guest...but see, I'm actually trying to help people who are suffering get a handle on that suffering in order to end it. Culture wars are fine and dandy...I just don't care. Symbols are arbitrary, arguing about them is thus pointless to me.

Perhaps next you can convince the Chinese that "white" doesn't necessarily mean death, and convince the whole world that the cross was originally a solar symbol that was co-opted by Christianity.

I just don't see the point, but you have fun with that.

Hawthorn profile image

Hawthorn 5 years ago from Albion

I guess I do have an axe to grind hah hah and I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. Still a fab hub and fab ritual - sorry again if any offense was caused

Hawthorn xxx

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

No problem, man. No offense taken.

Eric 5 years ago

Hello Puck, it is with a pleasure to be speaking with you that I write this, I have been studying a book as of late called A Course of miracles, it is in *my* understanding about bringing things that are out of harmony into harmony, with the premise that behind all things a basic harmony lies, and This Harmony is our True Identity so to speak, It emphesises the practice of forgiveness to uncover this Harmony. And that once done so a healing in line with this Harmony/Peace/Love can take place on an outer level,once the inner has been healed.

It stikes me that the general aim of magick seems to *me* to be a desire to be at harmony and to spread this harmony to others/other aspects of the creation or to bring things as you described as corrupted into a non corrupted state, my question for you is as I have seen On your home page that you are a practicing poet and fiction writer, do you find that you can use your writing as a place to uncorrupt parts of your self so to speak. And if so how do you go about it, also in that context if it applies how do you deal with emotions such as rage and anger should they present themselves, and do you notice much of a change in the outer world after you write. With Thanks. Eric.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Those are some interesting, if very difficult, questions. They are also beyond the scope of a comment-space to address. These are the kinds of issues people spend their lives studying and discussing...I doubt I will make progress in this context, but I will do my best.

First, yes, I am a writer and poet as well as being a life-long mystic and occultist. I have also read "A Course in Miracles". Your ideas about the universe and its nature are consistent with those held by most mystical traditions. Despite origins or culture, most occult and mystical systems rest on a form of Platonic Realism, a philosophical stance much studied in the last few thousand years, but also one with many objections.

The main idea is that the nature of existence is conceptual rather than physical, or (if you wish) the physical is a manifestation of the conceptual. This then leads to your concepts of harmony and true identity in that conceptions exist as a tapestry of ideas, each of which depend on each of the others for meaning, since all ideas gain their meaning contextually. Reality is seen by this school as being, essentially, built out of ideas.

The problem with this is, of course, that it creates more questions than it answers. Concepts exist in minds, and as far as we know, minds are dependent upon brains. I know, unfashionable to say in magickal circles, but the evidence is what it is, and I consider magick more than anything else to be an investigation of reality as it is, not as we would like it to be or wish it were.

So since ideas exist within minds and minds come from brains and brains are physical objects, it's circular reasoning to claim that physical reality is based upon ideas.

However, it is also the case that many times ideas effect reality and give rise to abstractions that do, in fact, condition and cause changes in our physical realities. Consider a land deed...a piece of paper that, through a system of abstractions, grants a person ownership of a piece of property. What else can we call the land deed but a talisman? Consider currency; little bits of metal and paper which have no worth in and of themselves, yet people will kill, die, and live for them. Consider the ideas of family, nation, government, law, culture...these are all ideas, stories, narratives about the world rather than the world. Nonetheless, we live in those narratives as surely as we live within our atmosphere.

It is clear that while conceptions do not underlie our physical realities in the sense Plato or most mystics have meant, if we allow for two elements in the universe rather than insisting (like most mystics and religious people) that all things must come down to one thing, we can account for this apparent power for minds and ideas to cause such immense change in our world. So let us agree that there is the physical universe, which the Greeks called "cosmos" and the mental universe, which the Greeks called "psyche".

