How to Descend the Mountain Top Experience with Vibrant Faith

Peter and the Mountain Top

Do you know anyone who may be so outspoken that they voice their thoughts before their mind even knows what's happening? I’m sure you know someone…Or maybe it's you!? "Outspoken” is one of the several main characteristics used to describe the Apostle Peter.

“Every one of you will lose your faith in me,” Jesus told them, “As the scripture says: ‘I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered’.
Then Peter said to him, “Even if everyone should lose faith, I never will.”
“Believe me, Peter,” returned Jesus, “this very night before the cock crows twice, you will disown me three times.”
But Peter protested violently, “Even if it means dying with you, I will never disown you!” And they all made the same protest.
-Mark 14:27,29-31

Peter's example is one I am so grateful to have. The Lord used Peter, both his successes and failures, to be an example for us. In the above passage, Peter declares the correct, righteous and holy, answer without any hesitation. He says the correct words. With his emotions high, he practically tells Jesus “I won't ever desert you, no matter what anyone else does”. Since then, 1,000's of Christians have told Jesus similar words on the mountain top.

But we know what happens next. Peter does exactly what Jesus predicted he would do; He denies Christ three times before the rooster crows (Luke 22:54-62).

The Descent

Most people make decisions to get their act together and follow Christ's example during the Mountain Top Experience. This is always a time characterized by great emotion. You stand confidently next to others and raise your arms telling the world that you'll do anything it takes to follow Christ, to be his hands and feet. You tell him you will start to read the bible, and do a daily devotional. You tell him you will trust him with your money. You tell him...all the right words...

But sometime after (maybe days, weeks, or months) life hits you. You are forced to leave the mountain top and enter the valley; daily life. The warm fuzzy emotions fade away and you fall back into the old “Christian” routine; you give Jesus little to no time at all. You find excuses to back out of your commitments; I'm too busy....or I'll get to it when I have more time. But ultimately days of excuses turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, and months can turn to years. Does this describe you?

You are forced to leave the mountain top and enter the valley; daily life.

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The break in the clouds is that Peter’s legacy doesn't end with his denials of Christ. The remainder of Peter’s story is a life of dedication to Jesus. After the Resurrection, Peter was the first disciple to preach publicly about Jesus and his resurrection (See Acts Chapter 2). Peter was one of the boldest apostles of all, and was instrumental in why the church exists today, than more 2,000 years later.

Each and every mountain top experience is followed by the valley beneath it. But how can we make the descent while keeping a vibrant faith? I'm certain you have heard this more than you care to keep track of, but Jesus came for relationships, not for religion. He wants relationships with me and you. To maintain a vibrant faith, it requires time…just like any other relationship. Could you imagine being married to somebody you never spoke to, or didn't spend any time with? Your marriage would dry up, and very quickly. The same thing is true with our “marriage” with Christ. Our relationship with Jesus needs time. When we leave the high emotional state of the mountain top experience, we need to remember that being close to God at one point in time is not enough...we need to keep pushing through. Just as with a spouse, we need to make time for Jesus, and spend daily time with Him at that. One amazing tool that has helped thousands of Christians is "Jesus Calling". This is a best selling daily devotional that is written as if Jesus is talking to you personally. Check it out! If not that, there are many other valuable resources, such as the One Minute Bible, to get you started.

If you have a dry relationship with Jesus, you still can make it right moving forward. Don't just wait for there to be time in your schedule; I promise that with that mindset there never will be. Move things around, put the scheduled time in your calendar if you have to. Start somewhere. Let's make bold commitments for Jesus, and follow through with them. Follow the this link for more articles on Christian Living.


Do you have any tools or tips for helping with your walk with Jesus? Please share.


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