How to develop and do perform telepathy

What is telepathy

Before we discuss about how to develop telepathy, we must know what is telepathy. Telepathy or Thought-Transference, bears a confusing title. Literally, it means "suffering at a distance," or, perhaps, "feeling pain at a distance." The name should really indicate "knowing at a distance," in order to be properly descriptive. But as the term has acquired a forced meaning by reason of years of usage, it will probably be continued in popular favor. After all, names do not count, so long as the meaning is accepted and understood.

While the term itself has been generally used in the sense of conscious and deliberate sending and receiving of thought-waves, there is a far wider field of phenomena really covered by it, viz., the unconscious sending and receiving of mental and emotional vibrations. I shall take up this phase of the subject in a moment, after I have called your attention to the mechanism whereby the waves of thought and emotion are transmitted.

The various kinds of telepathic messages:

Telepathic messages may be "visual," in which case they take the form of pictures, figures, written or printed words, etc. They may be "auditory," in which case they take the form of spoken words. They may be "emotional," in which case the subject may feel a peculiar depression or excitement. They may be "volitional," in which case the subject is seized with the imperative desire to perform a certain action, etc. So you see there are many ways to develop telepathy or there are many forms of telepathy.

Telepathic messages may originate either in the living or in the dead. As they are transmitted from the subconscious mind (perhaps under the supervision and direction of the conscious mind), they are often transmitted most effectually during sleep, trance, under the influence of some drug, in delirium, at the moment of death, etc. These messages are most easily received at such times, when the conscious mind is asleep, or in abeyance, and for this reason we have so-called " visions of the dying," ecstasy, trance-speaking and revelation, etc.

Practical Experiments in How to Develop Telepathy:

The following practical exercises will enable you to prove to your own satisfaction that telepathy exists and will help you to develop telepathy, and that it can be reduced to a more or less simple process by continued practice.

Select a friend with whom you are in sympathy, physically, mentally and morally. One of you must be he sender or "transmitter," the other the receiver or "recipient" in order to develop telepathy. Let us suppose for a moment that you are the transmitter. The recipient should be seated in a comfortable chair at one end of a fairly large room, which must be freely ventilated. It is best that, at least during the early experiments, he should be blindfolded, or that he close his eyes, and sit with his back to you, pencil in hand and pad on knee. He should sit in a semi-darkened part of the room.

For your part - to develop telepathy, you should sit at a table, facing him ( that is, his back) with a pad of paper and pencil before you, have a bright light thrown on the pad of paper, leaving the rest of the room in semi-darkness. Now draw upon the paper a symbol, perhaps a geometrical figure, such as a triangle, circle, square, etc. Look at this figure intently and endeavour to impress it on the recipient. You should not make each trial exceed one minute in length.

How to Insure Success:

The attitude of mind which you hold during these experiments is very important to develop telepathy. You should will that your recipient should see the picture presented to him, yet you should not strain yourself in the attempt, and wrinkling the brows, tensing the muscles, etc., will not add to the certainty with which your picture is conveyed, rather the reverse. On the other hand, you should have complete confidence in the fact that he will get the impression you are sending him.

Never allow yourself for a moment to believe that you will fail. Say to yourself that he has already succeeded in receiving it. Do not allow yourself to become flustered, or worried or anxious. Imagine your thoughts travelling to him in a definite form, either in the shape of the object itself, or in the word, square, circle, etc., though in that case you must be careful that you do not unconsciously whisper the word so that he hears it!

The recipient, on his part, should make his mind as blank as possible, and note down any pictures or impressions that come to him, no matter how "wild" they may appear. Above all, you must not be discouraged by early non-successes, for these you must expect to develop telepathy.

More complicated experiments:

After you have succeeded with the diagrams, you may try more complicated pictures, such as playing cards, which are very good for this purpose, as the deck may be shuffled between each draw, and it is easy to calculate the percentage of guesses, since chance would always be 51 to 1 against the subject hitting upon the correct card by accident.

After these experiments you may try some in the transference of pain. Prick yourself lightly in various parts of the body with a sharp needle, or pinch yourself, and see whether the subject can locate the pain correctly on himself. If he is a good subject, he will do so in very many instances, as though the pain were transferred directly to him, and you were pricking or pinching him. Next you may try a number of experiments in smell and taste.