What I believe is that to the degree that we are physical beings, we are of the cosmos and follow its laws, but to the degree that we are mental beings, we live in a realm created by (and of) ideas. Magick, then, is a way of systematically organizing our experiences and ideas in such a way as to accomplish our goals.

However, I do not believe there is any evidence for something like a god, gods, a "harmony", or a "True Identity". The evidence says that as we believe, so reality becomes (for us!), and that by using our beliefs as a tool, we can then change our experience of reality to some degree or another.

As for rage and anger...I don't see anything wrong with, or special about, these emotions or any others. I deal with them in various ways depending on the situation. I do not particularly believe there is any objective reason to eschew one set of emotions in favor of another, or to glorify certain stances while demonizing others. I'll leave all that to the religious people, who rather than investigating reality believe that those mysteries have been "revealed" (or rather dictated) to us by some god or another. I don't think there is anything wrong with my anger or rage, or my happiness, or my lusts, or anything else. I don't believe that harmony/peace/love are privileged concepts, either, just that many of us prefer them to the alternatives. The only guiding principles are the will of the individual. I am a Thelemite, and I believe there is no god but man, and no law beyond "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law". I believe that this is the stance best supported by the evidence.

Consider, when trying to figure out the secrets of the universe, if your current line of thinking applies to stars, comets, meteors, protons, and dust as much as it does to minds. If it does not, you aren't figuring out the secrets of reality, you are engaging in psychology. There is nothing wrong with that, per se, but it is the height of hubris to generalize and project your psyche onto the universe at large. Comets care nothing for love or hate, know nothing of peace or war, can't be in harmony or disharmony...thus those concepts can't be truly fundamental to existence, just to us humans.

As for a change in the world when I write...yes. After I write, there are pages of text that did not exist before that may achieve change when read by some other mind. Writing is nothing less than thoughts to your thoughts, at any distance in space or time. I can know the thoughts of Aristotle, though I will never meet him, and perhaps thousands of years from now (if our species lives so long; the prognosis is not good) others will be able to know my thoughts in the same way. This is a profound concept, but not particularly mystical.

Oh, and unusually my back hurts from hunching over my keyboard and giving man-birth to my tales. :)

I hope that answers your questions. Thank you for reading.

Eric 5 years ago

Hey Puck Thankyou for your reply, There is lot to think about in there, and I appreciate it,I have a lot to learn/Unlearn ;)

My appologies for not making the point clearer I was wishing to discuss, lol I think the blue book/ my ego may have gotten in the way. In another way, in relation to that famous phrase written on the emerald tablet: That which is below is like that which is above, do you find your tales when you write them have an outer effect on the world akin to working a spell, for example if two characters emerge from your subconsciousness and begin dialog and come in to a conflict over some matter and then come to an understanding and resolution do you find that this conflict and subsequent resolution can mirror itself within the outer world/ cosmos/ daily life. It is something I am just beginning to look into/ practice myself and would appreciate any thoughts you have on it. There is something about this kind of "Organic" process that appeals to me if you know what I mean

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Eric,

I have had experiences like that, that incorporated elements from my work, and the work of writing itself, into my magickal/mystical work. Sometimes that has been good, but other times it has been bad. In general, one should be sure they know what they are doing before they begin mucking about in their own psyches.

Good luck.

nara 4 years ago

Dear Puck,

i find your article very interesting.

I'm searching for some ways to fix myself ...

recently i've been told by a palm reader that there lies a heavy black maic spell on me, someone cut my health, love and money line. that person came to me on the street, saying she sensed my horribly bad negative energy. i was startled but not surprised, my life has been really horrible in these points. i've been slightly depressed and hurting for a very long time... anyhow, i lost her contact details and had no idea how to fix it once i realized i really should give it a try! i want to find a way to be happy...

well, i was able to to talk to two different trustworthy sources and they told me too that i was cursed. since its a strong spell they cant do much at the moment to help be because they say it should be done by a professional who knows black magic. im trying to find someone trustworthy nearby but its not easy ...

i was just wondering if things you described here would be useful for me to try as well? getting rid of negative energies...

if so, how do i do it if i know from the beginning that there is a curse on me ?

any other things i could do that would help me be stronger agains the energies?? ;_;


thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


This ritual is best for banishing complexes of negative energy that either originated within you or become fixated on you, rather than for curses. For curses, see my other article:

That article has a method to test if you are cursed, and if so, a method for removal of it.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

nara 4 years ago

Thank you for your response!! :)

I will have a good look at the other article....

