How to Know That You Are Psychic.

In my personal opinion everyone is psychic. Everyone predicts certain things and can feel certain emotions. People have different types of Psychic abilities, some can see into the future some can see into the past, some can predict some certain small things, some people can see the deceased, (as I do). Any many more things can be predicted. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I see stuff others can not?
  • Do I feel things and emotions before something happens?
  • Can I guess the right answer and get it right?
  • Do I know what people will say before they say it?
  • Do you have a feeling like you know someone out in public but you never knew them or recall them?

These are a few of signs that show psychic abilities. If you said yes to one or two questions you have the normal feeling of people who have a tad bit of psychic powers if you answered yes to more then 3 you most definitely have a special power and should use it for good and wisely. If you said yes to all the questions you are a top psychic and have a special gift, that few have. Being psychic is not a curse or some whacked out witch doom. It's a heavenly gift and at the best of it's ability can only do good for people. If this is your child you think is psychic please don't be alarmed, many kids grow out of their powers. The come to reality and push it away. Never yell or discipline your child if they display any action of this. I am sorry if I was not much of a help to your request. I am open for comments or questions.



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AshleyNikole profile image

AshleyNikole 7 years ago from Virginia Author

Kimberly Bunch, thank you. Very much.

rosesinsnow profile image

rosesinsnow 7 years ago from Sparks Nevada

I am a psychic medium, Meaning I see , feel, sense, hear, spirit. I have since the age of eight. Not a curse but a gift , that took me years to accept and put in to use.

AshleyNikole profile image

AshleyNikole 7 years ago from Virginia Author

Rosesinsnow thanks for sharing. Maybe you should write a hub on your experiences! Let me know if you did or do, I would love to read it. Thanks again.

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