Procure a number of substances such as cloves, nutmeg, pepper, sugar, etc., and smell or taste these in turn, being careful that you are far enough removed from your subject to prevent him from smelling these in the usual way. Many good subjects can tell immediately the substance you are putting into your mouth, the instant you have placed it there. After you have succeeded thus far to develop telepathy, you should try to increase the distance between you, until you can perform the same feats, though miles apart.

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Rebsicle 6 years ago

This is very interesting, but I would like to know if anyone has done this successfully.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Rebsicle - Thanks for stopping by. The answer to your question is "YES"

ed77burns 5 years ago

Great informative.Loved your hub.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hi ed77burns, thank you for your kind words!

nayana 5 years ago

hi,am sure this is possible but is it possible only with the person one has practiced with and not with others?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hi Nayana - yes it is possible. There are some who can cummunicate telepathically with almost anyone.

Atul 5 years ago

who has really prformed telepathy? i think its all fake how is this possible?

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Hi Atul,

Here are two links for you to explore.

The second link contains the spiritual experiences of the

scientists. I hope they will be an eye opener for you.

Atul 5 years ago

hey perfumer,

can a simple man learn telepathy if he practices regularly?

say for 10 min daily.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Give it a try and see...

noos25 5 years ago

is it really possible in 21st century or just myths on this page

perfumer profile image

perfumer 5 years ago from California Author

Nobody can give you that answer, only you yourself can find out if it is just myth or real. How is it possible to know how a fruit tastes like if you don't actually eat one?

hitesh 5 years ago

very interesting....thinking about this from along time, I will try.

Nate 4 years ago

yes, it is real.My first, factual experiment was with my mother. In fact, it has happened over several times. I don't mean an image or a word here and there - I'm referring to entire sentences being received. After that, we both began studying quantum physics and it pretty much confirm all our suspicions. Look it up

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

Hi Nate - Thank you so much for your comment! It is always good to hear from someone who experience these firsthand.

Ravi Nishad 4 years ago

i'm suffering from Schizophrenia(Audio Hallucination)but i recovered later finding myself as a god, i have a good ability to think on solutions, but i lack power to win, i believe its not a disease i'm suffereing as medicines don't seems to work since the begining of it, do you think its some kind of power i have in me and can i learn telepathy, telekinesis & teleportation please let me know.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

Hi Ravi - thanks for your comment. Keep an open mind and just give it a try.

DEEPU 4 years ago

Thank u, i will try now, but, is that meditation is necessary for telepathy or can i try directly as u said.

Ravi Nishad 4 years ago

does telepathy deals with subconscious mind and do you think i can be a god, as the person who tells me a god does not exists in this world and is one mythological godess, she can read my mind every bit of it and does respond, she confirms to be my wife in every world, and has the power to sexually arouse me,i feel it everytime she does that,is that possible please explain as i know my objective and i do fight mental wars everyday.

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

meditation will certainly help

perfumer profile image

perfumer 4 years ago from California Author

Ravi - I am sorry, I am not sure what you are trying to say here. Please make it clear so we can help.

Ravi Nishad 4 years ago

you must see the movie "A Beautiful Mind" starring Russel Crowe, the person dedicated in the movie is still alive, he also won Nobel prize, you will understand what this disease 'Schizophrenia' really means.its a mental disease,I can't make u understand verbally any furthur, i have been taking medicines for it, but it does not seems to work, this disease of mine helped me understanding what most people don't understand what i may call as 'knowledge of eternity'

shanaz 4 years ago

Will definitely try this.

Mitch 4 years ago

Would the process be easier or more successful if you were emotionally involved with someone?

vinita 4 years ago

i want to transfer my mkessages to someone and want defintely her to call me backia t.isit possible via telepathy

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 3 years ago from Andalusia

I am one of a twin. On several occasions my twin sister and I who live on two different continents have had telepathic experiences like getting a feeling that something was wrong, or dreaming about an event that turned out to happen, something I couldn't have known about.

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