I'd have another question about the negative energy; what can be reasons for negative energy to originate within one person (f.e. myself) ? If it doesn't have to do with curses, are spells others cast on you different than curses? i thought it was the same *fail*



thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Negative energy can come from lots of different things. Whether we are trained or not, all minds are constantly doing small bits of magick, giving birth to their own realities. The most power we possess is over ourselves...even the most untrained, mundane, unpoetic soul can work miracles upon themselves and bring about transformations within themselves. If this were not the case, all humans except for mages would be puppets of evolution, society, and psychology. We would be little reflex machines, simply being acted upon and reacting, with no ability to change ourselves or our situation.

This power to transform ourselves is not always used positively, however, and people can tie themselves up in knots with their own magick just as easily as they can set themselves free; more easily, in fact, because the natural tendency of the universe and everything in it is towards entropy.

So we can curse ourselves, essentially, or little parts of our minds can grow into their own entities which then plague us. Entities that share the universe with us can also influence us, and come to live in our heads like cuckoos, laying their eggs in our minds and tricking us into harboring them as if they were ourselves. This is not the cause of all mental and emotional illness, of course; some of it it just bad wiring or traumatic events. But much of what is now called mental and emotional illness are these little entities that live within us, whether of our creation or not. That's what a ritual like this is set up to deal with.

The general rule of thumb is: if it acts like an entity, banish it with the IOB ritual I list above. If it's just a set of effects, then it is a spell, and can be removed using a cleansing or counterspell.

A curse is simply a spell which has the goal of harming someone. Think of magick like a computer program in give it a purpose and a way of accomplishing that purpose. There is no essential difference between a curse and any other type of spell except intent; all spells function in basically similar ways.

I hope this answers your questions. Good luck.

Marla Neogra profile image

Marla Neogra 4 years ago from Parkersburg, West Virginia

Wow, you have some really extensive answers here. What would be your suggestion be if it was my son? He joined the Marine Corps at 18. He never left the country, but got in with a bad crowd. It led to his being implicated in a group that was smoking K-2 and got an "other than honorable discharge". When he first came home he was consumed by darkness (April 2010). I have been letting him have his space and he has gotten better. Living here at home I do regular things like use baking soda on almost everything and routinely surround the house with salt, but he still has a moderate level of depression that surfaces when he is very tired. Would this work for him? He scoffs at me when I discuss anything of a spiritual, religious or pagan nature with him, but maybe I could do it for him?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I'm sorry to hear about your son, but I don't particularly think anything supernatural is going on. While the IOB technique will work for psychological baggage, it's not meant for that and can cause problems...such as giving form and power to act independently to what was, until then, just a bit of a psychological knot.

I would not suggest magick, I would suggest psychology, and even then, it's just not right to expect him to somehow be the same. He went to war, which is enough to change anyone, but worst...he went to war for questionable reasons. I have known many vets, and the moral character of the war definitely affects how they react to the situation. His reaction is quite justified. I would count myself lucky just to have a bit of depression...most of those soldiers are coming back with PTSD.

