How to Get Your Prayers Answered


Most people do not realized that they cannot ask God to answer their prayers when they cannot find it in their hearts to forgivess thoses that have wronged them, although they feel that they are over it and has put it behind them, the only thing they have really done is bury it in their hearts until their heart hardens over. If Jesus can forgive then who are we not to.


  • 100% Belief
  • 100% Study God's Word/Scriptures
  • 100% Pray to the Father in the name of Jesus
  • 100% Patience
  • 100% Faith
  • 100% Forgiveness
  • 100% Unity

The Recipe for Answered Prayers

The Recipe for Answered Prayers is : Belief (Mark11:24); Study God's Word/Scriptures (Matthew 22:23-33); Pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus (John 14:13-16); PATIENCE (Luke 2:36-38); Have FAITH, constantly speak in faith until you get result(Mark 11:22-23);FORGIVENESS Live Walk and stay in forgiveness (Mark 11:22-25); UNITY Romans 15:30-33. Have a blessed day.

If you get the recipe right you will produce, Dreams fulfilled; Better Relationships; Direction in your life; Healing; Peace; Financial Gain; and Miracles only Jesus himself can manifest.

Be Blessed RavenT

It's The God in Me

Be Honest With Yourself About This It Is Only Your Life We Are Talking About

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