How to Train Your Psychic Sight Yourself?

Learn to See with Your Psychic Eyes

The best way to train yourself to see auras of this character is, perhaps, the following:

1. In a darkened room study the aspect of a good horseshoe-magnet, either suspended in the air by a silk thread or placed on a support, with poles up, and vary the position of the observation until a faint luminosity is observed at the poles and along the edges of the magnet.

2. In the light repeat the same process, trying to make out these lines and the extensions and limitations of the aura. It must be understood that this vision can be obtained artificially only through the action of the will, and by a proper focusing of the eyes, - the perception of auras requiring a very different focus from ordinary sight, and this focusing is very often, - nearly always in fact - different in each of the two eyes.

The attempted focusing of the sight must, therefore, be made with each eye separately and then with both combined. It may happen that one eye only can be focused for this special vision, or when both are found available, if both focuses are not identical, the active use of both eyes at one time may destroy the psychic sight of the sensitive eye.

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katie1234 7 years ago

this didnt work for me i was frankly disappointed

perfumer profile image

perfumer 7 years ago from California Author

Try something else then, there are so many ways to reach the same goal...

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur

Your points are correct. They work.

As you had asked, I am also a practitioner of indian astrology.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 7 years ago from California Author

Thanks for your reply to my question prasadjain.

LuckyLady 6 years ago

I don't have control over the things I know--they just come to me in pictures or like a film playing in my head and I don't always understand or know the people and places...

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City

Interesting. I am very much into anything to do with psychic abilities so I am going to try this out really quick. I have been into astral projection and telepathy for years now and have had some pretty out of this world experiences. If this can increase the frequency of my psychic experiences, I'm all for it.

Have you ever experienced astral projection before?

Rated up and marked as useful.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hi Jared - Thanks for visiting my hub and for your positive feedback. Yes, I do experience OOBE and lucid dreams but not so frequent lately. Good luck with your journey!

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