So, no, you can't it for him, and I doubt he would benefit from it much if he was doing it just to humor you. Modern science works for the things it is for...use it. Magickal solutions should be saved for magickal problems.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

liz 4 years ago

i use a black candle, patchouli oil and black pepper and sulphur, seasalt to form a protection ring around me and anoint the candle with the oil light the candle and summon the negative entity to the light of the candle and chant a spell and imagine dark light engulfing the entity and dragging it of to hell and bust it in the light of the candle with the pepper and sulpur and bid it burn in hell.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


While I appreciate the technique, I don't generally approve of torturing entities any more than I approve of torturing animals that are dangerous. It's not their fault they are what they are, and all they are doing in their attempts to affect people is trying to eat. That's why I argue for either simple banishment or absorbing and transforming the entity into a part of myself. Crowley once wrote that all these various entities are types of elementals, and just as we are attempting to connect to our higher selves, the elementals are trying to connect with us. How would you feel if your higher self consigned you to eternal torture for bothering it?

In any case, cruelty is cruelty, and to indulge it, even when we think we are justified (especially when we think we are justified) takes us down a dark and destructive road. If you would do such things, then who, truly, is the "negative entity"?

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

Hello thePuck,

I am so glad to see that this hub has not turned into a constant roundtable of mental illness and ignorant curse casting dropouts, this one seems to have struck a more solid cord. It is a very well written hub.

I was just thinking about your last comment to Liz.

A number of years ago I had a friend, lets call him Rocky. Rocky had a strange kind of spiritual awakening thrust upon him, when a relative who ran a rather ecclectic lapidary / occult shop locally died, leaving Rocky to inherit a whole houseful of books, artifiacts from the occult shop, but more importantly a small mountain full of stones that had been hand mined from all over the world. Several thousand large quality quartz crystal ( not mini ones either ), box afteer box of lapiz, apache tears, fossil stones, you name it...including a seven foot wide amethyst geode half from somewhere in South America. Well Rocky moved about 2 tons of these rocks from his relatives house to his home a few miles away.

Okay, other side of the coin. Rocky until his uncle died had never entertained anything about spirituality except, oh yeah those idiots that believe in God or whatever. Rocky had been through much in his life, abusive alcoholic father, a sister being molested, a rather dark family history period...he had tried to protect his sister and him from dad, until her suicide a year before. Rocky fell into an old habit, and was cooking methamphetamine and selling it now. He had gone down a very dark road in his life.

Well Rocky and I had never been close, but I get a call from a mutual friend one day. Basicly Rocky knows I am into some weird stuff Magick etc. and would I come take a look at what is going on around his home. It has been several weeks now, since he moved all the stones to his home. He has two pet pythons that are like his babies that are going bonkers, one escaped and refuses to come back in the house. He has been reading all his uncles books ( stuff like Manly Hall - Secret teaching of all ages and Magick in Theory by Crowley, and something by Sun Bear and Starhawk I believe ).

So I go down to Rocky's home, in daylight mind you. LOL

Oh my goodness, Rocky has been burning sage for days now, his problem is that he claims little demonic spirits have been jumping out of the stones and attacking him the house, the snakes, causing ruckus for a week now. He went and saw some Wicca lady locally who told him to sage everywhere and start trapping the beasties in little Mason Jars ( I know...don't say it ), which apparently for all his ignorance, Rocky has a little talent for catching spirits. He has several dozen of these jars, and yes there are elementals of various types in some of them.

This part is obvious to me, but to my meth cooking friend it takes some time talking to convince him that what he has mostly done is really pissed off some things that normally would not have any malevolence for him. But that the combination of the huge vortex of energy stones in his home, the chaotic energies from running a lab in his home, combined with Rockys own state of mind, plus probably the death of his uncle who had mined most of the rocks himself...that maybe trapping his uninvited guests had been overkill.

First thing I suggested is we get the jars out of his home and turn off the sage factory. So he proceeds to carry about a half dozen of them outside in the Arizona sun in front of his house, when all six jar drop from his arms crashing on the ground. I have never seen a 300 pound man flip foot over head, but literally his body did a 360 flip through the air and landed belly first on the broken jars. But I tell you thepuck, I had never seen elementals that enraged ever, they swarmed silently around him, you could see the dust picking up off the ground swirling for just a second. Then one or two buzzed my direction, they reminded me of wasps if they were made of almost invisible water vapor. The two went up to my face, but when I was ( threat assessed ) not an enemy, they floated off.

The next two days I helped Rocky dispose of the rest in a more calm state of mind. Convinced him to shut down the lab ( which did lead to him not selling anymore, which was a step positive ) and bringing most of the stone outside to make an outdoor garden area, so we could spray them with hoses to cleanse under the sun.

His second python came back after about a week. And Rocky, who was someone I once would have said would never be anything but a force of darkness and negativity before this...actually ended up going through a profound spiritual awakening. But I point was, people do not give enough respect to the elemental forces. Some readers may scoff at my little tale, but it is all true. One of the more supernatural events I have had chance to witness.

I so agree, torturing or mistreatment of entities, elementals, what I like to call the akashic birds and bees, is a bit mistake. They are very beneficial until provoked or stuck in a jar long enough. Hope you enjoyed my little rant. Not many places would such a story have relevance.

Love your work. May 2012 be filled with Magick. And may you continue to be a true Agent of Calm in the storm... Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Blake,

Thanks for the kind words. I do my best. For various reasons, I am retired from professional occultism, but I still want to help people. I created these hubs with the intention of helping people deal with the most common issues that come up, and they have been pretty successful overall. I get a lot of people who are suffering, and some of them get back in touch after they follow my advice and let me know how much better they are doing. It makes it very much worth it.

As for your story...I agree completely, most entities are simply minding their own business and certainly don't deserve to be tortured or tormented any more than anyone else. You're friend definitely did the equivalent of setting up an astral "Eat At Joe's" sign, however, and there is a good chance what I call "bottom feeders" and Donald Michael Kraig called "little nasties" were also attracted. These entities are low-level qlippoth, essentially little bits of unbalanced energy. They are created in all sorts of ways, and some of them are even elementals that have become, for one reason or another, fractured and twisted. These bottom-feeders are astral vampires, essentially, feeding on whatever stray energy they can, but they're very weak and can be banished with the LBRP or any other simple banishing.

As for your friend's initiatory experience--for that is what it was--this brings to bear the concept of "officers of initiation". We are all going through initiation, whether we are mages or not, and often other people, without ever being aware of it, or "random" synchronicities, end up playing a part in our initiation by bringing about certain states of mind and events in our lives. You're friend seems to have had one of these. Once he is solidified in his new behavior patterns, make sure to tell him how lucky he is...the universe itself saved him from a nasty future of self-destruction and despair. This is not to say all initiatory experiences are what we would call "positive"...they are often ordeals of the highest order. I am also not claiming that the universe is a loving, happy-shiny place where humanity is being taken care of by various entities. Instead, I am claiming that in this particular case, the results were very positive and your friend should feel very lucky.

Again, thanks for the kind words, and thanks for reading.

Liz 4 years ago

Blake4d understands i really am not a pro in these cases and really don't want to torch creatures or entities who don't deserve it, but sometimes because of things that happen to me in my life, i feel that i am being torched and had found refuge in this spell for a time. i have develop a different method of dealing with my negative energy, It's by burning a sage leaf that have three drops of vervain, frankinsence and myrrh soaked in eucalyptus and peppermint oil at 9pm and reading psalms 100. You are both right those spirit came back and gave me a cut on my two fingers one sunday you see, blood yah, hence giving me time to rethink my method of dealing with negativity, Most of my spells are trial and error sometimes they work how i want it to sometimes not.

Liz 4 years ago

What do you tell someone who lost a brother by murder and dreams of a demon trying to drag her off to hell who had to turn around and stable the demon with a knife to get away who dreams of being chased by vicious dogs and dreams of being killed in accidents every different kind of way with her beloved bother, that same person who is haunted by screams from a metal mother who sees and hears her son being killed in every different way. I can tell you, because i live it, the candle spell took away those night mares and stopped me from dreaming. Since i started my new method my dreams returned in a good way.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Banishing an entity is just leaving a potential enemy to come back after to you on its terms, not yours. The method I give focuses on transformation and absorption because of this flaw in most banishings and exorcisms.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Well, in general I would tell such a person to find out exactly why they (and their family) is being affected in such a way and find a way to get out of it.

Remember to use divination to confirm your suspicions. That's what it is there for. Being a mage is something like being a has to diagnose the problem accurately to know how to solve it.

Liz 4 years ago

You were right i did a divination with the cards this morning and found out that not all entities are bad.

Thanx puck keep up the good work. The next time i feel any negative feeling coming over me, i will try your banishing ritual and tell you how it works.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

No problem, glad to help.

Thanks for reading!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Yes, the techniques I wrote up are perfect for that sort of problem. In order to know if you are, indeed, under this sort of spell, please read my other article: and use the simple divination method I give there.

As for ways to be stronger against such energies...the only real way is to learn magick yourself, which includes learning various techniques that will help you defend yourself. I suggest the book Modern Magick by Donald Kraig or Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Ray Buckland, depending on whether you prefer the more ceremonialist or more witchy techniques.

Good luck.

Shawn May Scott profile image

Shawn May Scott 4 years ago

Interesting perspective. Well worth the read. Shared etc all that good stuff.

crayzirgirl 3 years ago

I find this ineresting . I would really like to try this, what a relief it would be. I do, however have a few reservations tho. First, I read that you don't believe in ghosts, and I'll research that for better understanding. You see, we had a ghost when i was a child and I'm the only one out of an 8 person family, to see him and be tormented by him. He was said to have been my baby sister's uncle. Now, his presence was made known to most of the others, but not visually. When us kids, 6 of us, would go outside to play hide-n-seek, I was always made to come inside just before dark because he would haunt me in the rose bushes all the time. I was the 5th of 6 kids. So, I guess I never saw it in a different perspective. I would appreciate any information on that subject.

Also, as a child my mom ecncouraged us to develop our psychic abilities. As got a little older, I began learning that was considered different to society, so I began surpressing it mostly, i believe, after we moved across the country. However, it could have been due to the exorcism my mom had a priest perform before we moved so our "ghost" wouldn't follow us. I'm not real clear on that, I have been just remembering parts of my past over the last few years and i'm now 48.

So as i was growing up, it just got buried deeper and deeper. I lived a wild kind of life. I'd noticed my intuitions tho, but I pretty much ignored them. I cleaned up my life by going to church for 11 1/2 years three times a week. that realy threw me into a state of confusion because, besides it being a church mostly of condemnation, I later realized, I believed and kind of still do, that I was going to hell if do this or if I do that. Christian churches teach in the Bible that it is ungodly to practice withcraft and consult with soothsayers and it does say that. So of course that surpressed it more. Now, instead of being ituitive, my spiritual gift test I took said I had the gift of discernment. I am very confused even still now with this and I suppose it would partially be due to the lack of knowledge on the witchcraft side of the fence.

So, my mom passed away almost 8 years ago. She talked to me in my dreams very vivdly for about a year. None of the other siblings had that experience and a few even got jealous. You see, it's kind of a long story to explain that just as I can't explain this in few words so I'll just tell you that out of 6 kids, I'm the only one who has never told her that I loved her until she was gone. I asked. I believe that's why she came into my dreams. I don't even ever remember hugging her or anybody else, for that matter.

I quit going to church in 2000 because my ex-husband became a preacher when we changed our lives and he ended up having an affair with his now wife,that i predicted when she first began attending. I got thrown out of church after my absence for a short while, due to him walking out on me after 13 years and while I was at work. The pastor told me that "they" were uncomfortable with me being there and "I" needed to find another church, after 11 1/2 years and I'm not the one who committed adultry and was supposed to be above reproach, the preacher did. Many lifetime members left the church because of that.

Well, I later met and truly fell in love with the man of my dreams. We later married and I've been with him for, get this, it just seems strange tp me also for 13 years. Over the past few years, about 3, we've been having problems and he left for 8 weeks without one word last July. This devistated me, it was unbearable. He came home in October and left again in mid March. No word.

These problems have left me alone and isolated and yes, that's the reason I've seriously been looking into spells and everything else, because I am so in love wth him and he, I know for a fact was once truly in love with me. It was not until I met him, that i truly experienced what it felt like to truly be happy in my whole life. I wasn't a happy child. Also a very long story. I never ever knew what it truly felt like to be loved either, not even by my family. i believed that I was unloveable until I met my husband. And now, I'm back in that belief. It's my fault, everything.

So without communication, and I believe that God couldn't even possibly love me either, like I'm the only one on this earth that e can't love so I'm doomed for hell. I went years without talking to Him, until recently. Another long story, but I don't believe that He hears my prayers. So I started looking elsewhere, right where i first began as a child and now I'm here.

I do believe that I'm cursed, and have been since before my birth. I am cursed with abandonment. Mostly by the males in my life. The reason is simple. two weeks before i was born, my mom and dad got a divorce, barely knew him. Then my baby sister"s dad comes along, plays with me all the time, which I dont even remember, then my baby sister is born. I got pushed aside. My one brother, the same exact thing. My other brother always in trouble keeps leaving to go to the boys ranch and eventually prison off and on. My baby sister's dad then leaves my mom, so again abandonded. My sons dad, my first love, broke up e by him with me when i was 15, told me i needed to lose weight. I had my son at 16. Then my one brother who became the man of the house, grew up, graduated, got a job, and moved out. So twice by him too. Then my ex-husband left me after 13 years, which i learned within 3 months of being gone, I was never in love with him at all, he actually repulsed me. Then my pastor kicks me out of the church to accommodate them cuz he's a preacher. Then my son won't ever talk to me again. The one who I knew I could always count on to love me no matter what. I figured it would be my one and only child. I tend to be a bit brash I'm told. Long story. Then, never asking the man of the house or my other brother to ever stick up or stand up for me, my marriage getting very rocky, I asked him to please talk to my husband just so he would know that someone does care and I am important to someone and to ask him to please at least show me some respect when he talks to me, at least talk to me like a human being. He agreed but never did. So when I went off the deep end and saw red due to my husbands lack of respect, the straw that broke this camels back and my husband left the first time, I was crying uncontrollably, reaching out to anyone because my husband mae it to where nobody would speak to me, they all ignored my calls or would just lie like he fell off the face of the earth, I went to my brother, and he yelled at me like i had never heard him yell before. I just went to ask him why he never talked to my husband and it really hurt me cuz I never had a dad to do it I only had two brothers and he was the most reasonable choice. I did a very bad thing when I lost my marbles. I busted up my husbands Harley and it was a nice bike. Again, long story but my brother was so ma about that and he couldn't even hear me when I told him the bike is repairble. What about my shattered spirit? Thats number 3 for just him. Hm talking with him could have prevented that, who knows? I wasn't asking a lot. The fouth time, I found out that he knew where my ht=usband was and im on the verge of suicde. for real, I have those tendancies often. That just seems apalling to me.

Finally, now that I'e been doing a lot of reading on the other side, so to speak, and now I've stumbled on to your website looking for ways and spells to get rid of all my negative thoughts. I have a very poor self image, I'm my own very worst enemy, beat myself up in my mind all the time. I call myself names I feel like a worthless waste of oxygen etc.. But there was a short period in my life where I felt loke i actually liked me, I had a bit of confidence and I for once was on top of the world. That's when I met my husband. I even felt loved for the first time in my life from the most handsome guy on the planet. People were actually very envious of our relationship. Nothing could break me then. And I've come to the conclusion th

crayzirgirl 3 years ago


I need to find that girl that my husband fell in love with from the beginning. That's the only way I'll have any chance of him falling in love with me all over again and yes I have been very desperate and fearful of losing the only love I've ever known. That is the only time when I didn't have those negative thoughts and that lasted 8 to 10 years, with a few relapses in between. I can only believe in the power of positve thinking. So I've been reading on drawing the earths energy and morphic energy etc... and here we are, with a soution right in front of my face. I want to do it really bad and I got scared and decided to write this ginormous comment. I'm scared becuz for one thing, when I started the whole church thing and I went to the alter to get saved, I was basically forced up there and cohersed into accepting Jesus into my heart without a full and complete understanding of what it really meant to "get saved." I have to understand everything first. All I later understood that I was just a notch in someone belt and not a soul save for Jesus. The reaso I figured that out was because I didn't feel truly connected. I was just being a christian robotically , not from within my heart. Then I thought to myself that it's not just with God, but everyone, so i do believe i have some kind of attachment disorder and you say to banish negativity that one must believe it imagine these things in my mind and do it with my whole heart for it to work. I don't know if I can. My imaginatin doesn't seem to work well or that meditation stuff, I have such a hard time with that because I could get distracted from a plane flying by at a far distance. I am so easily distracted and unable to focus. I don't know how to. My biggst fear though, is that im just coming to grips with my childhood and remember the"ghost" or being haunted like you call it, I am so afraid of whatever that thing is and going back to where it came from and burning it down and giving it a name.. That scaes me to death!!! And the potentially major pain that I will feel going thru all of this. I do not like emotional pain at all. I'm even afraid of death. So if you have anything that could help me get thru this banishment of negative energy, I could sure use it. I can't afford to seek professional help and my mom is no longer here. I feel lost, helpless and afraid.

I'm sorry I wrote you a novel but I felt it better to try and paint you a clear picture in hopes of any help you may have.

Thank you for all of your time and patience.

WiccanSage profile image

WiccanSage 3 years ago

This is a great guide, you break it down and explain it so nicely. Great hub.

Nile 2 years ago

I have a general question which is very important to me. How strong can smudging work actually? I mean how much of the battle (against negative entities) can be won using only smudging? SOme say smudging is a soso thingy and has a mild effect only. Please clarify. thank you.

kira 23 months ago

Hello Puck,

I read your article about getting rid of curses and I must say the ritual really helped. I think I found something good in you and I believe you can help me change things around. Before this, I thought I was screwed. Was about ready to give up on life. I think I'm still cursed but it's less effective. I don't feel so powerless now. Things still happen. I have the most rotten luck. On my shifts, everything goes haywire. Equipment malfunctions, people call in. Lots of crazy mojo. This happens EVERY time. I asked my boss if this was a common occurrence at this job and she told me that it usually only happens on my shifts. Even my employees think it's odd. Now I at least have the ability to deal with it. I'm not being suckered into the problems and letting them overwhelm me. In one day, I have learned so much about how to do my job after I did the ritual. I just wasn't getting it beforehand. And I hated myself for it. Hated that it took me longer to do things than others, that I couldn't catch on quickly enough. That no matter how hard I tried it wasn't good enough. But I went into work today and rocked it. It was weird because I was never that effective before hand. Everything worked against me and worst of all I was scattered. So I wanted to thank you for this. I'm seriously considering practicing magic now. Nothing big but just enough to protect myself and maybe others I care about. I really hope to come across more of your work.

kira 23 months ago

I'm a bit scared to do this ritual. I'm not sure what I'm up against nor am I sure if I created it or if someone else sent it to me. If the latter is the case then I know that some of my own essense is with it too because I have built upon it. I hope this makes sense but I believe I'm dealing with something a bit more complex.

my name is not important 16 months ago

Our SOURCE is of harmlessness do no HARM

my name is not important 16 months ago

Our SOURCE is of harmlessness do no HARM

LeaveNoEvidence 11 months ago

Looking forward to having you back Puck

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